Introduction : Konoha's Troublesome Kit!

The Naruto Legend, retold, but with a twist! Meet 12 year old Uzumaki Narue, Konoha's #1 Loudest Ninja-In-Training, as she strives to become the first ever female Hokage, along with her mysterious sensei, brooding rival and a surprise ninja team-mate(It's not Sakura. I'll explain why, in my profile page.), meeting dangerous foe and battling fearsome shinobi along the way. Can a lil' girl make it in the big Ninja world?

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or anything associated with the great Masashi Kishimoto.

It was a dark, ominous night in Konoha, but it certainly wasn't a quiet one. Women screamed and babies cried as the large, fearsome and vicious demon fox named Nine-Tailed Fox demon stomped through the village, smashing homes, and knocking down trees. Many Jounin, Chuunin and Anbu of the hidden leaf tried to stop the beast, hitting it with every weapon in their arsenal, and every jutsu, too. But no matter what it was they threw, it might as well have been a paper tissue, as nothing hindered the giant fox at the slightest.

It was a desperate, frightening time, indeed.

A young boy with dark-brown hair tied back in a pony-tail scrambled about the forest, calling for his parents with a wavering voice, his hands cupped.

"P-Papa..?! M-Mama??" he called, shaking with fear, and then screaming as a tree fell over nearby. Luckily, he was saved by a jounin, who proceeded to carry him to safety, away from the demon fox, "Wait, no!! I-I have to help m-my parents..!" the boy panicked.

"There's no time for that, kid! I have to get you to the academy, where the other kids are. It's too dangerous here for an academy student, like you." the Jounin said.

The younger Iruka screamed, "No! PAPA! MAMA!" he cried, as a giant, orange claw came down on his parents. He let his tears fall freely.

It was then that a giant toad, the famed kind, the great boss toad, Gamabunta appeared in a huge mass of smoke, and landing on his head was the dashingly handsome, blond Hokage, newly crowned to his position.

The Jounin carrying Iruka gasped, looking over his shoulder, "Yes!! Yondaime-sama has finally arrived! He must have a plan! Maybe now we have a damn-sight more of a chance!" he gasped, and the continued to carry Iruka away as another tree toppled over.

"Y-Yondaime-sama..? But how could he possibly stop that thing..?" thought Iruka, as the battle distanced further and further away...

"Uchiha Sasuke.." Iruka called out, reading from his register. It had been twelve years since the death of his parents.. And the death of the Yondaime. In this time, he had graduated the academy, made Genin, and then Chuunin. He didn't quite fancy the life of a Jounin, so he settled for the rank of Chuunin, and became an academy sensei.

"Hn." came a response.

Iruka nodded, and continued, "Umarani Saati?" Iruka asked, and got the response he asked for, "Uotani Kosuke?" he asked, and another response came. It was a normal day in Konoha for 25 year old Umino Iruka, and as usual he was taking the register for his class at the Ninja academy. Thus far, no absences. Iruka hoped to keep it that way, but if everything was completely normal, he doubted that'd be so.

"Uzumaki Narue?" Iruka asked, hoping for at least a little diversity from his average day. But luck was not with him. "Where is Uzumaki Narue?" he asked again, looking around his classroom.

In the front row sat silent and stoic Shino of the Aburame clan, who was mutely conversing with an insect that sat perched on his finger. Looking west from Shino, he spotted the likes of Nara Shikamaru, fast asleep as usual, he noted. How he'd pass his ninja exam, Iruka was doubtful of. Then there was his friend Akimichi Chouji, sat next to him, followed by Uchiha Sasuke a row back, an annoying blond named Yamanaka Ino fussing over him at his side, and a fuming Haruno Sakura a row back. Others in his class was an also-snoozing Inuzuka Kiba and his canine familiar, Akamaru, and finally, the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, ever-shy Hinata, who prodded her fingers together, glancing to the door every now and then.

