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Dax blinked as the computer informed her of a strange energy reading in the Habitat Ring. "Benjamin, there's some strange energy discharge that showed up in the habitat ringh. It showed up for a few seconds, and then vanished."

Sisko went up to her console and had a look for himself. "A weapon discharge?"

She shook her head. "I don't think so. If it was, it was from no weapon that I've ever heard of." Then she stiffened as she got a reading of the exact location. "Oh my God! Benjamin! I happened right outside of Chantelle's quarters!!"

Odo tapped his comm badge before the Captain could. "Odo to Lieutenant Zepak!... Lieutenant Zepak, come in!... Odo to Ensign Boyd! Ensign Boyd, are you there?!"

Sisko tapped his comm badge. "Sisko to Bashir! Report to Chantelle's quarters immediately! We may have a medical emergency!" He looked at the Constable. "Go there and find out what's going on!"

He nodded immediately, tapping his comm badge and calling for some of the Starfleet security officers to meet with him.

Dax's brow furrowed. "There was another discharge, Ben! It was in turbo lift B."

Sisko frowned. "Computer, who is in Turbo lift B?"

"Ensign Craig Moor, and Chantelle Greer."

O'Brien looked up in surprise. "Chantelle Greer? What the hell?"

Sisko tapped his comm badge. "Captain Sisko to Chantelle! What is going on?!"

The voice that came back, although it sounded like Chantelle, had a tone to it that told them that something was most definitely not right. "Why, if it isn't the Emissary of the Prophets! Benjamin, how are you? I'm afraid my daughter is otherwise indisposed at the moment, so you will simply have to contend with me."

"Daughter...?" Then he frowned deeply. "Let her go right NOW, Mr. Greer!"

"Captain, don't tell me you think this is an unconsentual union? My daughter gave me her full permission to do this, otherwise I never would have done it. Oh, just a second, please." An instant later, they heard someone crying out in the background, followed by silence once more. "It's a good thing there aren't many people wandering about this time of night..."

Sisko was seething. "Don't you DARE hurt anyone!!"

"Oh, you have no need to worry about that, Benjamin. My daughter made me promise not to kill or seriously injure anyone that I come across. I am merely knocking them out so they don't interefere with our plans. Even those Bajorans who treated my daughter so horribly are being spared."

"And what exactly ARE those plans?" Sisko demanded.

"You will find out soon enough," she said, her voice sounding bored. "Don't worry. Nobody on your station will be harmed. Mr. Greer out."

The Captain cursed and tapped his comm badge again. "Sisko to Odo!"

"Odo here, Captain. Apparently, Chantelle attacked them with some strange discharge. They were only knocked out for a few minutes, and..."

"Chantelle is being possessed by her father. I have no idea what his plans are, but we have to stop him and find out!"


Dax frowned. "It looks as if she's heading for Runabout Pad C. She's going to cut through the Promenade to get there..."

"I'm on my way! Odo out!"


Upon reaching the Promenade, which still had a fair amount of people on it, mostly Bajorans, she strolled purposefully through, ignoring those around her. She decided she was only going to cause a scene if someone asked for it.

It wasn't long before someone did.

She was half through the Promenade when she felt something hard slam into her shoulder. She stopped in her tracks immediately, her expression going flat in an instant.

"Well, if it isn't the devil!" said a voice from behind her. "You should have stayed locked up in your room! You're either very brave or very stupid to show your face on our Promenade again!"

When this was followed by a series of agreeing shouts, she felt a cold smile come to her lips.

"You Bajorans... have no idea how lucky you are, that my daughter made me promise not to kill any of you. Because I am a FULL Pah Wraith!" she snarled, turning to face them. There were about ten Bajorans, all of them looking as if they had had something to drink in Quarks and had been on their way home. "Fortunately, my daughter and I will no longer have to tolerate your disgusting behavior."

In that instant, her pupils vanished and her entire body became ingulfed in the current, which she flung toward the intoxicated Bajorans. They all cried out and convulsed for a few seconds before a phazer blast struck a pillar about a foot to her left. She stopped in her attack and turned to face the security guards, who had Odo in the lead. The patrons in Quarks, who had seen and heard the disturbance, came out to see what was going on.

"That's enough!" Odo said, his voice hard as he looked at her. The other security guards, all of the Starfleet, had phazers trained right on her. She knew that they were only set on light stun.

"Do not interefere, Constable. You're one of the few people on this station that I actually like."

