All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

It had been several weeks since the incident in Canada. Edward was twice as protective of me now. He hardly ever left my side, not that I'm complaining. I was becoming better at controlling my vampire tendencies under Edward's tutelage. I could now blend in among humans as well as the rest of the Cullen's did. The only thing holding me back was my thirst. I was still having a hard time controlling my hunger for human blood.

Being back with the Cullen's was like being in heaven. They were my home. I never imagined I could feel so loved. They were my family just as much as my human parents had been. I had put them through so much and still they accepted me and loved me as one of their own.

Because of my lack of control over my thirst I was still house bound. I really didn't mind. Edward always found a way to make each and everyday interesting and fun. Today Edward had decided that we were going to go back to the meadow. It was supposed to be partly sunny out today, and he was determined to keep his promise to take me back.

The run through the forests was invigorating. I couldn't seem to run fast enough. I wanted to be there already, to feel the sun on my skin with Edward by my side. As soon as I saw the brightness through the trees I smiled hugely. I was almost there. As I broke through the trees, and into the perfectly round meadow, I couldn't help but freeze with awe. It was exactly as I remembered. The scents, and sounds were just as amazing and they assaulted my senses.

I closed my eyes taking in everything, just as I felt two strong arms encircle my waist. I smiled at his touch as I inhaled deeply. I felt him lower his head and rest it in the nook of my neck as he kissed me lightly. I slowly turned to face Edward and was struck by his beauty as he sparkled in the sun. How did I ever get so lucky, I thought to my self as I stared into his beautiful topaz eyes.

"What are you thinking?" He whispered.

I sighed lightly, "Just about how lucky I am and how beautiful you are."

"I think you have it wrong. You are the beautiful one." He replied winking at me. I softly laughed shaking my head as I sank to the ground. Edward followed me to the soft earth below and pulled me close to his side. We said nothing for a long time and just held each other as we basked in the sun. My mind started to wonder about what the future might hold for us. How long would we stay in Forks? Where would we go? What about Victoria?

I had already resigned myself to the idea that I had no other family outside of the Cullen's. It was hard to accept but it was for the best. If I ever were to hurt Charlie or Renee I could never forgive myself. It was easier to simply stay away forever, to keep them safe. I could make that sacrifice. Not a day went by where I didn't worry about Victoria. I could only imagine what she was thinking and feeling. James had been her mate, and we had taken him from her. I shuddered to think of what my life would be like if Edward ceased to exist. The thought was simply too painful. I knew she would want revenge; it was only a matter of time. My brow furrowed at the thought of yet another confrontation. Edward noticed.

"What's wrong Bella? What are you thinking about so hard?" His voice was soft and sounded concerned.

"Oh nothing important." He hated it when I focused too much on Victoria. He was always trying to protect me. It was nice in some ways, but infuriating in others. He always tried to keep things from me, and it made me feel like I was a child not his equal.

"Bella." He said firmly.

I sighed, "I was just thinking about the future." I confessed.

He frowned understanding what I meant, "Bella don't worry. I will always keep you safe."

"I know. I just…" I trailed off looking away into the forests. I didn't want to lose him ever. What if Victoria came back and hurt him, or any of the Cullen's? I loved them all too much to see them get hurt in anyway.

"You just what?" Edward asked softly.

"I just don't want to lose you." I whispered turning back to look at his face.

"I'm not going anywhere. I have waited over 100 years for you Bella. Trust me, it will take more than one vampire to take me away from you." I nodded in reply still worried and concerned.

Edward could tell I was still alarmed and he shook his head slowly back and forth before leaning down and gently brushing his lips to mine, "Oh Bella what am I going to do with you?"

"Love me?" I answered back with a coy smile.

"Always." He said earnestly and leaned in to kiss me again.

We held each other close until the sun started to set. Reluctantly we got up and started back to the car. As we drove up to the house I glanced over at Edward and saw him stiffen slightly. I instantly became alert searching for the cause, as I stared at Edward waiting for an explanation. I watched as he slowly relaxed and turned to me.

"Edward what is it?"

"Nothing," He said trying to soothe me. I knew he was lying and growled softly in frustration.

"Just tell me." I said a little more forcefully than I planned.

He sighed, "It's nothing to worry about. Carlisle just needs to talk to me." I scowled at him knowing he was holding something back, but decided not to push the matter any further.

As soon as we parked the car, and got inside, Edward headed for Carlisle's office where I am sure he was waiting. I went to my room to wait for Edward. Something was going on and I was determined to find out what it was. He couldn't keep things from me like this. I deserved to know. I paced my room silently straining to hear anything no matter how small that they may be discussing. They were talking too fast for me to catch anything. In irritation I threw myself on my bed to wait.

Edward came to my room after a while and I sat up in anticipation for him to explain. He came over to the bed and lay down next to me. He said nothing for a long time and I started to grit my teeth and glare at him losing my patience. He chuckled softly at my expression running a hand through his hair. This only proved to annoy me furthur and I crossed my arms across my chest.

He took a deep breath, "I need to go with Carlisle for a few days."

"Where are you going?" I asked annoyed with his vagueness.

"There is just some business we need to take care of." He hedged.

I raised my eyebrows at him, "Business?"

"Yes." He said simply pursing his lips. It was clear he was not going to elaborate. I could feel my anger rising.

"Edward…" I began hotly but he cut me off taking my face in his hands roughly and kissing me fiercely. I was so surprised by the embrace that I momentarily forgot my anger and wrapped my arms around his neck losing myself in the kiss. As he pulled away I could feel the surprise on my face and watched as Edward smiled hugely.

"I have to go now. I will see you in a few days." He stated as he swiftly got up from my bed and left my room. I hated when he did that. He was such a cheater. No matter I would find out what he was up to when he got back. In the mean time there were other members of the family I could question and get information from. I took comfort in that fact as I lay back down on my bed missing Edward already.