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1. Lightning.
L had decided long ago that Kira was like lightning. He struck quickly and without warning, and he never needed to hit the same target twice. He was impossible to predict, but possible to direct to specific targets, always with the hopes of discovering Kira's identity in the process. He used criminals as a lightning rod to divert power into the investigation. And just as Benjamin Franklin had discovered electricity, L was sure that he would discover the identity of Kira.

And L was certain he already had.

Yagami Raito was too clever by far, too amazingly deductive, too conspicuously innocent when any investigation of him began. He was methodical in his judgment, like storm clouds roaming steadily over the horizon, but quick to act and speak, like stray sparks jumping from cloud to cloud. And he snapped with a jolt of condensed static when pressured. Their electrifying tennis match had proven that much. Raito was lightning too, and that was why Ryuuzaki knew he was Kira. Certainly, the exact percent was only 6.4, but though it sounded like an excuse, a cliché, L knew in his heart with 100 percent certainty that Raito and Kira were one and the same.

L hated to rely on instinct. He preferred factual evidence, reasonable deductions and solid conclusions. Kira had given him none of those, forcing him to depend on upon intuition. His intuition had never failed him before, so there was only a 2.7 percent chance that he was wrong. And he knew he wasn't.

His apprehension of the Kira-lightning had been detracted by the thunder. The news was full of stories of the day's murders. Kira was everyone's favorite topic of conversation. The Internet was covered with websites dedicated to his "legend," referring to him as a god, a shinigami, an angel sent to punish transgressors for their sins. Every day at the task force office, at least 28 people reported that Kira was someone that they knew, and 15 more declared that they themselves were Kira. Still others phoned in with wild theories, mostly supernatural in nature. One hysterical housewife in Osaka, for instance, had been completely convinced that Kira was a little green man from Mars, and that the deaths of criminals were only a warning that he was coming to abduct her. It had taken Ukita, Aizawa, and Matsuda working together over the duration of two hours to convince her that this was not the case and perhaps she ought to consult a psychologist at her earliest convenience. The low grumbling and muttering that followed every Kira-strike was a ceaseless thundering to L's sensitive ears, a deafening, ever-present roar that nearly eliminated the silent flash of light that marked Kira's trail.

Kira-Raito used the thunder to his own advantage. He hid amongst the crowds, covering his young face with a mask that embodied the fear the criminals of the world held for him. At home, Raito wore a mask as well. However, this was one of duty and loyalty, devotion to his family and his studies. But when Ryuuzaki observed the face of the boy absorbed in his studies, he noted the firm brows, the set chin, the almost fanatically fierce glint to the eyes. Raito was devoted to studying and gaining knowledge in the way that Kira was dedicated to destroying criminals and filling the world with light, as he so ironically put it. In the blink of an eye, the lightning had flashed and the mask had vanished, revealing what L knew to be the reality.

Filling the world with light… a lightning bolt did fill the skies with a piercing glow, but that light was fleeting, a fraction of a fraction of a second long. Kira would be caught, and the world would return to normal. Soon Kira would be forgotten, and the world's attention would turn to other matters. Kira would die. Hopefully, his corrupted ideals would die with him.

It was hard to admit it even to himself, but L didn't want to kill Kira… Raito. He enjoyed their little game, enjoyed the challenge, the bleak failure and hopelessness he experienced when Kira raced ahead, the sweet triumph when he was in the lead. It had been so long since he had ever been at a loss for anything, and it was almost a relief to be able to try new tactics, to display weakness, to feel defeat when Kira trumped him. There is nothing like constant success to create boredom, and if one is to be challenged, to maintain interest in his game, he must lose a battle here and there. After all, L knew that he would win the war in the end. It was a shame that Kira thought that he would.

Ryuuzaki didn't want to kill Raito. Kira wanted to kill L with every fiber of his being. He knew that he was a target, like the tallest tree on the highest hill. It almost seemed inevitable that he would die, just one more victim of the horrendous storm. And then Kira would have won. L was the last line of defense protecting the world from Kira's ravages. Without him to deter the lightning, each successive city struck would catch fire and burn to ash, and soon, only Kira and the small band he deemed "righteous" would be left. L could never exist within Kira's world, and so Ryuuzaki thought that he might die. Oh, but he would win. Even in death, he would win.

"I'll win," Ryuuga said, surprising the boy walking beside him.

"Ryuuga, what are you…? Does this… have something to do with me being Kira?" Raito asked suspiciously.

"You know, Yagami-kun, your last name should be 'Ningu' instead of 'Yagami,'" Ryuuga told him, deciding to change the subject.

"… 'Ningu Raito?' Or… 'Raito Ningu'…?" Raito puzzled over this for a second. "Are you trying to say that I'm like lightning?"

"Hai. Kira is like lightning as well, and you are Kira. Even so…" L paused dramatically before smiling and wrapping an arm around Raito, "Even though you are mass murderer lightning-Kira, and even though I think you probably want to kill me (it's at least a 73 percent chance), I'm glad that you are my friend."

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