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Hinata x 3 guys




Note: For those who don't like these pairings, don't bother reading & then complaining about it. I don't understand some people who doesn't like certain pairings but STILL read them and had the gall to COMPLAIN about them….it's just so plain weird….

Kimimaro – 22

Hinata & the Rookie Nine - 24

Gaara/Neji/Tenten/Lee - 25

Kankurou/Haku - 26

Temari - 27


It was getting harder for her as each month passed by. Braving the stairs was just one obstacle after another since the lift was out of order.

Don't worry Hinata, its only two floors up. You can do it. Hinata said to herself with her arms clutching her groceries, slowly climbing up the narrow stairs towards her apartment. Stopping once a while to catch her breath, Hinata could feel a little kick in her belly. Her eyes widened and touched her belly softly.

"Alright little one, Mommy needs a little break here," Hinata said softly to herself while rubbing her swelling pregnancy. It never fails to put a smile on her face.

When she finally reached her floor, Hinata reached for the keys in her pocket and opened the door.

Meow. She was greeted by a familiar orangey coloured tabby cat who rubbed himself around Hinata's rather swollen ankle.

"Hello Chibinaru, we're back," Hinata put down the groceries on the counter and picked up the huge cat and snuggled him closed to her face. "You're getting heavier now, Chibinaru," Hinata laughed at the mewing cat and proceed to put him down. Taking the milk out from the bags, Hinata poured some milk into a small bowl bearing the name of 'Chibinaru' on it.

Hinata lovingly stroke the huge cat, remembered how she first got him as a birthday present from Naruto. Her childhood crush has now turned into one of her closest friends.

Knock knock.

Hinata heard the knock on her door and slowly walked to open it.

"Ohayo Hinata-chan," a small chubby old lady dressed in a bright yellow dress and grey cardigan smiled at Hinata.

"Oh, ohayo Kino-baachan," Hinata smiled at the friendly old woman and invited her in. "What is the matter, Kino-baachan?"

The friendly old lady liked Hinata almost immediately when Hinata first enquire about an apartment for rent a little over five months ago. And it was a wise decision as well, since Hinata was always on time in paying her rent, unlike her other tenants. Another plus was Hinata was an ardent gardener, like herself, Hinata frequently helped her in her gardens at the backyard of the building during the weekends. In time, the old woman regarded Hinata as her own grand-daughter and loved her as one.

"Nothing is wrong, Hinata-chan. I forgot to tell you yesterday that your new neighbour had just moved in. I know you were so busy yesterday that you got home late dear. So, just to tell you about it if you hear any movements next door, it is only your new neighbour," the old woman taking a seat on Hinata's patched up sofa.

"Oh," Hinata's face flushed as she prepared a cup of tea for her landlady.

The old woman laughed when she looked at Hinata's facial expression and put her hands over Hinata's as Hinata sat next to her. "Oh no, dearie. I would never do that to you. Besides, you're my favourite tenant."

Hinata blushed slightly and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't help thinking of it that way, Kino-baachan."

"Alright, enough of that. So, what did the doctor say?"

Hinata blushed as she lovingly strokes her swelling belly.

"I'm coming close into seven months of pregnancy and the doctor said that my babies are healthy."

Kino-baachan detected that there is more than one baby and looked excited with glee. "Are they boys or girls?"

Hinata looked a trifle surprised at her landlady and shook her head slowly. "No, I don't want to know that yet. I'd like it to be a surprise."

Kino-baachan sighed. "Oh, I'm just wishful to know whether I will be having great-grandsons or great-granddaughters."

Hinata smiled and blushed shyly at the old woman's comment.

"Alright now dear, I think I ought to be going. It's about time for me to water the azaleas you've planted last week," Kino-baachan was walking slowly to the door. "You take care of yourself now, Hinata-chan. If you need anything, I'll just be downstairs."

"Thank you so much Kino-baachan," Hinata thanked the old woman and closed the door behind her.

Meow. Chibinaru looked at her. Hinata picked him up as he purred into her ears.

"Don't tell me you're hungry now, Chibinaru? You're getting awfully fat. I'm sure Kiba will put you on a diet," Hinata put her cat on the kitchen counter and looked for his cat food.

Ring ring.

Her mobile phone rang. Hinata abandoned her quest to feed Chibinaru that earned a snarl from the annoyed tabby, she reached out for her mobile in her handbag.

"Hello?" Hinata said.

"Hinata?" a very cheerful and 'feminine' male voice greeted her on the phone.

"Haku-kun?" Hinata smiled. "When did you get back?" Hinata could hear him sighing over the other side.

"I just got back last night. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, Haku-kun. Don't worry about me, I am really fine."

"So, why did you move out then?"

"Ho…how did you…know?" Hinata looked down. She could hear Haku sighed again.

