Treachery, Tears and Torture

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I am so tired. By Aslan, I'm so, so tired. How long have I been here, now? It seems like years, but it can't have been more than a couple of days at the most, surely? My entire body aches with pain, and although I long to sleep, I dare not.

She wouldn't be happy.

I still remember sealing my unhappy fate. Telling the Witch to take me in place of Edmund. I can remember everything... I can even remember how Edmund hardly glanced backwards as he left the castle, and I can remember how much that hurt. But I stayed in my decision. Even as she tied me to the chamber walls... no. I can't. I can't think about what was. I have to think about what is... I have to reserve my strength for whatever she may do next.

However much I try not to think of them, though, my thoughts still return to my siblings. Are they alright? Did they manage to reach Aslan? I guess I will never know. I have to trust Susan, trust her judgment and intelligence to pull them through. I have to trust Lucy's pure determination. I have to trust them. I have to believe...

She enters. The door closes, and darkness fills my mind.