Title: Luffy's Mistake
by magique
: One Piece
Pairing(s): Zoro/Luffy.
Genre/Rating: Humour, Parody/M
Word Count: 326
Summary: What did Luffy say that has Zoro storming from the men's room in a huff?
Warnings: Sexual scene.
Notes: Basically, I'm just poking fun at the fact that the American version of One Piece changed Zoro's name. It's the same in Australia, where I am, so I figured it must just be a whole Western World thing, ya know? And, well, I'm better off poking fun than getting all cranky about it every time I pick one up. So, somehow, I came up with this.

Light filtered from the opening to the deck of the Going Merry into the men's room, thin rays with dust sparkling through them settling after a length on two figures moving rhythmically on one of three mismatched couches.

The dark-haired teen's breath hitched and he moaned softly, "Mmm, o-ohh … tha-that's – Zolo!"

The other, an older green-haired teen, froze at this, tongue outstretched to lap at a pool of sweat in the hollow of his captain's collarbone. He seemed torn between continuing and complaining, but chose to speak. "What did you just say?"

There was no response.

He pulled back, a scowl starting to creep across his face, offense growing. "What did you just call me?"

The younger pirate's expression became one of pure confusion as he struggled to make head or tail of the conversation. "Um … Zoro?"

"You said 'Zolo'," Zoro supplied with a growl and a grimace. "My name isn't Zolo."

Luffy let out a slightly nervous giggle and, trying to distract his aggravated first mate, closed the distance between them again, only to be roughly shoved back.

"Aww, Zoro," he whined, eyes wide and sad. "It was an accident!"

But the swordsman heaved himself from the couch, letting Luffy drop from his lap to the hard floor with an "oomph!" He threw his clothes on haphazardly, and clomped up the ladder. His only reply was a furious, "See if you get any for at least a month."

The boy-captain's face fell into a pout and his eyes, roving around the room, rested on the reason for his error. He picked up the small book and flicked through it briefly; landing at the page he'd been reading when Zoro had entered and become a more than pleasant interruption. His pout deepened and he threw it back onto the floorboards in a show of disdain.

He never should have let Nami convince him to sell the story of his rise to fame.

Bloody Westerners.

Further Author's Notes: If you don't get it, the book's a biography of Luffy and they spelt Zoro's name wrong. Luffy'd just been reading it (which I don't actually think he can do, but oh well!) and got all mixed up. Yeah … I dunno. Does it make sense? I thought it did.

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