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Luna whispers words in Hermione's ear and she does not question them. Like any other gentle touch from her friend, they promised only good, only pleasure.

"Be at the room tonight."

Fleur looked at the little blonde girl curiously, not sure she could trust the pure colors of orange that lingered around her, seemingly unprovoked. "Come with me." She never quite new the moon girl, but she new this sort of warmth of spirit and it reassured her.

The halls and the doors they past were as they had been, that once before, but this was new, this traveling in the dark, in secret, going places Fleur was not sure she was ever meant to go.

The room the moon girl took her to was warm, with mahogany walls and a soft, thick carpet that her stockinged feet sank into happily. There was a small fireplace there, a sofa in front of it that looked comfortable and welcoming. She waited here when the moon girl left, her eyes slowly drifting to sleep in that all too comfortable seat. It was so easy to trust the moon girl, so easy to just let herself be guided wherever this might lead.

Hermione found her way into the room, noting the comfortable sofa she had not seen before and the blonde head that she could see on it's arm, how the bed was hidden away in a corner, draped freely with a soft brown curtain. A new game, for sure, she snuck up on the sofa and kissed the girl who always gave her so much without expecting anything in return.

She was soft, warm, a blanket in winter or the sweet taste of chocolate for pain. Her kiss was a question to which she knew the answer, that it would always be yes but asked every time, just the same.

At some point, they realized they were not kissing who they had assumed, but pride and trust lead them forward to places they would not have otherwise gone.

At some point, they realized who they were loving, that they were dreaming a familiar and similar dream, one they, for a moment, had to ask.

"'Ermione…?" "Fleur…?"


When they slept, it was Luna's turn to watch in silence over the one she loved, braiding their strands of blonde and brown together as a remembering gift for when they woke.

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