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Six o'clock. No way any of the other guys are up yet. Trowa thought as he stared blankly at the clock like he had been doing for a few minutes. Might as well get up. He thought as he did so. It didn't take him long to decide what he was going to do; the gym sounded promising this morning. There should be a gym nearby. Trowa thought as he made his way down to the concierge desk.

A bagel, two pieces of bacon and a coffee later, he found himself walking toward the gym which was a convenient three blocks away.

He honestly didn't think he would be sharing the gym with anyone this morning so he was a bit shocked to see a girl doing a routine on the balance beam. Nice form.

Trowa was not only impressed by the girl's skill but also her figure. She was in perfect shape he was almost positive she looked familiar but he thought nothing of it. He continued watching her from a distance then once she had stuck her landing he walked up and started clapping casually. This girl is great, maybe I should ask her out… Trowa's thoughts were shattered by the realization that this girl was none other than Michelle.

"Hey Trowa," Michelle said cheerfully.

"Hey," Trowa said a bit awkwardly.

"You're a gymnast?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, acrobatics mainly," Trowa said, "Quatre failed to mention that you were a gymnast."

Michelle laughed a bit. "That's because I didn't tell him, I just figured it wasn't all that important," Michelle said as she sat on the balance beam.

"That was an amazing routine, very impressive," Trowa replied.

"Routine? No that was just a warm up, of course my routine would probably be no problem for you. What with all the acrobatics," Michelle taunted with a smirk.

"Is that a challenge?" Trowa asked; rarely displayed amusement playing across his face.

"It might be, think you can handle it?" Michelle asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Trowa countered.

"Bring it," Michelle said as she readied herself on the balance beam, "I'll do a trick then you have to copy it, if you lose you get a letter, we'll play to HORSE, okay?"

"Fine by me," Trowa replied as he watched Michelle do a round-off back handspring back tuck. "Beat that," Michelle said as she jumped off the beam.

It was then that Trowa noticed a bandage surrounded by a large bruise on her right side, showing that she had indeed been hurt in the fight the night before. "Simple," Trowa replied as he mimicked her with ease, "Now try this." Trowa did three consecutive back handsprings then landed on his hands without flinching at the impact.

"Whatever you say," Michelle said as she too mimicked him with ease. "My turn again," Michelle said as she did two handsprings a round-off and then landed in the splits, "Going to take the risk?" Trowa cringed as he imagined the possible results off attempting the splits.

"I think I'll just take a letter," he said with a sigh.

"That's what I thought," Michelle replied smugly.

"Now it's my turn," Trowa said with a rarely seen smirk. Trowa climbed onto the balance beam and preformed two back tucks, a front handspring and then flipped twice off the edge of the balance beam and landed perfectly on his feet.

"Okay," Michelle said nervously, "I don't think I can handle that."

Their equality in skill was amazing; of course Trowa was at a disadvantage being male and all but Michelle lacked his precision in dismounting. So they both exploited each other's weaknesses until finally they both had HORS and it was Trowa's turn.

Trowa did yet another fancy dismount and Michelle wasn't quite sure if she could match it perfectly but she wasn't about to lose especially when the loser had to buy lunch. "Going to take the letter?" Trowa asked tauntingly.

"Nope' I'm going to try this one," Michelle answered then she preformed the entire stunt perfectly right up until the dismount where she fumbled a bit and hit her back against the balance beam leaving her laying on the floor.

"Michelle!" Trowa exclaimed as he rushed over only to find that she had been knocked unconscious at impact. "Quatre isn't going to be pleased," Trowa said as he reached into Michelle's bag and pulled out her cell phone and called Heero.

"Yuy," Heero answered stiffly.

"Heero this is Trowa; is everyone up yet?" Trowa asked.

"Yes," Heero answered.

"You need to get down to the gym immediately," Trowa said.

"What happened?" Heero asked.

"I'll explain when you get here just hurry," Trowa said then he hung up.

"What was that about?" Wu Fei asked.

"Trowa just said to get down to the gym immediately; he sounded distressed," Heero answered as he grabbed the keys to the car.

"Trowa? Distressed?" Duo asked, "We better get down there fast."

When the pilots arrived they expected that Trowa had hurt himself although they were pretty perplexed as to how an acrobatics expert hurt himself doing simple morning exercise. They instead saw Michelle barely waking on the bleachers with Trowa handing her a water bottle. Quatre nearly had a heart attack; he quickly ran over and started drilling Trowa with questions.

"How did this happen?" Quatre asked in panic.

"Balance beam accident," Trowa answered.

"What caused the accident?" Quatre asked.

"She tried to stick a dismount that was too complicated," Trowa explained.

"You would think she would know her own limitations," Quatre said with a sigh.

"She knew she couldn't do it but she tried anyway," Trowa interjected.

"Why would she do that?" Quatre asked in frustration.

"Well we were playing HORSE," Trowa attempted to explain. Quatre simply sputtered indignantly. "Quatre, it sounds worse than it was; she just took a bad spill, she'll be fine," Trowa explained.

"She could have really gotten hurt and what is that bandage for?" Quatre asked then he turned to Michelle who was now sitting up, "What is that bandage for?"

"I didn't get it falling off the balance beam; I actually got it last night," Michelle answered the last part a bit softer.

"You were hurt! Why didn't you tell me?" Quatre asked as he sat down next to her.

"Quat you're yelling," Michelle said softly, "I didn't want you to worry, there was nothing we could do so you know I didn't want you to worry... I know how much you tend to worry."

"Yes but you should have told me none the less," Quatre answered.

Trowa found this exceedingly amusing and somewhat sweet. Quatre had known this girl for less than a week and yet she made up most of his life. He was so concerned about a girl he had known for five days. Of course he had spent every possible second with her since he met her. Trowa was sure this was the girl for Quatre but then again she did seem to be a bit off, like she knew a little more than she should. Trowa's thoughts were interrupted by Quatre suddenly addressing him.

"Why did you let her keep going after you noticed the bandage?" Quatre asked accusingly.

"I just figured that if it was giving her trouble she would stop," Trowa replied.

"But she was injured and you know how she is! She wouldn't admit to being in pain!" Quatre replied harshly.

"I'm sitting right here," Michelle mentioned quietly.

"This was not my fault Quatre," Trowa answered stoically.

"It wasn't his fault Quatre, believe me," Michelle said in Trowa's defense, "Don't blame your best friend for this."

"I suppose I was bit harsh," Quatre admitted.

"See now was that so hard?" Michelle said cheerfully, "I'm not hurt so just chill."

"I know, I know..." Quatre replied.

"So... I'm hungry," Duo blurted out.

"You're always hungry Duo," Michelle pointed out, "But you've got a point, I'm starved!"



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