A sudden banging and thumping in the break room broke the calm of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Catherine, Nick and Grissom cautiously poked their heads into the room to find Sara rummaging through the cabinets, obviously looking for something.

"Dammit! Where the Hell is he hiding it?" Sara growled, slamming a cabinet door as hard as she could.

The three CSIs glanced at each other for a long moment before Nick hazarded to voice the question going through everyone's mind, "Uhm, Sara, what're you looking for?"

"Greg's coffee!" Sara said, like any idiot could see what she was looking for, "Greg's on vacation for the next week and I refuse to drink that junk the county gives us so I'm trying to find that Blue Hawaiian stuff he drinks but he's hidden it somewhere."

Okay, that made sense, Greg's Blue Hawaiian coffee was the favorite of the graveshift and when Greg had been concerned about whether or not he'd be able to afford the expensive stuff once he moved out into the field, the entire shift had started a coffee fund to ensure that the delicious brew would stay in the lab, though Greg still hid it to ensure that dayshift wouldn't steal it. The problem was that if Greg wasn't in the office, no one knew where the coffee was and they often had to deal with county issued coffee that was barely drinkable.

"Sara, wouldn't it be easier to call Greg and ask him where he put the coffee instead of tearing the break room apart?" Catherine ventured as she looked at the agitated woman.

"I TRIED! But he isn't answering either of his phones or his pager. I even left a message for him swearing that it wasn't Grissom calling him in on his vacation but he still isn't answering." Sara turned back to the cabinets, mumbling "It's GOT to be in here somewhere."

By this time, Sofia had walked in to get some coffee. Her blue eyes widened at the sight before her. "Hey guys. What's going on?"

Catherine smiled at her friend, "Sara is trying to locate Greg's coffee since he's on vacation and isn't around to make it himself."

Sofia nodded, "Oh okay." Then she walked over to where Sara was rummaging through another cabinet, "Hang on a second, Sar." She grabbed a chair and set it under the over head cabinets before stepping up and reaching inside, after a few minutes she grinned, "Got it!" She pulled down a non descript container and set it down on the counter.

Everyone stared at her, "How'd you know where he'd hidden it?" Sara asked suspiciously.

Sofia shrugged, "Greg told me where it was." She began measuring out the coffee into the coffee maker.

Sara's eyes narrowed, "What do you mean he TOLD you." She couldn't believe Greg would share the location of his coffee with Sofia and not her. She'd known Greg a lot longer than Sofia and if Greg should be sharing that kind of information with anyone, it should be her.

Sofia shrugged, not wanting to start and argument with Sara about it, "I asked him before he went on vacation and he told me. You'd be amazed at how much Greg's willing to tell his girlfriend that he won't tell anyone else." With that, she walked away, leaving Catherine and Nick grinning at each other and Sara angry, hurt and wondering how she'd missed the fact that Greg had moved on.

The End