Warning this is kind of dirty!! Watch out! Harry comes out of the closet. These are all true facts except the homo part and Ron haha enjoy!
Hello!! I'm Harry Potter! I'm a homosexual! I was caught playing Quittich with Ron in the broom closet. In the last book, I go Homo and that's why it's my last book. I'm also very harry and have a happy trail I go on stage naked and have an organism on a horse who really is a man dressed up as a horse. I'm in deep love with Zuri. My glasses are used in sex games with Zuri and Ron. My glasses are really a sex robot. I killed Dumbledore with my sexiness. I made Hermione a slutty whore and have sex with all Ron's brothers and have 12 kids. Charlie is a unicorn who goes to Candy Mountain. I use my wand to kill people who don't like homo's...like President Bush. I also use my want to sing on American Idol. I use my Broom to jack off and fly around. My Myspace is filled with sexy men like Pete Wentz, and Jared Leto. I hate Shayla a lot. I am a homo kid, part of the homo club! I love shopping at Urban Outfitters because they have books where you can insert your penis into different pictures. I wear tights and do the pelvis thrust to every guy I meet. I went to jail for having sex with little boys. My fans are all going to die because they don't want me to go Homo. No Americans are allowed in Hogwarts because they are non-homo. Well have to go my new sex slave Jeff a.k.a. Lupe is calling me. Oh sorry to tell you but I'm a communist and a German Nazi. I just really wanted to say hello. Last thing before you go. I hate Shayla. Well need to go. I love boys.
Kisses and Hearts! Harry Potter