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Edward's POV:

There she was. My angel. Standing right across from me. She was even more beautiful now as one of us than she was as a human. I would never leave her again. Ever.

As I stood there, half listening to the man reading to my right, I remembered the days that I had found out that she still loved me. The days that I had found that I had constantly put her life in danger when I was with her, and was putting her in more danger because I had left. Severe depression. Suicide, even.

I was glad – no, glad was not the right word – that she was standing across from me in her stunning white gown that Alice and Rosalie had bought for her. I was...glad...that she still loved me. Glad, for lack of a better word, that she forgave me and that she was still alive. The feeling that I felt right then was one of those indescribable things – like Bella herself.

I was jerked out of my reverie when I heard the man ask me a question. I searched his mind for it and then replied "I do." I began to pay attention again.

Bella stood there, smiling at me, as she said the same. "You may kiss the bride," the man said.

I caught Bella up in my arms and pressed my mouth against hers. I knew that there would be better moments in the future, but I couldn't imagine them.

Bella's POV:

Charlie was there, and Renee. They could be there because they knew that I was going to move to be with Edward and that the whole Cullen clan would be moving as well. Edward was going to tamper with their minds to make sure that they had no intention of visiting us. It came with his new gift.

I knew that this was the last time that I would see my parents. If we came back to Forks, it would be after they died. I accepted this fact. I was a little sad, but I knew that I could spend the rest of eternity with Edward, and that made up for it.

After the wedding, they both came up to me.

"I'm so happy for you, Bella!" cried Renee, ecstatic. "I'll miss you, of course, but I'm sure that you'll have fun with the Cullens."

With Edward, mostly. And "have fun" was not the best phrase. "Fun" could not describe it. I'm sure that Edward was smiling at my thoughts.

"Good luck, Bells. Make sure you're happy," Charlie said seriously. "I'm sure that Edward will take good care of you, and the rest of the family as well. But if they don't, come home, okay?"

"I will, Charlie." Had I been a human, my voice probably would have broken right about now, tuning my parents in that something was wrong. But with being a vampire came less emotional stress. They had no idea.

"I'll miss you," I had to add. "If you don't see me again...um, for a long time, make sure that you forgive me for everything." I grinned. "And most of all make sure that you guys know that I will always love you."

Charlie looked at me like he knew exactly what was going on, though I'm sure he didn't. "I will, Bells. I will."

Renee was completely oblivious. "Take care, honey. I will remember."

Then, Edward was at my side.

"Ready to go?" he asked. Even though I was now one of them, he still had the power to dazzle me.

"Y-yes," I nodded vigorously.

He chuckled and led me to his special occasion car, the Aston Martin. "I'm going to have to buy you a new car," he said, looking down at me. "You can still keep your truck if you want. But I'm still going to get you a car."

I sighed. "Now that we're married, I will let you." I grinned as we got into his car and sped away to our new life together – for eternity.

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