Too Close

He was too close, much too close. The cold hard line of his cane pressed against her leg. She didn't want to move, because that would make them all the more closer. There was no room for her to move back, he had made sure that she couldn't move forward. He moved his head, and the crisp stubble on his chin rubbed against her forehead. House swore softly, and the warm moist breath caused her to shudder involuntarily. His scent, the smell that was uniquely him was all she could smell.

She heard the doors open in front of them, and saw people exiting the elevator. House moved to her side, leaning against the newly vacated wall next to her.

"Should have taken the stairs."

She just nodded in return, grateful now for the space between them. He didn't question her silence the rest of the lift to their floor, in fact he never mentioned it again. He must have got a bucket load of ammunition from that one little moment; he affected her, and he wasn't stupid.

He would know.