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Magical Secrets at Sea

An owl screeched its attack as it swooped down on a mouse hidden in the bushes. An elderly woman watching the skies unconsciously fisted her hands as she watched dinner being served, waiting for the man she answered to finally arrive with his precious cargo. Professor McGonagall was not a witch known for her patience, especially on this particular cold June night. Glancing once more in the window of the Muggles she had watched all day as they sat about the telly, she gave a sigh of relief as she finally spotted the aged wizard coming down the lane, slowly descending the neighborhood into darkness with a small bundle in his arms. McGonagall began to tap her foot before deciding to meet the Headmaster.

"Albus, you can not seriously mean to leave the boy with these Muggles. They are the worst sort of Muggles you could ever fine. Why, their boy hit the mother as they were going to market for candy."

A long, grayed beard crinkled at the mouth in a sad smile. "I know, Minerva, but it is the best place for him. Here he will be safe from the curses of fame until he is ready for it. As much as I would love to find an alternative solution, with Voldemort's followers still in revolt, I'm afraid this is the safest course of action," the wizard explained before his Deputy Headmistress could say anything more. After placing the tiny bundle, now seen to be a babe of no more than a year old, on the steps of Number 4 Privet Drive, he removed a letter with the Hogwarts crest, his beloved school in which he hoped to see the boy attend in ten years time, and placed it on top of the slumbering boy.

Hasting his Deputy down the drive, he looked once more past the perfectly trimmed hedges and neatly cut grass to the boy. "Good luck, Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived." With this final good by, the wizard disappeared out of sight.

The witch, though trusting the Headmaster immensely, still feeling as though things were not right, too looked back at the boy and gave her own farewell, "May you be in the gods good favor, Harry Potter." Turning back around, she too disappeared as though she were never there.

An owl screeched its attack as it swooped down on a mouse hidden in the bushes. A dark young woman, her head adorned with black dread locks and her feet as bare as the day she was locked in her form, removed her self from the shadows and made her way to the stoop of Number 4 Privet Drive, where young Harry lay. Stopping at the start of the steps, she looked over her shoulder where the witch had disappeared before sitting down and drawing the babe into her arms. "Oh yes, young 'arry. This god 'as much favor in you," she declared as she laid Harry back on the stoop, the letter still in the same place, but now with a seashell on top of it. Kissing his forehead, the woman stood and made her way back into the shadows, though she did not look back as the drive was once more filled with the light of the streetlamps, a smug smirk on her lips as she too vanished into the shadows.

Simultaneously, two sea faring captains suddenly stopped as a shiver raced up their spines. Fearing the worst, as instinct had never lead them wrong before, they ordered a search of their respective ships for anything amiss. When nothing turned up, they both pushed the shiver to the back of their minds, storing their thoughts to where they could easily reach it at a later date. They both knew that something would turn up eventually.

When the sun had started to cast its morning hue on Privet Drive, the mother of Number 4 went out to fetch the paper only to give a shriek of terror at what lay on her door step. Young Harry Potter began his own wail at being awoken to the start of his new life.