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15. A Little R'n'R.
"Aren't humans such fun?"

"I don't see anything funny about the situation."

"Oh, right, I forgot how much you loooove humans."

"I do not love humans. If I did, how could I be a Shinigami?"

"Well, that girl at least."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Humans are dirty, polluted creatures."

"Oh, yeah, especially Light. But not your sweet, innocent Misa, right?"

"She is corrupted now as well, thanks to your boy."

"Mine…? Heheh… Light's not mine. He's in control. The only thing I can use him for is entertainment. Still, you wouldn't think of using your girl at all, would you?"


"And just why is that? They are inferior, after all. Or do you love her so much that you see her as an equal?"

"There cannot be love without equality."

"What about that sick, twisted kind of love that seems to feature in those shows your girl watches all the time? Those 'soap' things?"

"That is not true love. What would you know of love, anyway?"

"Love is stupid. Only weaklings fall prey to it, and that makes you weak."

"You don't choose to fall in love. And sometimes, it makes you stronger."

"Yeah, maybe for a couple humans. Shinigami aren't supposed to fall in love at all. You're breaking the rules."

"You break the rules all the time."

"Never rules that'll get me killed. And you are going to die, Rem."

"It may be that you are the one who will die."

"I highly doubt that. I'm not stupid enough to fall in love with anything or break any rule that'll get me killed."

"What if you had no choice?"

"What possible leverage could anyone ever have over me? I may not know as much as you, but I don't have your same flaws. Isn't that really all that matters? One of us is going to die."

"The humans have a saying, you know. They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

"I have a saying, too. It goes, 'Better to be alive than dead.'"

"Then it appears we have nothing left to say to each other."

"Appears we don't."

"Goodbye, Ryuk."

"Goodbye, Rem."

When Light informed him that Rem was dead, he had laughed. It served her right for falling in love with a human. Still, he couldn't really complain. It meant that Light would continue to entertain him, as he wouldn't have been able to if caught.

In the end, he would be the only one left laughing. Ryuk never developed feelings for anything. Love was stupid.

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