A/N: Based on the episode Man in the Middle

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It's a still night. Calm, the weather's at peace. The sky is a dark grey, but it would be morning soon. All signs pointed to a sunny, cloudless day. Not a drop of rain.

The only wind that blows is that of your failure. Your ultimate, untimely failure.

You still aren't sure how it had happened. How you had managed to fail. You had worked hard and fast on your plans, but it was all for naught. Fruitless. Yet any other time, you are always on top. You always won.

Not this time. This time, you lost.

They were catching on to your smart little tricks. They weren't going to allow you to rule them any longer. The power you had over them was dwindling. They simply didn't care anymore.

They'd rather you be stopped than to fear over what may happen if they stand up to you.

Your fingers grip the top of the car door. You feel like crushing something. Anything. Strangling. Yet at the same time, you feel helpless. Defeated. Like all the bones and muscles in your body were conjelling in to nothing. You couldn't do anything anymore. It was too late.

Not even your anger could stay. Just your grief. Your guilt. The display of your failure playing in front of you.

The plane departs, taking to the sky. Taking away the one person you care about. The one you love.

She had expected you to save her from this. Section had put her through so much, but how could they think of doing this to her?

You aren't sure, but you know that you just let them. You condemned her to live in the same situation that twists your heart.

She's to be married by the dawn of day. Married.

You knew Section was full of twists. Evil plots. But you would have never foreseen this.

Nikita had been so worried. You made sure that she felt a little better about it by talking to her in the church. But it wasn't enough. It could never be enough.

You had been tempted to grab her, run off. If there was any time to flee, it was now. But no, that wouldn't have worked. You couldn't risk her life again just for your own happiness. Because you were being turned inside out in your jealousy.

You squint as the plane reaches the darkened clouds. Within seconds, she's completely gone. You've just helplessly watched her leave to her doom. As helpless as she was.

She deserves so much better. You had saved her from so much, but Section's strong hand kept beating down on you both. The odds weren't that much in your favor; you couldn't always win.

But hell, you sure wanted to. Because this feeling of complete failure is dragging you down. You haven't felt this low in a while. You've never failed so miserably.

Nikita's gone. And so is everything you believe in. Everything you fight for. Everything you love. It's all embodied in one person.

And now she's unreachable.