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Deep in space, on the border of Bajoran space, the Vulcan vessel Lenirok was conducting a scientific survey of a micro black hold that had been discovered two days before by a Bolivian cargo ship.

Inside, Captain Jenok was finishing his log, when his science officer called him to the bridge. He got up without a word and walked out of his ready room and onto the bridge. "Yes, Nerras?"

The youngest member of his crew looked up. She was only 29... exceptionally young for a Vulcan, but absolutely brilliant in the scientific field. "Sir, sensors have picked up a small cylindrical vessel 2000 kilometers off starboard."

He elevated an eyebrow. "On screen."

Appearing on screen was a small vessel... more like a large container, actually, that appeared to be at drift. Upon scanning the vessel further, they discovered it was made of a simple alloy of steel and iron... light but durable. The mild radiation given off by the micro black hole was interferring with their sensors, so they had the vessel put on a tractor beam and brought into the cargo bay. He instructed his security chief, science officer and the ships doctor to meet him there.

Once they were all around the vessel, which was now obviously some sort of storage device... and a rather primitive one at that, they saw the writing on the side. It was faded with age but still recognizable.

Nerras scanned it with her tricorder. "The writing is Human, sir. It says The United States of America's NASA Cryogenics Project A-242."

Jenok rose an eyebrow once more. "NASA? If I recall correctly, that organization has been out of commission for over 300 years. It was replaced with Starfleet twenty years after Earth made first contact."

Nerras continued her scan. "I am not picking up any unknown pathogens or viruses. I am, however, picking up on a low energy signature. By my estimates, it will cease to function by tomorrow."

They circled the vessel slowly, found the door, and pried it open easily.

Skurik, the chief of security, stepped in first, examining his surroundings carefully. The vessel was most certainly old... so old he found the chances of it still being operational infinitesimal.

The Science officer was scanning some of the controls. "Sir, there are numerous files stored in the system's computer. They appear to be intact."

"Download them," Jenok said immediately. "The Humans will be most pleased to learn of this discovery."

The Doctor, a middle aged Vulcan named Sturan, spoke up, standing by a door at the far end of the corridor. "Captain, I have no explanation as of yet, but I believe I am picking up a life form."

They joined him immediately and pried this door open as well, stepping into a small room with a single cylindrical device, about seven feet long, lying in the middle of the room. The cover seemed to be made of glass. They wiped it clean at what appeared to be the top end and stared in collective shock.

A young woman, perfectly preserved, lay inside the cylinder. Jenok estimated her age to be around 20 human years. She had short brown hair, a heart shaped face, and no clothing.

The captain activated his comm device. "Jenok to the bridge. Set a course for Deep Space Nine."


Twelve hours later, Captain Sisko, Constable Odo, Jadzia Dax, Captain Jenok, and Doctor Julian Bashir were looking down at the now thawed and sleeping girl.

Odo cleared his throat. "I looked over the files that were downloaded off the vessel. Her name was Chantelle Greer and she was placed in cryogenic stasis on November 6, 2004..."

Sisko looked at him in surprise. "2004? That's over 350 years ago!"

Bashir looked up. "375 years, 6 months, and four days to be precise."

"How could she have survived all that time?" Captain Jenok asked. "The probability of such an event occurring are infinitesimal."

Dax shrugged. "Well, from what the Chief can tell so far, she almost didn't. The cryogenics chamber was almost completely drained of power. I'd say she lucked out."

Odo cleared his throat and continued. "She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was eight years old. She went into a coma and 'died' when she was 21 years old. She was signed up for the cryogenics program by her parents."

Bashir looked up. "In her time, leukemia was an incredibly difficult illness to treat, and impossible to cure. I don't care to think of the kind of treatments she was forced to undergo in her century. Radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal supplements..." He shuddered. "However, the disease is minor by todays standards and she is now free of it entirely. All we have to do is revive her."

Sisko held up hand up. "Wait a few minutes on that one. Keep in mind that this girl is from over fifty years before first contact... a time when man's journey into space was limited to a select few and was limited to the moon. This is not going to be an easy change for her to accept. I suggest we introduce her to some of those aspects gradually... and we'll have to tell her right off just how much time has passed since she was cryogenically preserved, which will be hard enough for her to handle." He turned to Jenok. "Do you suppose you could wait in the other room, Captain?"

