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Akimichi Chouji opened another bag of chips, watching the principal on the stage intently. Principal Tsunade was talking with the vice, Shizune, and appeared to be pointing to three teenagers who were standing beside her. "Looks like we have some foreign students," he remarked after swallowing the chips.

Nara Shikamaru nodded, leaning back in his seat. Currently, the whole of Konoha Preparatory High's thousand or so students and faculty were seated in the school's green-velvet donned auditorium, waiting for the principal to start the beginning of the new school year ceremony.

Shikamaru watched the backs of the foreign students on the stage. One of them appeared to be a girl; the other two, boys. He lost interest in them after they started following Tsunade and Shizune off the stage. She appeared to be leading them to some chairs in the audience.

He turned his head to the side to see Rock Lee, a Junior (like him) talking vividly to Uzumaki Naruto. His black hair was rather long, and had grown out from the hideous bowl cut of his freshman year. He was donned in the usual green uniform of Konoha Preparatory High. Beside Lee, Naruto had the same spiky blonde hair as ever. His face sported whisker-like marks, scars from a automobile crash when he was younger.

"And, anyway, he told me that he is so much better than me in baseball. I'm totally trying out for baseball this year; I'm gonna kick his ass!" yelled Naruto enthusiastically, kicking the back of the seat in front of him.

"Will you cut that out?" Raven-haired Uchiha Sasuke turned around and glared at his rival (although he wouldn't admit it).

"Cut what out?" said Naruto childishly, before kicking the seat again.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes and looked in front of him where a group of girls was sitting. The group consisted of Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, and TenTen, who went by her first name only. Sakura was a really popular girl in the school, with good looks and pink hair. She was currently talking to blonde-headed Ino, gushing over Sasuke who was sitting next to her (purely by accident). Violet-haired Hinata was sitting timidly in her seat, twiddling her thumbs together and looking nervously around her. Tenten had her brown hair in a long ponytail, sporting a different style then the usual buns. She had her cell phone out and was playing a trivia game on it.

He once again lost interest with the group of people, and looked across Chouji to see Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Neji (cousin to Hinata), and Sai. Wild-eyed Kiba, football star of the school, was in a heated yelling match with Sai, who was making fun of Kiba's "lack of balls" as Sai put it. Beside them, black-haired Neji and Shino were sitting quietly, looking over the audience at the stage. Shikamaru followed their gaze and saw the principal walking to the microphone.

"Looks like they're starting," he said to Chouji.

"Finally," grunted Chouji, stuffing the empty potato chips bag into his backpack. He pulled out anther bag of chips as the principal started speaking into the microphone.

"Welcome back to another year at Konoha Preparatory School, and to the freshman and new students here; welcome and we hope you have a great year," said Prinicpal Tsunade. Shikamaru pretty much didn't listen from then on; it was the same speech every year. However, towards the end, the principal said something that sparked his attention.

"As everybody knows, Suna Preparatory School and Konoha are participating in a foreign exchange student program. This year, the three students that have been choosing to come to our school are Sabaku no Temari, Gaara, and Kankurou. Most people here know them as the sons and daughter of the president of Suna. Let's give them a round of applause." Tsunade beckoned them onstage and the auditorium went wild with applause. Shikamaru himself didn't clap, but instead glanced towards Chouji.

"A bit fancier than usual, eh?" he said, watching the three mentioned exchange students walk onstage again.

"Yeah, usually they just get some smarty-brained geeks. And, hey, that girl seems to be cute," said Chouji, trying to get a better view of the girl onstage.

Shikamaru nodded, and listened as Tsunade said that the students were going to say a few words and how honored the school was for having them there, blah, blah, blah.

The shortest boy, a guy with red-hair, stood up to the microphone. He looked really pale in the light and seemed nervous. "My siblings and I…are very honored to…come here, and to feel so welcomed." He didn't look so comfortable in front of the audience so he stepped back at a fast speed, and motioned for his brother to step forward.

The taller boy had brownish hair and he seemed for comfortable in front off everybody. He cleared his throat before saying, "Yeah, and we hope to have a great year here." He seemed a bit clueless as what to say, so he tilted his head towards his sister, a girl with blonde hair let down past her shoulders.

She smiled before saying, "It really will be a great year, and we thank your school so much for having us here. I'm sure we will meet new friends and have a great time, while also learning new subjects that we don't have in Suna. On behalf of our father, we thank you for welcoming us here." She bowed slightly before backing away with her sibling and exiting the stage.

Shikamaru's gaze was on the girl (Temari, was it?) as she left the auditorium and Principal Tsunade dismissed the students to their first day at the new school year. He wanted to meet her, for some reason.


1st Period- Japanese Language

Shikamaru got to his classroom and sat down near the back. It was five minutes until the bell rang for the beginning of the class, and so far only a few students were there. He saw Lee conversing with Sakura, and Hinata sitting quietly by Naruto as he shouted something across the room to Kiba.

"Looks like the same group of people from last year," said Chouji as he sat down in the seat beside Shikamaru. Shikamaru nodded as the students filed in more quickly. He saw the red-headed guy from before walk in, take a quick look around, and select a seat in the corner of the classroom, which was three seats away.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto obnoxiously to the boy. "You're one of those foreign students!" The red-head looked up and saw that everyone was staring at him. He looked back down at his desk and nodded to Naruto without looking up.

"So, which one are you; Gaara or Kankurou?"

"He's Gaara; I'm Kankurou," said the other boy from Suna, as he strutted into the classroom and took a seat by his brother. He was a lot tanner and a whole lot more muscular than his brother, and he seemed more out-going. "Gaara doesn't talk much; he's really shy."

