I Owe It All to My Girl's ExBoyfriend

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Sasuke was a tad surprised to wake up. However, he did so, with a fair amount of pain. His chest burned, but it was not the worst injury he had ever had. He had had worse, much worse. The stabbing had been bad, he was aware of that, but he could feel the traces of a very good healing. He sat up and looked around the room. It was not his own or even one in the hospital. No, this room was neat and organized, things simple but expensive. He looked around and then spotted a familiar form curled up in the chair next to him, sound asleep.

Sasuke reached out and gently shook Hinata's arm. She woke up slowly, big eyes blinking a few times before they focused in on Sasuke. Then, she smiled. "How do you feel?"

"I've felt worse." Sasuke's voice was gentle. He was not precisely smiling, but there was something lighter and happier about his face. He kept his hand on Hinata's arm, a gentle reassuring presence. He was trying to reassure himself that this was real. He was alive and she was here by his side, like she was always meant to be right there. Hinata covered his hand with her own after a moment.

"Have you? How bad is the pain? I can try and do something about it now…I didn't want to do anything more while you were asleep."

"It's manageable, Hinata."

"I don't want it to be manageable…I'd rather you not be in pain." Hinata squeezed his hand gently.

Sasuke gave her a look saying that it was all fine, so she sighed but nodded, letting him know she was conceding. He squeezed her arm lightly. "So, what happened? I don't remember anything after you started healing."

"Well, just as you did that, Tsunade and some of her ANBU came into the room. They'd found out about Neji's doppelganger and were following him. Us. So, they were the ones who took out my father's guards, hence why it was so easy to get in and all that. So, Tsunade heard everything my father said…so, she knows now that Neji was telling the truth that something seemed wrong with my father. Then, they searched the grounds and found the documents…the proof they needed. He was only going to be imprisoned, but…but he killed himself."


"No, no, it's fine. He…he chose his end. He went mad after my mother's death and I guess it all just…got to be too much for him. I really can't blame him. And I'm all cried out. I honestly am. But, I'm not okay. I will be. But not now."

Sasuke nodded, gently rubbing calming circles into her palm, his hand falling from her forearm to holding her hand. He was silent, letting her speak.

Hinata took a few moments to collect her thoughts and then she plowed on. "You've been unconscious for four days now. Most of this happened on the first day, actually. My father didn't let it go to trial…but he knew what to expect. So, he stopped the proceedings. What we've found out since…he did not want me to succeed him as heir. He wanted my little sister. Neji found out all this and tried to stop my father. Everything got out of hand…but it's all been sorted out."

"Has it?" Sasuke looked up at Hinata, inquisitively.

She looked at him for a moment and then shook her head, expression grim. "One last thing."

"And that is?"


Hinata leaned forward and kissed him. Sasuke was a little surprised, but he obligingly pulled her closer with a hand around the back of her neck, the other still holding onto hers. After a few moments or after an eternity, Hinata broke off the kiss. With a stern look to Sasuke, she scolded, "You do not take away my ability to make decision. You taught me that I have a voice and I should speak for myself. That I shouldn't let people make decisions for me. I'm capable of deciding whom I want to be with and so you ask me, you don't listen to my cousin! Do you understand?"

Sasuke smiled then. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. "I understand."

"Good." Hinata moved from the chair to the bed, tilting Sasuke's face up for another kiss.


The scandal took some time to sort out. However, in the end, the council decided that Hinata was to be named head of the Hyuuga household, as had been the plan. They all mourned Hiashi's death, but they kept their heads held high. Hinata managed to keep the house from falling to pieces, which was impressive to most, because most of Konoha wasn't too fond of the Hyuugas at the moment. She got the clan back into the good graces easily.

Sakura and Lee were married in spring and both were ridiculously happy with each other. No one had expected that, least of all Sakura herself, but once she let go of her old crush on Sasuke, she was able to really and truly appreciate just how spectacular Lee was. Lee, of course, loved her all the same and was just as devoted to her as he had been from day one.

Naruto eventually got over Hinata. It wasn't an easy thing to get over, because he had realized that he really had messed everything up. He had had a chance with a beautiful, wonderful, strong, intelligent woman and he had tossed it all away. He apologized countless times to her and she forgave him, but after so much, she could never be with him. So, he said he was better, he was over her and it and everything that had happened. However, there were moments when people could catch Naruto looking at Hinata almost longingly. But, that would pass after a few years.

Neji and Tenten finally decided to just get married. It had been too long in the works and Neji couldn't wait any longer. Tenten accepted happily.

After everything, Hinata and Sasuke had come to terms with their feelings towards each other. This time, after Hinata's little speech, Sasuke knew better than to let her slip through his grasp. He asked her to be his girlfriend, something she agreed with wholeheartedly.

Neither of them had been happier. After a year of dating, they were married in a quiet ceremony with friends and that was perfect for them, because they were in love.

And it was all thanks to Naruto breaking Hinata's heart.

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for

He had the world but he thought that he wanted more

I owe it all to the mistake he made back then

I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

If it wasn't for him

I would still be searching

If it wasn't for him

I wouldn't know my best friend

If it wasn't for him

He would be able to see

If it wasn't for him

He would be as happy as me

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