The Vulcan inclined his head slightly and stepped out of the room, standing just outside the door, out of sight.

Odo inclined his head. "Am I correct in assuming that you want me to change form?"

Sisko smiled. "It would be a good idea, under the circumstances."

Odo nodded and liquified, changing himself into a plant pot in the corner of the room.

Dax looked at him. "Should I leave, Benjamin?"

He shook his head. "You look human, except for those spots, and I don't think she'll think much of them."

Bashir took a hypo spray out and raised his eyebrows questioningly at Captain Sisko. The man took in a deep breath and nodded.

Julian put the hypo spray up to her neck and her eyes flicked and opened a moment later. There was at first confusion in those eyes, and then, as she viewed the three faces looking down at her, her eyes widened slightly in surprise.

Sisko smiled at her. "Good morning. I am Captain Benjamin Sisko. This is Doctor Julian Bashir, and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax."

She blinked in surprise. "You mean... it actually WORKED? The cryogenic stasis worked? I'm alive?"

Bashir smiled. "Alive and cancer free. How do you feel?"

She smiled a little. "I've got a little headache, but other than that I can't remember when I've felt better." She sat up, taking in her surroundings. "So, are my parents around? Do they know I've been revived?"

The three of them stiffened slightly, but the girl picked up on it in an instant.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

Sisko took in a deep breath. "Chantelle... there are a few things we have to tell you. It will be difficult for you to hear, but I want you to know that we are all here for you."

She looked from one face to the other, feeling her stomach twist warningly. "What is it?"

Sisko took in another deep breath. "Miss Greer... 375 years have passed since you were placed in cryogenic stasis and shot into space.

She stood there a few long seconds, stunned, hardly able to believe what she had just heard. "What?"

"I'm sorry. Almost all records of you were lost over time, mostly during the Third World War, and a cure for your illness wasn't found until 26 years after that."

She stood there a few second longer, images of her family and friends flashing through her mind. Then a long wailing cry escaped her lips and she almost fell off the bio bed, Bashir and Sisko catching her just in time. She clung to the Doctor and started sobbing uncontrollably for long moments. He rocked and hushed her gently, while Dax and Sisko watched feeling helpless for the moment. Jenok listened from where he stood, waiting patiently for her to calm down and picking up the conversation in interest. Odo could only remain where he was for the moment, not daring to try taking on his humanoid form, knowing it would only make things worse than they were now. Besides, he was no good at comforting distraught women in any event.

"So... they're all dead then. My family and friends are all dead," she said quietly, shoulders still letting out a shake once in a while.

Sisko sighed. "I'm afraid that's not all... although the rest of what I have to tell you is not bad news."

She looked up at him, taking a shaky breath to steady herself. "What else is there?"

He smiled. "In the last 375 years, Humans have made incredible progress in space travel. We made first contact with an alien species only fifty years after you were cryogenically frozen. Since then we have discovered many, many more different alien species and we live amongst most of them peacefully. We explore space as the Europeans once explored America, seeking out new life and civilizations. As a matter of fact, right now we are on a space station orbiting a planet 32 light years from Earth known as Bajor."

The woman with the markings smiled at her. "I'm one of those aliens. My people are known as the Trill. Benjamin thought I looked human enough not to alarm you."

Chantelle looked at her for a long moment. "So... those aren't tattoos?"

She smiled and shook her head. "Nope. All Trill have these markings."

Sisko smiled at her. "Some definitely look different from humans, although they share the same characteristics as us... two arms, two legs, and similar vital organs. You were found by a group of Vulcans, for instance. They do not look much different from humans, but their ideals, physical abilities, and aging factor are much different from our own. Captain Jenok?"

She looked to see a tall, dark haired man with slanted brows and pointed ears in an alien uniform step out of the neighboring room. His face was expressionless, but he nodded his head to her respectfully.

"This is Captain Jenok. His ship came across your cryogenics chamber while they were doing a scientific survey on a spacial phenomenon not far from here."

She bowed her head to him slightly. "Thank you, Captain."