Iruka sighed, "Everyone behave themselves while I collect our missing classmate. I don't want to come back to find anybody with a kunai to somebody's throat, now." Iruka said, heading for the door. Everyone nodded, only a few actually watching Iruka leave.

Hinata shyly turned to the girl next to her, Sakura, "Wh-where do you think Narue-san is?" she asked the pink-haired girl.

Sakura looked to Hinata with a frown, "How should I know??" she asked.

Hinata shrugged, "W-Well, I saw you t-talking with her yesterday a-and I thought that maybe.." she trailed off, seeing her efforts futile. She knew that Sakura wasn't too fond of Narue anyway. She didn't know why, neither Sakura nor Ino, nor the rest of those who seemed to move around together in herds. The Sasuke fan club.. But personally, Hinata really liked Narue; she saw her as a very close friend.

Whenever Narue was around, the classroom always seemed a bit brighter, more vibrant. Hinata couldn't help but smile at Narue's antics, like when she fooled Iruka into eating a smoke-bomb disguised as an apple, last week.

Hinata looked to the azure sky outside the window, and sighed; Where exactly was Narue now? What was she doing to cause her absence?

Elsewhere, a young twelve-year-old girl smirked, wiping her cheek and smearing red paint across her whisker-like markings. She brushed her uneven bangs of vibrant blond hair behind her ears and continued with her work, finishing off the red spiral painted on the stone she was grappling down the side off.

It wasn't just any stone.

"Kami-sama!! What is that girl doing!?" screamed a young woman, dropping her groceries in the street after spotting the atrocity which was the vandalisation of Konoha's great Hokage Mountain. The pride of the Village, defiled by childish scrawls of red swirls and fake-tears painted in blue down from the First Hokage's eyes.

"Oh great! It's that damn Narue again!" spat an annoyed man, who ran the local grocery score. Three Jounin spotted this, and angrily began their persuit of the young twelve-year-old orphan, Uzumaki Narue.

The blond turned her head to the accumulating mass of Jounin, her sky-blue eyes alive with excitement, and she laughed obnoxiously at their horrified faces.

"How d'ya like that, huh? Didn't think it possible, did ya!" her voice boomed from the heights of Hokage Mountain.

"G-Get down here this instant, Narue! You won't go unpunished for this!!" yelled a random jounin, his face red with anger. Narue smirked, and reached into her pocket for something.

It was then that Iruka arrived,

"Narue-chan! What the hell do you think you're doing!?" he screamed, livid.

"AH! I-Iruka-sensei..!" Narue gasped, nearly dropping what she had been searching for but quickly reclaiming it and hiding it in her dirty mits.

A Jounin turned to Iruka, "You know this kid?" he asked him.

Iruka nodded, "Yes, I'm her sensei." he agreed.

"Well don't just stand there, do something. You have to stop her!" said another Jounin.

"Right! Narue-chan, I don't know what put you up to this, but whatever it is, maybe we can talk about it over some Ramen--" he was cut off when an explosion erupted from Narue, and when the smoke cleared, Narue was gone, leaving the graffiti to remain.

"Damnit! She got away!" gasped one chuunin.

"She hasn't yet. Spread out and search for her. I'll tell Hokage-sama!" said another, who then dashed off to the Hokage's office. Iruka let out a frustrated growl, and dashed off along with the other Jounin and Chuunin to look for the mischievous academy student, Uzumaki Narue.

With Narue, she had turned a corner and seemingly lost the pursuing ninja. She took this chance to wipe some sweat from her brow and then looked into a piece of scrap glass that lay against the wall.

"Wow, am I ever a mess!" Narue laughed, checking herself out. She wasn't a really tall girl, like Ino or Sakura... But then again, girls were weird if they were too tall, if you asked Narue's opinion. Also, where her height lacked, she made up for with her chest. She wore a maroon-red t-shirt under a vibrant orange jacket with a blue collar, along with orange trousers, and the standard blue sandals.

She chuckled,

"Heheh, that'll teach those stupid villagers for calling me a 'monster'! Wait until I tell Hinata-chan about it..!" she laughed to herself.

