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"Iz," she said but sounded far away, "IZ!" Renee said closer and louder, more annoyed that time.

I was standing over the sink, still holding the same dish rag and plate I had picked up to begin my share of the daily chores 10 minutes ago. As I was about to actually touch the rag to the plate, I had looked out the window and seen a bus drive by. Plastered on it's side was a cheesy saying, "Buckle up to Be Safe and Drive Safe for the Safety of Others!" The part that had caught my eye was, "Be Safe." That was what he used to tell to me.

Her impatient yell snapped me out of my trance.

Iz…IZ! "What mom?" I asked, mimicking her irritated tone.

"I came by to drop off some of Claire's things," She said standing on her tip toes trying to find Claire, as if adding 2 inches to her height would help. "Is she home?" She finally asked.

"No, she's out with some friends. I think they went to the mall to shop for shoes to wear to the graduation ceremony."

Renee made an odd nasal noise and asked, "Aren't they going to be wearing those huge robes or gowns? I don't know what they are called anymore…but no one's going to be able to see what they're wearing underneath."

"Why does it matter to you, mom?" I could sense her annoyance and didn't quite understand why she was so frustrated. "Besides, after the ceremony she will take the gown off to attend various parties and will reveal what is underneath along with the pair of shoes she is hoping to find today." I hope she finds them today too because she has been out the last three Fridays in a row.

"This is a stupid argument, I am going to take Claire's stuff to her room and I will see you both Sunday for lunch?"

"First, who said we were arguing? And second, I am not so sure about this Sunday. Claire and I have plans we sort of can't get out of."

Ha. Those inescapable plans were a whole day at big surf or sun splash, which ever Claire prefers. She tans beautifully so, I am indulging a trip to the water park. After which, even though I will have used all necessary means of sun protection, sun screen, a large brimmed hat, more sun screen and then more sun screen, I will come out of the day looking like a tomato or an Albino, no tan. Claire on the other hand, will have gorgeous sun kissed skin just in time for graduation and the profuse amount of parties that precede and follow.

"Oh. Well that was our agreement, every other Sunday for lunch. You said that it couldn't be weekdays because of Claire's school, which is silly because it was determined before she was born, but Phil and I agreed and settled on Saturday night dinners. And then when she grew up and began making weekend plans and you finally began dating again, sort of, we changed it from Saturday dinners to Sunday lunches. You two agreed! You both said that it worked because the only people that made Sunday lunch plans were old people anyway." I don't even think she took a breath, Renee was angry because we had kind of flaked on a couple of Lunches in the past.

"Ok that was one disastrous date that you forced me to go on and PLEASE MOMMY PLEASE we really can't get out of this!!!" I pleaded.

I don't know if 37 was too old to be begging my mommy but if she bought it that was all that really counted. Besides, I love spending time with Claire and it is getting so close to the time that she is going to leave me, so close to the age that I had left home and had her, my baby. I wanted to spend every last second that I could cherishing her presence, even if that meant making up some extravagant lie to get us out of lunch.

"Please mom, we promised the uncle of one of the cancer kids that Claire tutors in math that we would help him with the animals at his farm because he is short staffed because the police came and arrested like 2/3 of his employees for possession of some strange drug extracted from Zebra dung." This baffled Renee into speechlessness. YES!

Hey, there were no lines on Sundays or else we would have gladly gone Friday or Saturday.

Both Renee and I jerked our heads toward the front of the house as we heard something crash to the ground in the front entry. Claire was home, the crash was the sound of her backpack, filled to the brim with final exam study materials, books, and binders colliding with the tiled floor in the tiny entrance.

"Mom, guess what happened!" I heard her shout through the hallway. She was ecstatic.

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