I was once a princess. A great one, too.

I hated it beyond anything.

I wanted to be me. Be myself. But, they wouldn't let me. I was just a mere, stupid, image. That's all… I couldn't even show my face to anyone. If I did, they had to work for me…

Or they'd get their eyes burned out of their own skulls.

I had two friends… One was my long-time servant, Lunki. She was always so obsessed with caring for me. I wanted it, she brought it… Back then, I wasn't too grateful for her.

Now, however, I'm extremely happy that she was always there for me.

Then, there was Kess. We had met in a very unfortunate situation, but I'm glad that she was my friend instead of getting her eyes burned out.

She was strong, brave, and everything that I wanted to be. She taught me about true friendship, and I think I learned it all pretty well. She wasn't gorgeous like I was, but she did very well dancing the tantaraza. It was beautiful to watch, even if I couldn't actually see her.

Kess also has a brother. Bowman, or Bo, so she calls him. I loved him, a lot.

I thought that Bowman would love me immediately, just for seeing my face. I was wrong, and it hurt my pride in a way that I couldn't describe…

Just to prove how brave I was, I willingly gave up my beauty, and replaced it with two scars down both of my cheeks. It hurt for a while, but I never regretted it.

We traveled together, all of us, to the so called "Homeland." Along the way, I was stung by a stinging fly… I'm glad it stung me, because it changed me. I became what I wanted to be, and I forced my beloved Bowman into a kiss. Though I can't entirely remember what happened while I was intoxicated, I do remember how wonderful the first kiss was.

My happiness bloomed when Bowman fell in love with me, even though I wasn't beautiful… He said I was though… Then, Kess sacrificed herself for us. For us to reach the homeland. I was upset, yes, but glad at the same time. She had finally gotten her purpose, and I had Bowman with me.

It was many years, and Bowman and I were wed. We had three children, one of which we named Ira Hath, after Bowman's deceased mother. I had a family with my love, and everything was completely perfect.

I even went to Pinto and Mumpo's bethrothal. It was a nice ceremony, and I found myself pushed to tears. Everyone was happy, even after our many losses in the past.

Bowman is convinced that Kess is watching over us, as a Singer, even after death. He told me how he could still feel her with him, and I envied him a little. I wanted to speak with my friend… But either way, Kess would be overjoyed to hear of our future.

My name, or my preferred name, is Sisi…

And I'm no princess.