"Narue..." came a dangerous tone of voice from behind her and she nearly leapt two feet into the air with shock.

"Nee! Iruka-sensei stop doing that!!" Narue gasped, turning to her academy sensei.

Iruka impatiently tapped his foot, "Maybe I will stop, once you quit it with your pranks? What were you hoping to achieve here, today??" he asked with an edge in his voice.

Narue laughed nervously, taking a step back, "Heheh. I gotta be somewhere right now, Iruka-sensei, so if you'll excuse me, I--" she was about to make like a tree, and leave, when Iruka grabbed her by her collar, pulling her back and beginning to drag her to class.

"Yeah you had to be somewhere. Namely, at the academy!!" Iruka said. Narue whined,

"Nee, Iruka-sensei, you're no fuuuuun!" she cried, struggling to get free.

"Don't make me tie you up back there!" Iruka said, continuing to drag her.

"Sorry I took so long class. Well, you all better thank Narue-chan. Thanks to her, we have to review the transformation technique, Henge no jutsu!" Iruka said to the class, holding a tied-up Narue close to his side.

"No fair, Narue!!" gasped one student.

"What the hell where you thinking!? Thanks a lot!!" spat another one, glaring at her. Narue huffed, turning her head away.

Up with Hinata and Sakura, Sakura snorted, "Typical.. That girl's asking to be kicked out of the academy, isn't she?" she said, sitting back in her seat.

Hinata lowered her gaze momentarily, before looking to Narue again, "Wh-why do you do this to yourself, Narue-chan..?" she thought sadly.

Soon, everybody had gathered at the front of the classroom, to perform the technique. It was Sakura's turn; With the application of the correct hand seal, she transformed into an almost perfect copy of her sensei. Iruka nodded, checking her off the list.

Sakura promptly turned to the boy behind her, which was Sasuke, "Did you see, Sasuke-kun? Was I good?" she asked excitedly. Sasuke glanced at her, before looking away again without a word.

"Okay, Sakura-chan, back of queue. We don't have all day." Iruka said, and Sakura sighed, retreating to the end of the queue. Next up, was Sasuke. Performing the seal, he demonstrated an almost flawless copy, before transforming back, and stalking back to the end of the queue. Finally, it was Narue's turn. Behind her was Ino, and Shikamaru.

"How troublesome. It's always your fault, that we even have to do this stuff.." Shikamaru groaned, frowning.

Ino nodded, "Yeah. Would it kill ya to be at least a little considerate, shorty?" she said cattily.

Narue frowned, not looking at them, "If you think I'm even paying attention to a hog like you, you've got another thing coming.." she muttered.

Ino gasped, "What did you just call me?!" she growled, "First Sakura calls me it, and now her too!" Ino thought angrily.

"Now, now, that's enough. Narue-chan, let's get this done while we're still young, huh? Stop provoking fights with classmates." Iruka stepped in, stopping the potential cat-fight.

Narue snorted, and stepped forward, performing a hand-seal with a grin, "Henge!!" she cried, and a huge cloud of smoke enveloped her. Iruka raised an eyebrow, as his other students coughed, as result from the smoke coming from Narue's transformation;

"A normal transformation technique doesn't cause such an amount of smoke. What's she up to..?" Iruka thought, frowning slightly. When the cloud of smoke dissipated, instead of the mirror-image of himself that he expected from Narue, he instead received the same old Narue, albeit, she seemed to have misplaced her clothes.

"How'd you like this, Iruka-sensei?! I call it 'Erochikku Paradaisu no Jutsu', the Erotic Paradise jutsu! You like?" Narue asked, barely containing her laughter. Iruka gaped for a few seconds, his eyes unable to divert themselves, like his other student's had, and then, he promptly fell back, blood rushing from his nostrils.

Narue huffed, and released the Henge, folding her arms,

"Gee, sensei, you're a pervert, huh?" she asked, pouting, a faint blush on her cheeks.

