A/N My first one shot I had this idea and it would not leave me alone. I think it should turn out rather cute. Staring Yachiru and Ken-chan

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Yachiru actually had an impeccable sense of direction, She could also sense reitsu better than almost anyone in Soul Society. yet she enjoyed running around with Ken-chan she would often give him the wrong directions on purpose. This was not to say that the little pink haired girl was a liar. "Lieing is a form of weakness, and if I ever find out one of you slackers had lied to me then I'll kill you, then have you transferred to the 4th squad to clean the sewers" she had heard her Ken-chan say the first time he addressed his newly won 11th division. Yachiru had an impeccable sense of direction, so when her Ken-chan would go running off to battle and Yachiru sensed that the opponent wasn't as strong as her favorite person in the world she'd have him take wrong turns, go into dead ends and some times run in the complete opposite direction of the opponent. She was doing all of this in an effort to slightly tire the hulking man a bit, also it was fun.

Yachiru was pretty sure Ken-chan was well aware of her game, honestly he played along, although Ken-chan might not be the best at sensing reitsu, well actually he was probably the worst at it in all of soul society, he could still kinda sense it so he knew the general direction to go, and if he REALLY wanted to get to the fight he could simply take to the rooftops, after all there were no dead ends on rooftops. Yachiru was fairly certain that her Ken-chan knew what she was doing, however in the event that he didn't know she didn't want to lie to him, so when he'd peer over his shoulder while running through the streets towards a battle and ask what direction to go, she'd point the wrong way and if he asked if she were sure she'd simply press her finger to her mouth and say "probably" which after all wasn't a lie, everything was probable after all, likely no, but it wasn't a lie either, after all she didn't want to clean sewers for the rest of her life