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"Okay, so…that's everyone? Haven't missed anyone, have I?" Kakashi-sensei said, barely hesitating a second to put the attendance sheet down and to stand up.

He looked over all the students heads before saying, "While I suspect that most of you know each other from previous years, I do not know you." He paused as Kankurou's hand flew up and he waved it about wildly.

"Yes, uh-"

"Kankurou, sir, the name's Kankurou."

"Yes, Kankurou?"

"Me and my siblings don't know these people either."

Kakashi raised his eyebrows. "Ah, yes, I know that. Chill." He glanced over at the corner where Temari and Gaara were sitting before continuing.

"I would like for each of you to stand up and tell me a little about yourselves. You know, what you like, don't like, goals, stuff like that." He pointed to Sai, who happened to be in the first seat of the first row.

Sai stood up, and grinned a little. "Well, I'm Sai," he said, and then paused, at which Shikamaru lost interest. He could only take so much of people talking, expecting to gain ones attention. As an added plus, he was still embarrassed about what he said to Temari.

He glanced over at her, and noticed that she had a little fan in her hands and was idly opening and closing it. The fan was lacy and had a pineapple design on the fringes. Shikamaru grinned slightly; he had a thing for pineapples himself.

He heard snickering coming from his left side, and he turned to look at Chouji. Chouji grinned and pointed to Temari. Shikamaru rolled his eyes. He decided that a nap was in order.


Someone was poking his shoulder, and he didn't like it too well. "Get off me," he growled, looking up. Kakashi was standing by his desk, and the rest of the class was snickering at him.

"While it was enjoyable to watch you drool over the newly polished desk for the whole class period, I must say that the bell is about to ring and I thought I should wake you up so you wouldn't be late for your next class." The class roared in laughter at Kakashi's comment.

"Oh, uh…Sorry?" Shikamaru mumbled, glancing to see Temari laughing as well. Making a fool of himself for the second time in one day was not cool. At all.

"Say your apologies in detention, Nara," said Kakashi. The bell rang over head and the students rushed out, Shikamaru in the lead.

"Aw, man. My first day back and I already have detention," groaned Shikamaru, walking with Chouji to their next class (Biology).

"And you're already flirting with that new chick," said Chouji, grinning slightly.

"Are you talking about my sister?!" Kankurou appeared out of nowhere and frowned. "Listen, she's not as sweet as she seems, in fact, she's a she-devil! Trust me, I know; I've had to suffer through-"
"Shut up, Kankurou." Kankurou gulped and looked to his right, where Temari and Gaara were standing. Temari was glaring evilly.

"Uh, yeah, I have to go." Kankurou darted to his next class, leaving behind a confused Shikamaru.

"Don't listen to what he says," said Temari, a set frown on her face. "He tends to exaggerate…and pay for it later." She walked into the biology classroom, with Gaara trailing behind her.

Shikamaru and Chouji exchanged nervous glances. "Um.."

"I think we should get to class," muttered Chouji and he walked into the classroom.

Shikamaru sighed and said, "How troublesome," before walking into the classroom and taking a seat beside Chouji. He glanced around the room and noticed the teacher was already there; a man with a head of black hair and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. The classroom was dull looking with the only decoration being an aquarium filled with tropical fish.

"Chouji, wake me up when class starts." That said, he placed his head on the desk and fell asleep.

A few seats over, the ever rambunctious blonde-haired knucklehead was holding a conversation with Gaara. Well, really he was the only one talking. Gaara was just sitting there looking nervous.

"So my first week in high school and I already had, like, ten girlfriends," Naruto lied, sitting backwards in his seat. "They were all over me. I tell you, man, it's these scars. Girls can't resist a guy with scars. They think it looks tough."

Gaara looked nervously at Naruto, then back at his desk. He didn't know if Naruto was expecting an answer or not, so he kept quiet. Besides, Naruto was practically talking to himself anyway.

"What's up with that tattoo?" Naruto asked suddenly, rocking his chair back and forth and looking inquisitively at Gaara's forehead.

Gaara looked up and opened his mouth but quickly shut it again. "Uh.." was all he could get out; he never actually talked to anyone besides his siblings, and even then Temari was the only one nice to him.

"You don't talk much, do you? Well, I talk a lot! Oh, hey are you eating lunch with anyone today? Never mind about them, eat with me!" Naruto nodded contently, his eyes darting around as he noticed Kankurou and Kiba were starting an arm wrestling contest. "Oh! I'll be right back! Hey, guys! Let me have a turn, dattebayo!" he shouted, jumping out of his chair and making his noisy way towards the others.

"Uh, sure," said Gaara quietly, even though Naruto had already left. Maybe he could make a few friends in this new school…

"Attention, students, please get to your seats and quiet down; I'd like to take attendance."

Naruto groaned and moved back to his seat, complaining about not being able to participate in the contest.



Gaara got his tray and stood off to the side of the cafeteria, looking at all the tables. Temari came up to him with her own tray and looked around as well. "Where should we sit?"

"Um, that Naruto guy said-"

"Gaara! You and your sister can sit with us!" Naruto spotted Gaara and Temari and stood up in his chair, yelling to them.

"- we could sit with him…" finished Gaara, following shyly behind Temari as she walked to the table. Temari sat quickly down beside Kankurou, and Gaara cautiously sat in between Naruto and Temari.

"Hey, Gaara!" Naruto shouted in his ear. Gaara flinched and nodded cautiously in greeting.

