Hi everyone.

It's been a VERY long time. 4 YEARS, to be exact. Man, I didn't realise it had been that long since I stopped writing this fanfiction… You guys had probably forgotten all about Kitsune no Shoujo and I don't blame you. I forgot about it too… But I do remember getting requests from people occasionally, to adopt this fanfiction.

Lately, I've decided that that's the plan I want to go through with. Therefore, this fanfiction is now up for adoption!

But I don't want to give it up to just anyone. It's my first fanfiction, and my 'baby' as far as Fanfiction goes.

So, if you're interested in adopting, please message me telling me what you will do with the fanfiction; what direction you're thinking of taking the plot. I'll also be having a read of one of your own fanfiction, to see if I like the writing style or not.

Those wanting to take the fanfiction will have to make sure not to forget the plot-points that are present, unless you have a good reason for removing them from your version.

Plot points:

1/ The other spirit residing in the Kyuubi seal, going by the name of 'Yon'. (Don't reveal his identity too quickly, ok? And maybe you can do a better job than I did at making him mysterious and actually in-character for who he is – and I know people already figured out who he is.)

2/ Haku, now a Kumogakure ninja, and his team (you can change the two OC ninja in his team, maybe with known Kumo-nin since some have been revealed now, if you want to). Have him play a part in the plot, don't forget he's there!

3/ The possible pairings I was working towards: Fem!NaruSasu, Fem!NaruShika or Fem!NaruHaku, and possibly LeeSaku. =)

Those are the only points I really care about. Anyway, please if you're interested, contact me letting me know what you'd plan to do with the fanfic if I were to hand it over to you.

I'll be updating this with a new chapter to tell everyone who will be continuing this, once they're chosen.