"HAVE YOU NO SHAME!?" screeched both Sakura and Ino, the only girls left conscious, who hadn't fainted from horror and shock. Poor Hinata lay sprawled on the floor, the trauma far too much for her.

"You're just jealous of my genius. This technique would stop any man." Narue said smugly.

"Any pervert, more like!" Ino corrected Narue, her face red with anger, and embarrassment. It was then that Iruka recovered, getting back to his feet, his cheeks burning with fury and embarrassment,

"Narue!! That was not part of the assigned jutsu..." he said dangerously, the anger bubbling up inside of him. Narue slowly turned to her sensei, a nervous giggle in her voice,

"Heheh.. Well, if you'd let me explain-" she began anxiously.

"YOU'RE CLEANING THE ENTIRE HOKAGE MOUNTAIN AFTER SCHOOL, YOUNG LADY!! NO EXCUSES!!" he screeched at her, near deafening not only Narue, but the other students as well, "As for everyone else, you may leave now." Iruka said calmly to the others, and they all quickly departed the room, fearing that they may invoke his rage.

Narue gulped,

"Damn..." she thought, as Iruka turned to her, "I'm really in deep water this time, huh?" she thought, laughing nervously to her sensei, who looked down at her, a frown still set on his face, and tissues stuffed up his nostrils. Thus he looked scary and ridiculous at the same time. Narue wasn't sure if she should be scared, or if she should laugh at him.

It was a hot day in Konoha and on their way home from school, Sakura and Ino walked side by side. They didn't look pleased. They were just on their way home from being royally pissed off by the local blond broad, Uzumaki Narue.

Ino growled in frustration, "I can't believe that girl!!" she cried, glaring at the azure blue sky above her, then looking down from it. The bright blue yonder of it all reminded her too much of the girl's eyes.

"Mm." Sakura agreed, seeming a lot less outraged than her friend.

Ino turned to her, "How come you can't be more upset about this??" she asked the girl with a frown.

Sakura shrugged her shoulders, "What does it matter? Narue's just being her usual idiotic self, slacking off when she should really be studying for the graduation exam tomorrow. She'll never become a kunoichi. She's doomed to failure, so she has nothing on we who work hard, who will pass." she explained.

Ino frowned, "And therefore, she has no chance with Sasuke-kun, is that what you're trying to imply, Sakura-chan?" she asked the girl, who looked to her with a determined eye, "Wake up and smell the roses, forehead! Have you ever tried to add everything together with that oversized head of yours?!" she asked loudly.

Sakura growled, "Leave my forehead out of it, Ino-Pig..!" she said dangerously.

Ino snorted in anger, "Think about it! Forget the fact that she's an idiot and check out her chest! No twelve-year old girl could hope to match her!" she said, clenching a fist.

Sakura turned to Ino, "Sasuke-kun doesn't go after large breasted blond bimbos like Narue! Or you for that matter, Ino-Pig! Sasuke-kun's mine!" she growled at her 'friend'(ha! More like her love-rival).

Ino whipped around to face her in return, "Are you ever in for a rude awakening! Sakura, you may have grown your hair out, but that doesn't mean Sasuke-kun will like you. If he even likes you at all, that is! Which I doubt!!" she said, smirking.

Sakura glared at the blue-eyed girl, "I think it's you who needs the rude awakening!!" she snapped in response.

Meanwhile, at the carvings of the Hokage likenesses, Hokage Mountain, Narue hung over the side of the carvings once again, with a wet rag and paint-remover as her tools. Grumbling under her breath, she wringed out her rag, and began scrubbing at the red swirl of paint before her. Up above her, perched on top the head of the First Hokage, Iruka peered down at her, making sure she do her job properly.

"Better hurry up, Narue-chan, if you want to get home before dark." Iruka called down to her casually. Narue looked up to him with a frown,

"And what'll be waiting back there for me, huh?" she asked snappily, before looking down again, hiding her sad eyes. Iruka softened, watching as the girl began scrubbing again. He could sense the emotions peeling off her, coming off like evaporating water, or rather, withheld tears.