Across from Gaara, Chouji was sitting. As usual, Shikamaru was sitting by Chouji and he so happened to be across from Temari. He really hoped he didn't do something stupid, like spill his lunch on his lap or something.

The table was really loud. Kankurou was asking Kiba about football tryouts, talking loudly. Naruto and Lee were trying to get Gaara to talk more then a word at a time. Sakura and Ino were flirting with Sasuke quite loudly.

Temari looked enviously at the other people talking to each other. She looked across from her and noticed that Shikamaru was sitting there. "Oh, hi!" she said, remembering from her other class periods.

"Hello," said Shikamaru, sitting up quickly after being caught by Temari's stare. His eyes darted quickly around before landing on her face.

"I'm sorry about you getting detention," she said in a way that made him think she wasn't at all sorry. Was this the she-devil Kankurou had spoken of?

"Yeah, well, I pretty much get detention all the time," he said. "I'm used to it."

"Oh," she said simply, before a buzzing sound interrupted them. She reached into her purse and withdrew a black iPhone. She tapped a few words on the touch screen then set it beside her tray. Shikamaru watched her movements almost idly, curious as to how she seemed so much at ease. "So, where is your dorm?"

"Third wing, room 678. My roommate is Chouji."

"Seriously? My room is right across from yours," Temari said, raising her eyebrows. "My roommate is some chick named Hinata."

Said chick looked up from her seat beside Naruto when she heard her name called. "Nani?" Hinata said quietly.

"Oh, you're Hinata?"

"Y-yes." A blush began to form on her face.

"Oh, well I'm your new roommate." Temari said before her phone buzzed again. She gave a little smile to Hinata before returning to text messaging.

Shikamaru looked on again, completely forgetting about his food.

"So, what kind of things do you do for fun around here?" Temari asked, setting her phone down again and taken a sip of her juice.

Shikamaru opened his mouth to answer, but a shout came from Kiba and Kankurou's end of the table. They both turned to look as Kiba stood up and angrily pointed at Kankurou.

"Like hell you're going to try out for squad leader! I've been squad leader since my freshman year!" Kiba slammed his fist down onto the table.

"Well maybe it's time for a change," Kankurou responded coolly.

"Why you…." Kiba looked like he was about to rip of Kankurou's head, when Temari spoke.

"A little dramatic, aren't you?" A few laughs were heard around the table.

"Huh?" Kiba said, caught off guard by her voice. He turned to look at her.

"Wow, you are slow," Temari said with an exasperated look on her face.

"Just stay out of it, girl. Football isn't something women should be meddling with," Kiba said with a haughty expression.

Mostly everyone at the table realized that Kiba had made a mistake. It was, however, evident that Kiba himself had not realized it, as he continued talking while a dark look covered Temari's face.

"Girls should just stick to cheering for the men on the field. I mean, that's all there good for."
In a flash, Temari was off her seat and had Kiba pinned down to the floor, her sitting on top of him, having him in a choke hold. The rest of the people were cheering Temari on.

"What did you say, you stupid mutt?" she asked coldly.

Kiba was obviously in a choke hold, so he could only sputter out a few indistinguishable words.

Temari continued to hold her hand around his throat, oblivious to the parting of the crowd as a few teachers made their way to the scene.

"Are you saying that I'm-" she paused to punch him squarely in the jaw"-weak or something?"

Before she could hit him again, a sharp voice rang out through the dining room. The cheering stopped as Temari's eyes drew up to level with those of Headmistress Tsunade. "Miss Sabaku, I have heard of your reputation from your father. However, I hoped I wouldn't have the opportunity to come face to face with it so soon."

Puzzlement was evident on many students faces. Some students murmured information to their peers while Temari slowly let go of the chokehold on Kiba, standing up and stepping to the side. Kiba laid, blue-faced and sputtering as Temari held the gaze of Tsunade.

"Is that so?" she said coolly.

Shikamaru jumped slightly when someone nudged him on the arm. He turned his head slightly before Naruto's voice reached his ears. "She stabbed a student at her old school."

He looked at Naruto, slowly taking in the information. . How could that beautiful girl have such a vicious streak in her?

Meanwhile, Tsunade continued talking to Temari. "Your father hoped that the strict standards of this school would do some good to you. Apparently, the rules haven't sunk in that thick skull of yours yet." At this point, Temari opened her mouth to retort in anger, but Headmistress Tsunade went on.

"As this is your first offence, I would like you to be detained after school for a week. Next time I wont be so easy." At that point, she turned around and started walking towards the exit of the cafeteria. She stopped shortly before the door. "Someone escort the boy to the infirmary," she said, almost as an afterthought as she exited the cafeteria.

Immediately the talking started up again as a few students went to help Kiba up. Temari stood where she was, anger still evident on her face. While Kiba was helped to sit up, moaning and being overdramatic, she strode swiftly to the table and picked up her purse. She paused for half a second before picking up the food tray as well. Many students knew what she was about to do and backed up as she walked steadily towards Kiba

"Stay away from me," she said before dropping the whole thing on his head. Temari sneered before stalking her way out of the room.

It was a good minute before Kiba said, "She's fucked up in the head."

At that point Gaara made his entrance into the scene. He dropped his own plate on Kiba's head. "Don't insult my sister," he said in a tone that was pure evil. Kiba whimpered as Gaara walked away in search of Temari.

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