About the series...

This will be a compilation of stories with the characters doing real life ordinary stuff. Or something. Some ideas I have don't quite fit that, but most do. It's humorous and everyone is almost always out of character. So, I hope the ones reading enjoy this. I'm not sure how often this will be updated. I guess whenever I get around to writing them and still have wacky ideas. Yeah, the Adventures in... thing is lame, but I suck at titles and descriptions as you may well know. xD

Adventures in High School

By D. Ant

The classroom was the usual square white room, just large enough for thirty desks, the teachers desk and some walking space. Various posters dotted the walls, most of great literary figures. The teacher, Mr. Pycal, was in the middle of a vocabulary lesson.
Pycal's English classes were usually calm and relaxing, the students no problem and all willing to pay attention and learn.
This class was an exception.
"Mr. Lupin, please use that word in a sentence."
Lupin looked up from his doodles. "What word were we on again?"
Pycal groaned. "Recidivist."
Lupin stared off blankly.
"I'll give you a hint. It fits you perfectly."
"Um...I'm a recidivist? No, I got it. I'm a hot and sexy recidivist."
Some giggles were heard around the class.
"You're dreaming again, Lupin," Jigen said, tossing a crumpled piece of paper at his head.
Pycal rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Okay, moving on... Mr. Jigen, you get the...oh great." He groaned. "You get the next word."
Jigen looked down at his worksheet and started to laugh. Lupin then joined in after seeing the word.
"You got a good one, Jigen."
Goemon glanced over at the two, embarrassed for them.
Fujiko groaned.
"Okay, hold on," Jigen said, trying to stop laughing. "Okay. Lupin couldn't concentrate because Fujiko was largely titillating."
He and Lupin burst out laughing.
"Humongously titillating," Lupin added, making them laugh even more.
Pycal sighed. "Sadly, that sentence works. But even so, I'm giving both of you detention."
Lupin stopped laughing and looked at his teacher. "Oh come on! That's not fair!"
"You're whining will get you nowhere."
Fujiko looked over at Lupin and smirked.
"If you give me the definition," Pycal said, "I won't give you detention." He knew neither knew what the word meant, as they rarely did their homework. Well, Lupin did his more than Jigen. "Well?"
"Fujiko has huge tracts of land," Jigen said, laughing all over again.
Lupin stifled his laughter. He actually knew the definition. "To be sexually arousing or to give sexual pleasure."
Pycal was surprised. "I'm amazed. Okay, then that leaves Daisuke, who will stay behind after class."
Lupin looked over at Fujiko and stuck his tongue out.
Jigen was still laughing.
Goemon had had enough. He stood, grabbing his sword and smacking Jigen in the side of the head with it.
Jigen was knocked out cold, his head falling hard to the desk.
Goemon then gave Lupin a cold stare.
Lupin flinched, deciding he should behave.
"Thank you, Goemon," Pycal said, once again able to resume his class.

Yeah, this was lame and very immature, but it popped in my head, so I wrote it. I blame the ad thing for The Shield. Honest. And Lupin only does more homework as he actually does research and such. Jigen just reads the newspaper. Plus they have him sleeping or laying down way too much. He's such a bum.