"Let her go, Mr. Greer!" he said, his expression never changing, the phazers still trained on her.

She shook her head. "As I've told your dear Captain Sisko, she is a willing participant in this. And if you think those little phazers will stop me, you're wrong." In that instant, the phazers flew out of their holders hands and hovered in the air well out of their reach. Then she used her telekinetics again to knock the group of them back a good twenty feet. Satisfied, she simply turned and continued on her way, making note of the patrons, Quark standing in front of the crowd.

"Chantelle? What are you doing?" he asked in shock.

"My daughter cannot speak with you right now, Quark. And we are doing as the Bajorans all want... leaving the station."

She continued on by without casting him a look as Odo and his team were climbing back to their feet.

The Constable heard Dax once more. "We have set up a forcefield in the corridor leading to Runabout Pad C. You can catch her there."

She came across the forcefield a moment later, and didn't falter for a second. She merely shrugged and pulled a pannel off the wall and started pressing the touch pads and reconfiguring the nodes on the side.

Odo and his team approached, only to be stopped by another force field, this one generated by the possessed woman who seemed to pay them no mind. She was intent on her task, whatever it was, and didn't seem to care if they were there or not.

"She's put up a forcefield of her own! I can't get to her!" Odo said, his voice grim.

One of his security team scanned it with a tricorder. "I have never seen energy readings quite like these before. I have no idea how she's generating it or how to deactivate it!"


O'Brien, meanwhile, was monitoring what was going on from Ops. He cursed. "She's in the stations systems and is trying to gain access to the transporters!"

Sisko looked up in alarm. "Lock her out!"

His fingers were moving rapidly across the smooth surface. "I'm trying, but she's trying to block out my access as well! I'll try putting in an encryption code and..."


In that instant, his console seemed to overload, an electrical current streaking around him, throwing him back as a puff of smoke rose up from the now useless device.

Sisko rushed to him immediately. "CHIEF!!"

The man winced slightly, holding his burned hands. "I'm... okay, Captain..."

"Odo to Ops!! She just transported somewhere!!"

Dax was hurridily scanning her own console and had her fingers flying across it. "She's in the Ganges!!"

"Put up another force field!! Don't let her leave!!"

Dax nodded. "Force field in place, Benjamin."

After a moment, her eyes widened and she frowned. "Ben... I'm detecting something strange... The structural integrity of the Ganges is fluctuating. Somehow she's matching the Ganges to the field harmonics of the forcefield!!"

Sisko's eyes went wide. "What?! Change the harmonics!!"

"I'm..." she sighed. "We're too late. She's left the docking bay."

"Tractor beam!!"

Dax stiffened. "She's hailing us."

Sisko frowned. "On screen."

Chantelle's face was on the viewscreen an instant later. "Hello, Benjamin. I believe you will find that both the tractor beam and weapons are temporarily off line. They will return to their normal operating parameters about a half hour from now."

Sisko looked at her. "Where are you planning on going? Why didn't you just ask me? I would have been more than willing to give you passage to anywhere that you wanted to go!"

She smirked and shook her head. "Not ANYWHERE, Captain. Earth, Vulcan, any of the planets in the Federation would not be safe enough for my daughter. Bajorans could easily gain access to her and kill her. There is only one place that she will be perfectly safe. And that is on Cardassia with the Dominion."

Sisko stared in shock. "You're joining forces with the DOMINION?! Don't you realize that they intend to take over the Alpha Quadrant?!"

She shrugged easily. "That doesn't concern my or my daughter. Her safety and personal well being are all that matters to me. Surely, being a father yourself, you can understand that, Benjamin? She doesn't like the idea of pitting herself on the opposite side of you any better than you do, trust me. But she realizes that she simply has no other option. Not with the Bajorans learning of her true heritage. Not with the hatred and malice they feel towards her. It's tearing her apart, especially with how sweet Garrak almost got himself killed trying to protect her. Her remaining here would be putting more lives at risk... the lives of her friends. The friends that the Bajorans will kill if it means her own death. So that is why we must join with the Dominion." She smiled at him sweetly. "Well. Until we meet again, Benjamin." She gave him a wave and a wink, and then cut the communications. Seconds later, the runabout went to warp and vanished from sight.

"Should we get to the Defiant, Benjamin?" Dax asked, half rising.

He shook his head. "No." He let out a sigh of resignation. "Let her go. Whether any of us likes it or not, she's made up her mind. Chantelle... has joined forces with the Dominion."

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