Iruka sighed,

"Say--" he began.

"I'll clean your stupid monument, sensei!" Narue inputted with an edge in her voice, before resigning to silence again.

With this chance again in his favour, Iruka opened his mouth again, "How about this? After you're done with cleaning, we'll go get Ramen together." he called down to her, and the girl seemed to twitch; Soon, another twitch of her shoulders came; Iruka raised his brows, "Narue--?" he began.

"Ramen?! You know how to make a girl feel special!!" Narue looked up, beaming at him with watery eyes. Iruka nearly laughed. How a girl could like the cardboard junk-food with such a passion really was astonishing. With her new-found motivation at hand, Narue began to enthusiastically scrub the paint off the stone, ready for a good meal courtesy of Iruka.

Later on, in the quiet Ramen stand in the middle of Konoha, Ichiraku Ramen, the only ones eating there were Narue and her academy sensei, Iruka. Narue was excitedly waiting for her next, fourth helping of Miso Ramen. Iruka leaned on his hand, gazing at the blond beside him,

"Hey.. Narue-chan?" he asked her.

Narue didn't turn to him, but still answered, "Yeah Iruka-sensei?" she nodded, watching as the stall owner stirred the ingredients around and around in the pot, licking her lips to clean the drool from her chin.

"About the monument... You know who the people carved into it are, don't you?" he asked his student.

Narue nodded, "Uhuh. They're the four Hokage's of this village; Shodaime-sama, Nidaime-sama, the old man, and Yondaime-sama. Yondaime-sama was rumoured to be the best of them all, who killed that Kitsune-teme, twelve years ago." she replied. Iruka nodded, smiling a little, thankful that she at least paid some attention to her Shinobi History classes. But still, he didn't understand.

"Then why? Why would you do that to such an important focal point of this village, and disgrace the Hokage like that?" Iruka questioned her further.

Narue cheered, as her Miso Ramen arrived, and grabbed her chopsticks, "Itadakimasu!!" she said giddily, and broke the chopsticks apart.

"Narue-chan, were you listening to a thing I was--" Iruka began.

"Yeah, yeah!! And I did it because even though they're like village heroes or something, it doesn't matter all that much to me. Because I'm gonna out-hero them all! I'll become the best Hokage there's ever been! Oh yeah!!" Narue said dramatically, poking her chopsticks towards her sensei. Iruka blinked at her several times, then sighed with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Is that so?" Iruka muttered.

"Yeah!! Not only that but the first girl Hokage! Wouldn't that be cool?!" Narue asked enthusiastically, and began chomping on her Ramen, wolfing the lot down. Iruka chuckled,

"It certainly would be.." he mused. Narue finished her bowl pretty soon, and turned to her sensei again,

"Oh... Say, sensei..?" Narue asked, blushing lightly.

Iruka raised his eyebrows at her, then decided to answer, "Yeah Narue-chan?" he asked her casually. Narue fidgeted, prodding her thumbs together, a habit that was derived from watching Hinata do something along the lines of it, so many times.

She then spoke up, "That forehead protector of yours... Can I..? Can I try it on?" she asked nervously.

Iruka blinked, then laughed, " Oh, this? Sorry, no dice Narue-chan. You need to graduate from the academy before you're allowed to wear one of these!" he said, laughing again, then digging into his own Beef Ramen.

Narue pouted, disappointed, then turned away to huff, "Spoil sport!!" she cried, and Iruka laughed again.

Soon, it was a new day in Konoha, and it was the day of the Genin exam, where either you'd pass the examination and become a certified Genin, or you'd fail and need to re-sit it. Like Narue had done, twice now. If she failed today, it would be thrice. Not good for the personal records, and Narue knew that all too well. That's why she was totally going to try her absolute hardest.

"Very good Umarani-kun. Next up, Uzumaki Narue!" Iruka said, popping his head into the classroom after waving a passing student off. Narue looked up, her eyes wide with anticipation. She nervously stumbled after her sensei, ready to give it her best shot.