"Tenten told me about it. You could've told me about it or at least tell anyone of us, your best buddies here where were you so that we don't have to worry our heads off. Neji almost beat the living hell out of me when he demanded to know where his 'beloved cousin' was. Everyone is terrified here," Haku paused. "And your cousin is one scary…..man."

Hinata froze, then her eyes softened.

"Nii-san?" Hinata softened when she heard her cousin. She dare not see or talk to her cousin since the ugly confrontation and her cousin must NEVER know. She knows to what extent Neji could inflict harm if he ever finds out. She shudder the fate of anyone who falls before the wrath of her cousin. Feeling a little stressed, Hinata took a seat on the sofa, putting a hand over her forehead.

"Yeah, well….Neji the Ass wasn't the only one who was pissed off mad," Haku said dryly. Hinata dreaded what he will say next. "Apparently the other bastard is also pissed mad. He's practically a walking time bomb and everyone is staying far…away from him. Even Tsunade-san."


"Hinata," Haku called her name softly. Hinata dreaded as to what Haku wanted to ask from her.

"You didn't tell him, didn't you?"


"Don't play innocent on this one, Hinata-chan. He deserves to know. He has the right to know."

"NO!! HE DOESN'T!!" Tenten was screaming from the background which Hinata could hear very well.

"YEAH!! THAT SON OF A BITCH DOESN'T DESERVE ANYTHING!!!" Ino was heard from the background as well.

"Hmmm….I guess you aren't alone on the other side huh?" Hinata asked, couldn't help grinning and at the same time tears falling.

Haku sighed. "Yeah, we all missed you, Hinata."

"I missed you guys too."

"You didn't answer my question, Hinata."

"What is there to answer, Haku-kun?? It's too late for that and my answer is 'no'. If he finds out where am I, I…I…I'll…just mo..move….a…away again and this time, I won't let anyone know."

"Alright Hinata. I understand."

"Thank you, Haku-kun. I really need to move on."

"HURRY UP HAKU!!" Tenten was practically screaming from behind.

Hinata giggled. Haku sighed and replied, "We know that, and you know that we'll always support you no matter what, right?"

Hinata smiled a little. "Thank you, Haku-kun. I appreciate that very much. But will you keep your promise not to tell him or anyone else? The three of you are enough to keep my secret."

There was a moment of silence. "I will, Hinata. Its…its…just that…we don't want you to get hurt or anything."

"Don't worry about me, Haku-kun. Just concentrate on your career, you're the best-looking top male model."

"Yeah, but I'll never better than him….right?"

Hinata's heart almost froze in a dead beat. Feeling extreme sorry for Haku, Hinata fought to answer the inevitable question. She knew Haku had feelings for her, from the first time he'd saw her in the bakery, and it was love at first sight for Haku. But unfortunately, her heart was already taken by someone else. Someone who doesn't even deserve it in the first place. A certain bastard who made the wrong decision in his stupid life. And that bastard was the first that broke her heart.

"What past is past, Haku-kun. I'm moving on now."

"Very well, the girls would like to talk to you now," Haku replied sadly. Knowing clearly that Hinata would not accept him more than their current friendship, but glad that she still trusted him.

After talking to Tenten and Ino on the phone with much tears shedding, Hinata hung up feeling delighted to have spoken to her bestfriends. She missed the times when they were together since college up until they started work several years ago. Now, at a ripe age of twenty-four and on the verge of motherhood, Hinata have never felt better.

Or was it even true that she had never felt better? Thinking about him, Hinata could not help the rain of tears falling down her cheeks, the blur covering her pale pearly orbs. Wiping her eyes dry, Hinata still felt the stabbing pain in her heart whenever she looked back into the past.

Two failed loves. One chose another destiny which broke her heart. The other picked up the broken pieces but only to break it again. Now, this time she would not let her heart break but moved on with her life.

Ever since moving into the new city, Hinata have felt a huge burden being lifted up off from her fragile shoulders. Continuing with her love for cooking and baking, Hinata finally succeeded in securing a job in a small bakery just down the street not far from her apartment. The couple that owns the place quickly accepted her, not out of charity since she was about two months into her term, but her impressive qualifications in pastries and baking.

Hinata still sat down on her sofa, gently stroking her belly tenderly, Hinata felt an overwhelming love for her unborn children lying beneath her beating heart. Twins. I'll be having twins. Hinata smiled, remembering what her doctor had told her that very morning.

Hinata knew. Knowing full well that she has to live on and move on…..for the sake of her children.

Meow. Chibinaru jumped up on the sofa and cuddled next to his mistress, Hinata gently stroke the fat feline as he curled and purred loudly.

Hinata felt content. But she can't help feeling a little troubled. Like something will happen.

- TBC -

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