Some people are getting confused here. Sorry for not explaining. There are two people using this account on here. Megan and Abby. Soo to avoid getting mixed up,we are going to put a signature at the end of the stories we write. Or series. Whatever. On this story,its Megan. Sorry for the mix up. Even though Abby doesn't use this too much. I write most of it.

I walked into the cafeteria on February twenty second feeling like I always did. Like every other day. Empty,feeling less,and not hungry. I avoided the lunch line and headed straight to the table I usually sat at. Angela,Mike,Lauren,Jessica,and others waited there for me as usual. They were talking and giggling and smiling as I walked across the room. I sat down in my usual chair. They stopped talking. Lauren and Jessica who were smiling and chatting,looked away from each other.

It felt like a million eyes were burning into my back. I hated the feeling. I stared down at my hands that were resting on the lap of my jeans. I looked up at Jessica, a piece of my dark hair falling into my eyes. I pushed it out of the way nervously. I gulped. My eyes darted around the table. I waited for someone to say something. No one was saying anything.

" Hi.." I said reluctantly.

I stopped when I noticed that I was the only one talking. Everyone else in the cafeteria was silent. I couldn't figure out why. Why they were all staring,why everyone was quiet,and why I was in the spot light. Jessica leaned her head on her elbow and looked around. Mike looked towards the wall,saying nothing just like everyone else.

" Hey,Bella." Lauren said with a cheery voice. She smiled making it obviously fake. " How are you this afternoon?"

" Uh.." I bit my lip,trying to think of something to say. I choked out," Good."

Then we were all quiet again. I fumbled around with my hands and felt the eyes coming back onto me. Jessica twirled her curly hair around her finger and smiled down at me. I looked up and met her eyes. She looked away. They all smiled like they were sharing some sort of joke. Then,as if it was on signal,they all stood up. With their trays.

" Where are we going..?" I asked nervously.

" Nowhere. We are going. You are staying." Lauren hissed.

" Hey Bella. Do you like water?" Eric Yorkie asked.

" Uh..sure.."

" Wonderful." Jessica smiled.

She grabbed her water bottle from off of the table and tipped it upside down over my head. That second I felt a sharp,icy numbness spreading down my back. Trickling down my neck and dripping from my hair. My mouth gaped open. I heard some people laugh into their hands and some people whisper asking what was going on.

" What the hell!" I yelled,wiping water from my shirt.

" Later,Bella."

I grimaced as I walked to my locker and tried to hide my worry and embarrassment. I couldn't figure out why they just dumped water over me. Or stopped talking when I came around. Or stared at me. I started gnawing at my lip. I reached my locker at last at the end of the hall and pulled it open. As I did,a thousand or so shiny little marbles came tumbling out of my locker and rolled down the hall.

I jumped back in shock and confusion and started looking around at all of the marbles that just fell out. The only thing running through my head was," What the hell..what the hell..." Replaying and replaying. I didn't even start to think about who did it. But I knew when I heard a high pitched giggle. I turned around. Lauren and Jessica were leaning against the wall watching about twenty feet away. I felt tears gathering in my eyes.

Why did they hate me?