"I can do this! I have to do this, or I'll be a laughing stock all over again!" Narue thought to herself, stepping inside the examination room after Iruka, where another guy, with medium length silver hair, wearing a chuunin vest, as well as a kindly(all too kindly) smile on his face. Iruka took a seat, leaving Narue in the middle of the room.

"Okay, Narue-chan. I hope you revised your Bunshin technique." Iruka said, and Narue gulped.

"Aw, crap!! A Bunshin? Out of all the techniques, it has to be the one I suck at!!" Narue panicked mentally.

"Give it your best shot." the silver haired chuunin smiled at her.

Narue sucked in a breath, "There's nothing to worry about. I can do this, and then I'll get my head-band. Easy as pie!" she thought determinedly, gulping again, as she whipped her hands into the correct handseals, before landing on the last sign, "Bunshin no Jutsu!!" she cried, and smoke expelled from her body, filling the room. Iruka and the silver-haired chuunin watched expectantly.

When the smoke cleared, Iruka sighed wearily, "Narue-chan..." he began, and Narue looked to him anxiously, "You... FAIL!!" he cried out, and Narue fell backwards in shock.

She scrambled to her feet, her eyebrows furrowed, "B-But..! I-I really tried my best this time!" she gasped.

"I'm very sorry, Narue-chan.. But.. Every student should be able to form at least 3 of them, and yours is... down-right pathetic. Hardly passable as a human being." he explained, "I have no choice, but to--" Iruka began, when the silver-haired Chuunin interrupted him.

"Hey, Iruka... C'mon, it should be okay, just this once. After all, Narue-chan's come here 3 times now, trying her hardest every time. Perseverance is an admirable quality in a shinobi, and I think that--" he explained, but Iruka sighed.

"I can't do it, Mizuki." he told his examining partner, then turned to an upset Narue, who was tearing slightly, "I'm sorry, Narue-chan. You fail the Genin exam." he told her sadly.

Narue shook her head, "You'll see..! This won't hold me back. Nothing will!!" she said, and stormed out of the room. Iruka stretched out his arm after her, then sighed and retracted it, looking to his knees.

Mizuki smirked to himself.

Narue sat in a tree, swinging his legs back and forth, watching the graduating students below her with tiny droplets of tears begging to be set free. She saw below her all of her classmates; Dog-breath, Kiba, the hog and the cherry-top, Ino and Sakura. The bug kid, Shino, the Uchiha bastard... and Hinata, too. Heck, even the laziest of them, Shikamaru or Chouji, made it. She was the only one who wasn't a part of the graduating body. How pitiful.

History repeats itself.

It was the same result, every time. She'd try her best, but in the end, fate was against her.

"Would you look at that? It seems that once again, that monster failed to prove herself." said one scornful woman, sneering over her shoulder at the lonely girl.

"Yeah.. But just think of all the damage it could do, if it were to become a kunoichi. Nothing good could come of it." said another woman with her, snorting.

"I agree with you completely." nodded the first woman again.

Narue hung her head low. It was the same, everywhere she went. Everyone was like that towards her. Why should she bother trying to teach them a thing or two? After all, as soon as she became the Godaime Hokage, everybody would just shut their traps. That, is why she strived for her goal. But how could she reach it, if she couldn't jump the first hurdle? What a depressing thought...

"Hey, Narue-kun." a kind voice called up to Narue, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked down to see the silver-haired examiner, Mizuki, smiling up at her. She blinked, wondering it is, he could want, before hopping down from the tree and joining him.

Oh no! Whatever could Mizuki-sensei be planning? Poor Narue, she's desperate to pass her Genin exam, and become a fully-fledged kunoichi, but every time she trips and falls flat on her face! After failing her exam again, she's typically vulnerable to persuasion or bribery. Just the way Mizuki likes it! What will happen to Konoha's foxy prankster? Next time, on Kitsune no Shoujo!

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