" Well,this is a very odd moment." Sam Uley sighed.

" Yeah,and to think that the cafeteria ran out of muffins." Rosalie growled. " I really wanted a muffin."

While the werewolves and the Cullens weren't paying attention and were chattering about unimportant things,Victoria was healing. And Bella snatched Jake's cell phone out of his pocket. She giggled and went through his ring tones,playing each and every one of them. She played his default ring tone that played whenever his dad or friends called.

" Bob The builder! Can we fix it? Bob The builder! Yes we can! Scoop muck and dizzy,and roley too. Lofty and Wendy Join the crew! Bob and the gang - "

Jake grabbed the phone from Bella's hand and shut it,flushing red.

" Why do you have a Bob the builder ring tone?" Quil asked. He slapped him upside the head.

" Billy made me do it!"

Jake's ring tone started to play again. Jake flipped the phone open.

" Hello?" Jake said into the phone.

" I didn't make you do it!" Billy yelled.

Click. Dial tone.

Jake started getting some very freaked out looks from everyone. He shoved his phone in his pocket,glaring at Bella wondering why she was acting like a drugged up child on ADD. He was about to call Charlie and ask if Bella forgot to take any daily medications that he never knew about.

" Why is Bella acting like she's on crack?" Jake asked.

" Oh. She's on acid." Rosalie said casually.

" Oh." Jake nodded. It took a moment for that to sink in. " Wait - ACID!?"

" Bye crazy lady!" Bella yelled to someone.

They turned around and saw Bella waving to Victoria who was now sprinting down the hall,making an escape. Instead of chasing after her,they just stared,awestruck that she was still alive. She cackled evilly as she ran,pleased with herself that she made it out alive. She crashed into a wall.

" Ow." Victoria said. She got up,rubbed her head,and kept running. Then she was gone.

" What! I thought we killed her!" Embry yelled,astonished. " What the hell!"

" Bloody hell." Sam Uley said. Everyone looked at him. " Sorry - just wanted to try acting Harry Potter-ish."

" We forgot to burn her!" Alice cried,throwing her hands to her face. " Oh no! She healed!"

" Oh B-E-A-U-tiful!" Rosalie groaned. " Now we have to hunt the bitch down again."

" Language,Rosalie." Bella smiled. " Tsk,tsk,tsk."

" Coming from the drug atic." Rosalie smirked. " Well,Bella. If it weren't for you we wouldn't have to track Victoria down at all. So excuse me for calling her a bitch because she tried to kill you. Maybe I should just thank her for wanting to put an end to your miserable life!"

Edward growled at her,loudly enough for some human down the hall who was getting a drink from the water fountain - to hear. The poor kid looked scared as hell and ran. Edward tried his hardest not to kill Rosalie.

" Excuse me? Can we handle this later?" Alice growled,reminding them, " Victoria escaped!"



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