Gaara looked up briefly and glared at his brother, before leaning down and picking up his book bag. He took out a pen and paper and folded his hands in front of him on the desk. He looked calmly down at his hands.

"Hey, why did you get those out?" asked Naruto, noticing that everyone was following suit and pulling out a pen and paper before resuming there activities.

"Look on the board, dumbass," said Kiba, before turning to Shino and talking to him. Naruto looked at the board and saw that instructions were written out to take out a pen and paper. He looked angrily at Kiba before turning back to Gaara.

"So, are you all super rich? More rich than regular preparatory school students, seeing as how you are the president's kids and all?" he asked, sitting backwards in his chair. Shikamaru rolled his eyes at how dumb Naruto was.

Kankurou answered for Gaara. "Yeah, we pretty much get what ever we want. You know that game system? The el-TRONIC? Our dad got each of us one for being selected to come to this school, plus a thousand dollars each."

Naruto widened his eyes. "The el-TRONIC isn't even out on the market yet!"

Kankurou grinned smugly. "I know."

"Kankurou, stop bragging," a sharp voice sounded, before a heavenly aroma flitted past Shikamaru. Temari sat down beside Kankurou, which happened to also be beside Shikamaru. "And how are you, Gaara?" She looked past Kankurou and gave Gaara a reassuring smile. He glanced up briefly to give his sister a crooked grin.

Shikamaru listened in on the conversation, staring openly (as well as the rest of the male population of the class, save for Kankurou and Gaara) at Temari. Well, she was cute. No, she was beautiful. Her skin was very tan, like Kankurou's, and her eyes were a deep pool of green.

"Um, excuse me?" She seemed to notice that they were staring at her. They quickly turned their heads and talked to one another, before quickly being interrupted as a man walked into the room.

He had a head of silver hair, although he didn't look a day older than twenty. He was very tall and handsome and was carrying book in his left hand. "Alright, class, assort yourselves according to where your buddies are at and we'll start taking attendance and getting the show on the road."

He seemed like a cool teacher, so every stopped what they were doing to listen to him. "My name is Hatake Kakashi, or Sensei Kakashi. You can call me K-Man if you feel up to it; I feel that Sensei is such a demeaning title. Makes me feel old, it does." He strolled to the front of the classroom and took a seat in a chair, where he looked at the papers on his desk and selected one.

"You can talk to each other while I call roll, and then we can introduce ourselves." He started roll call, and everyone started talking again.

"He sounds like a cool teacher," said Chouji, chewing on some bubblegum. Shikamaru nodded, vaguely aware he was being talked to. His attention was on Temari, who was trying to convince Kankurou to switch places with Gaara because he seemed lonely.

"Come on, you jerk. What harm will it do to you?" she said, annoyed at her brother.

"I don't want to be in the corner," Kankurou said in defense to himelf. Shikamaru boredly said 'here' as he heard his name called, still keeping track of the conversation.

"Temari," said Gaara quietly, "it's okay; I'm fine where I'm at."

"No, Gaara, I don't want you to be in the corner by yourself," she said, waving her hand in the air a bit.

"Then where will I be if I switch places with him? In the corner by myself," said Kankurou. "Besides, Mr. Emo-Crybaby likes corners."

"Kankurou, stop making fun of him!"

"I'm not making fun of him, I'm just saying that he's an emo crybaby-"

"Um, excuse me?" Shikamaru said to them.

"What?!" They both turned around sharply.

"I don't mean to interrupt your, er, conversation, but there seems to be a desk empty in the front row that Kankurou may like. If Kankurou moved to that desk, then Gaara can move next to you, Temari, and no one will be in the corner."

Kankurou and Temari both looked to the front row, where there was, indeed a desk open. Kankurou liked the idea of being the center of attention, so he quickly gathered up his belongings and walked to the front, without uttering a word of thanks.

Gaara looked cautiously at the seat his brother had been sitting in previously, then gathered his belongings and moved to the seat. Temari turned to Shikamaru and grinned slightly.

"Thanks for that, uh,-"

"Nara Shikamaru."

"Ah, thanks for that Shikamaru. Sorry Kankurou's such a jerk. He just thinks he is all high and mighty, wanting to show off in front of everybody."

"Yeah," said Shikamaru, "we have a couple of guys like that." He nodded his head towards Naruto and Kiba who were currently talking to Kankurou. Kakashi called out Gaara, Kankurou, then Temari's names and there was a trio of 'here's. The teacher looked up.

"Oh, it seems we have all three Suna siblings here. Welcome to our class," he remarked before going on with the roll call.

"So," said Temari, turning back to Shikamaru, "how long have you been going to this school?"

"Oh, since my freshman year. As well as everyone else in this classroom, save you and your siblings."

Temari nodded thoughtfully, turning the ballpoint pen in her hands. "So you all know each other already."

"Yeah, pretty much," said Shikamaru, wondering why he was talking so much to this girl he doesn't even know. He usually only spoke to Chouji and kept to himself.

"Oh, I was just worried that I might not be able to make any friends, since you all have your groups already." She looked in front of her to see Sakura chatting to Ino and TenTen.

"I'm sure you will, I mean, you're really popular already. And, plus, you're really pretty so you shouldn't have any trouble meeting people," Shikamaru babbled, mentally smacking his head. What the heck was wrong with him.

Temari gave him a sly, yet shy, smile. "Thanks," she said, before turning back to her brother.

Shikamaru sighed and looked to his side to see Chouji snickering to himself. "Smooth, Shikamaru."

"Aw, shut up," he mumbled, before putting his head onto the desk and waiting for class to start.