Another First Time

Epilogue: A Day in the Life Of the Mister and Missus

There were a lot of things to be cleared up, of course.

Mission debriefing had to happen, and then lots of haggling over missions costs and such, and with the daimyo involved, it was certainly going to be a headache-inducing event.

Even so, nothing could ruin Sakura's happy mood at being home again – while it had been nice to live in the lap of luxury, Sakura could honestly say she had no desire to be mixed up with the affairs of the rich and influential anymore. It was just too stressful and utterlypointless.

A week after Sakura and Sai returned to Konoha though, a letter addressed to the two shinobi came from Junko. She relayed to them the happy news of the cancellation of her engagement, as well as her new engagement to her lover. Official news of Kanako's pregnancy came with it as well.

But for Sakura, not even that could compare with the happiness she had found with Sai, and within herself. It was truly amazing how a different perspective on the same things could have such a large change on her outlook – now that she had found a peace within herself, it was so much easier to wake up to a new day and not feel weighted down with insecurities.

Of course, that isn't to say that Sakura didn't have her insecurities – after all, calling a man as gorgeous and talented as Sai your boyfriend could be quite intimidating at times. While things weren't as quite as bad as they were with Sasuke, who was, and would always remain, the talk of the village, there were still times when Sakura wondered if Sai would leave for someone better-looking and more talented than she was.

On Sai's end, he wondered when she would leave him for someone more charismatic and tactful – after all, even he knew that he crossed unspoken lines on a daily basis.

Obviously, the fledgling couple had a lot to learn about love, and still quite a lot to learn about each other.

But they had time.

Shinobi as they were, they still had time.


"Pass me that green, will you?"

"This one?"

"No no, that one over there."

"…there isn't a difference."

"Yes there is."

"I swear there isn't."

"I'm telling you, there is, but you just can't see it."

"Are you calling me colour blind?"




"Come on, let's eat."

"Ramen again?"

"Don't like it? Go cook yourself."


"Don't look at me like that."

"Isn't ramen supposed to be very unhealthy? You call yourself a medic-nin?"

"Shishou is Fire Country's most sought-after medic-nin as well as our Hokage, and she drinks at least seven bottles of sake a day when the recommended serving size is one cup a day."

"…she's not you."

"No, she's not. That's just to prove that I can eat unhealthy things even though I'm a perfectly capable medic-nin."

"…I'm bored of ramen."

"Tough luck, pretty boy."


"When I said that I hated ramen, I didn't mean for you to destroy my kitchen."

"I didn't destroy it. I mean, come on, your sink is still intact, and your stove still mostly works."

"Hmm…that's true."


"Pass me the soy sauce, will you?"

"…damn, I knew I forgot to put salt."


"Touch me there again and I'll knock your head off."


"Stop looking so confused. It's annoying me."

"But Naruto-kun said-"

"Don't listen to anything the moron says, especially about women and how to get into their pants."

"But Kakashi-sensei gave me this-"

"Icha Icha, right?"

"…how did you know?"

"Igrew up with that guy as my teacher, don't you think I'd know about his habits?"

"Hmm, that's true."


"I'm back."

"Welcome home. You got your first genin team today, didn't you?"

"Yes. But for some reason, the boy kept glaring at me and the two girls were very friendly until I told them that flattery was unattractive."

"Wellduh, you were being a bastard again."

"…I was?"

"Those girls just probably had a crush on you. I mean, look at yourself! You shouldn't be surprised."

"I see. And how would you know that?"

"I'm a girl too."

"Ah, I see. Personal experience. Wait a second. Did you ever…?"



"Shut up and eat."


"Chuunin exams are tomorrow."

"I know. I'm an examiner. Genjutsu."

"I heard. I wonder if any of my kids are going to die."

"Is that your way of saying you care, or are you just a cynical bastard?"

"…I'm not sure."

"…let's just say you care. It'll make them feel better."


"Tenten got cheated on."

"Hmm, really?"

"Yeah. Neji and Lee are out for blood."

"I can imagine."

"It's quite funny watching them, actually. Well, after you get over the fact that one of your best friends got cheated on."

"You're quite the sympathetic one, Sakura."

"Don't be a bastard."

"I'm not."

"I know."

"…you look worried."


"I'd never cheat on you."

"I know. I'd kill you, bring you back, and kill you again."

"Sounds scary. So that Suna lady didteach you that jutsu."

"Don't be stupid. I'd die if I did that, and then how would I be able to kill you?"

"Oh, right."


"I'm turning the lights off."

"I'd be able to get around even with the lights off, blindfolded, and with my hands tied behind my back."

"I know. It's just common courtesy."

"Oh. I see."

"You're hogging the sheets."

"I'm cold."

"I am too. Now give me some of the sheets."



And in a hundred different moments like these, Sai and Sakura lived.

a/n: Yes, darlings, that's the end. I know it's insanely short, but before you complain, I have to say that I rather like that ending. Well, everyone will have a different opinion. But I wanted to give the feel that Sakura and Sai are JUST BEGINNING. The end of this story is just the BEGINNING of their own story - sort of like how in Kurosagi, Sumiko-san says, "Even though the case is closed and the news and media have calmed down, the victim's family continues to live forever. For them, it is merely the beginning."

Incidentally, WATCH KUROSAGI! It's so good, I finished it in 2 days. And it's only 11 episodes, and really worth watching. Plus, it has my darling Yamashita Tomohisa (YamaPi!) in it, and he's as awesome as he always is. I love that boy.

On to the story.

Well, Another First Time is officially over. I may be posting some other follow-up pieces soon, so please look out for that! It was actually very hard for me to come out with this, for some reason. In the end, I couldn't find a way to wrap it up nicely, so I decided to give tiny vignettes of how I imagine their life together. I hope it was satisfying and gave you all a taste of SaiSakura, my style ;)

Once again, I want to thank all the readers and reviewers who kept me going through the tough times, especially through that bout of writers' block and exams - without your support, I would have just given up. Thank you very much!

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