He nodded once more and then turned to Sisko. "Forgive me, Captain, but my crew and I should return to our post and continue our research before the black hole destabalizes and collapses."

Sisko nodded. "Of course. On behalf of Starfleet, I would like to thank you for rescuing her."

He nodded once more. "It was the logical course of action, Captain. Live long and prosper." He lifted his hand in the traditional Vulcan salute and left the sick bay without another word.

The Captain looked at Chantelle who was staring at the spot where the Vulcan had stood a moment before, total awe on her face.

He smiled at her once more. "There are also beings that have no resemblance to humans at all... who hold a form that we can only scarcely imagine. This may come as a shock to you, but he won't hurt you. Odo?"

Her eyes almost bugged out of her head when she saw the plant pot in the corner of the room liquify and change into a humanoid form.

"Whoa..." she said in total shock, words escaping her completely.

"This is our Chief of Security, Odo. His people are shapeshifters."

He inclined his head. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Chantelle's head was reeling. She was just thankful that her family and friends had been pushed to the back of her mind for the moment. "Um... hello. It's a pleasure to meet you too, Odo."

Sisko smiled at her. "If you are comfortable with the idea, Odo will bring you on a tour of the station after the doctor has given you a last checkup. Then he will assign you some quarters until you decide what you want to do."

She nodded a little dumbly. "Sure. That's cool... um... I don't suppose people smoke in this century, do they? 'Cause I'd kill for a cigarette right now..."

Sisko laughed while Bashir frowned slightly, but did not comment. "Smoking among humans is almost non existent, but I'm sure we could replicate a pack of cigarettes for you."

She blinked. "Rep... li... cate?"

Dax smiled. "You'll see."

Bashir brought out a hand held device that reminded Chantelle of the electronic oraganizers she'd seen business people with, only it was fatter and made little humming noises.

"Well, you seem to be in perfect health, except for a high amount of pheremones, which is perfectly natural considering what you've been through." He snapped the device closed and smiled at her. "I give you a clean bill of health."

Chantelle smiled at him. "I can't remember the last time someone told me that. Thank you, Doctor."

Odo looked at her. "Well, let's go then. You have a lot to see and a lot to..."

Suddenly the doors opened and Chantelle's eyes bugged out of her head once more as two creatures with round bald heads, sharp teeth, and the largest ears she had ever seen came into the room, one holding his left ear in pain. "Doctor!! Help me!!"

The other one was studdering and hovering at his companions elbow. "Forgive me, brother!! I didn't mean to..."

They both stopped short, spying Chantelle who was sitting on the bed, staring at them wide eyed.

The one with the hurt ear frowned at her. "What are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen a Ferengi before?!"

She blinked a few times and tried to think of a response, but Sisko beat her to it. "As a matter of fact, Quark, she hasn't. This is Chantelle Greer and she is from the very early twenty first century. This is her first contact with Ferengi."

She had her hands clasped tightly together on her lap. "Wow... I have an almost overwhelming urge to touch those ears..."

Quark and Rom's eyes widened and they both approached her, Quark smiling widely now. "I like curious women. You can go ahead and touch them if you want..."

Odo yanked them both back. "I recommend you don't, Miss Greer. Ferengi ears are erogenous zones. Touching them is like touching a human males..."

Quark quailed. "Oh, come on, Odo! If she's curious, let her! Why not? Besides, the way my ears are feeling, they could use a good lobe rub!"

Bashir grabbed him and dragged him aside. "If your ears are in that much pain, I'm sure I would be more beneficial to you."

Odo shook his head at Quarks protests in disgust and signaled for Chantelle to follow him. She heard Quark yelling after her out the door. "I'm the owner of the bar on the Promenade! Drop in anytime! I'll give you a free drink and you can explore my lobes all you..." His voice vanished as the doors swooshed shut behind them.

The Constable shook his head in disgust once more. "Disgusting little worm!"

Chantelle blinked, staring at the now closed doors. "They kinda remind me of the troll dolls I used to play with when I was a little kid... only they're bald..."

Odo snorted. "Let's just get the tour underway, shall we?"

She nodded. "Sure. Sounds good."

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