Strange Encounters

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Watanuki wondered just how it was that odd things just always happened to him. Being able to see normally invisible creatures did not help him to stay on the normal side of things, but this was starting to be ridicules even for him.

Watanuki stared at Yuuko for a moment longer. Did she just send me on another mission? And one where she isn't even certain of the nature? I hope Doumeki is coming. The boy thought to himself, though he would be loathed to admit the last part.

As it was Yuuko had just told him that she had a new mission for him and she did not know the exact nature of it (at least that was what she said). The vague idea she did give him was that there was a spirit at a park and it needed to be dealt with.

"I am sure that Doumeki will be free to help you out with this." Yuuko said as though she had heard Watanuki's thoughts, and he figured she had.

"I don't need that idiot's help; he'll just get in my way." Watanuki said with clenched teeth, though he knew that he would accept the other boy's help anyway, so did Yuuko who just laughed at his out-burst.

Watanuki sighed, "Tonight is going to be a long night…"


Mai was wondering just how lost she could be. It wasn't as though she was no longer in Tokyo, at least she thought she was still in the city, but she did not recognize anything around herself.

"Guess that the next time I get mad when leaving work I should not take off running till I don't know where I am." She said to herself.

Normally this would not be a problem since she would just find someone to give her directions back to her section of the city. However, she could not find anyone and was beginning to be suspicious that ghosts were around, which was causing her some mild panic.

After some more walking she came to (dun dun dun) a park. Deciding to take a rest and trying to clear her head she sat on the swings.

"It's all that stupid Naru's fault." She began angrily to herself, "If he could just learn to be nice once in awhile and not insult my intelligence… Why did he have to be so mean? I know that I am not the brightest all the time, but does he really think that lowly of me? Then why did he give me the job?"

By this point the girl was in tears and wishing that Bou-san was near to make her feel better. As it was she was alone and simply allowed herself to cry not noticing the two boys entering the park.


"So this is the place Yuuko told you about?" Doumeki asked.

"Yes already! Why did I have to get stuck with you?" Watanuki exclaimed.

The other boy just shrugged and continued walking as he asked, "Do you see anything yet?"

"No… Who do you think she is?" Watanuki replied pointing at a small girl on a swing set.


"Do you know how to answer beyond giving one syllable? Ugh."

Following this exchange Watanuki did see what they had been sent there to kill. It was a rather gross looking spirit (though this author cannot think of many that he's seen that have been pretty); it had red eyes with a black body that seemed to swirl around in mist. One of the first things the boy noted was that the spirit was not attacking him but seemed to be going for the girl on the swings. This was not good in Watanuki's opinion since she seemed to be oblivious but not quite, as the spirit drew near her she started looking around herself nervously and she held her nose much like Watanuki was at the moment.

"What does it look like and where is it?" Doumeki asked as he scanned the area.

"Black and swirly. It's going for the girl. I think that if I walk away from you it'll go for me and then you'll have an easier time killing it."

Doumeki agreed, or at least made a noise that sounded like an agreement, and started walking away from Watanuki while the other boy did the same. Once there was quite a bit of distance between them Watanuki watched the spirit as it looked at the girl and then at him. The spirit smiled at the boy and continued for the girl.

"Shit, shit, shit. Doumeki it's not falling for it!" Watanuki yelled at his rival.

This caused both boys to run for the girl. They were praying that they were fast enough. Watanuki reached the girl first and toppled her off the swing. When this happened the spirit got very angry at Watanuki for disturbing the snack it wanted. This, however, allowed Doumeki to feel it, thus he was able to pinpoint it and kill it quickly.

"Ugh." Came the sound from under Watanuki.

"Oh, I am so sorry. Are you alright?" Watanuki exclaimed as he swiftly got off the girl and onto his feet.

"I think so… some scratches but nothing serious. Are you OK? I mean I don't know exactly what that thing was but it did not feel nice." The girl replied.

"Yes I am fine. So you can sense the supernatural as well?"

"Kinda, apparently I have 'latent ESP' whatever that means, but who are you?"

"Ah, I am Watanuki Kimihiro and that is Doumeki Shizuka

"I am Taniyama Mai. Um, can you help me get home? I was running and got lost in this part of the city…"

The boys looked at each other. Mai seemed to trust them instantly which seemed strange, but then again what was not strange in their lives. So they shrugged and answered.


Doumeki added, "We'll take you home so that nothing happens to you on the way."

"Where do you go to school?" Mai asked to which Watanuki answered whatever the name of the school is and received the name of Mai's school (sorry, lazy author didn't want to look it up).

Following this Watanuki asked about Mai's parents as he thought they would be worried, this lead to the revelation that they were dead and Watanuki let her know she was not alone since his were dead too. This lead to talk about jobs and work.

"Naru is the most narcissistic man on the planet. I mean he is good looking and he knows it and he doesn't think well of anyone… Sometimes I think I just hate him. I mean sure he might be able to destroy a god but he is still human."

"Don't worry, at least he doesn't give you half answers to important questions and then make you walk with someone you don't like all the time. And he doesn't sound like an alcoholic with a pork bun for a friend…"

This drew a blank stare from Mai, and Doumeki thought they should stay away from the subject of the witch commonly known as Yuuko.

"What did Naru do that made you so upset?" Doumeki asked as he tactfully (though Watanuki would never admit it) steered the conversation away from things he thought would not sound believable.

"He told me to organize these files and so I did it alphabetically, but apparently there were numbers on the files that I didn't see and he had wanted them filed that way so he (sniff) told me that he didn't know how someone like me was able to get to work in the morning."

By this time Mai was about to go full on with crying, which made Doumeki want to roll his eyes but he was trying very hard not to.

Not the eye roll, not the eye roll. It will just make her cry more… hey that rhymed…

So Doumeki instead got Watanuki's attention to let the other boy know he had better do something about this. Watanuki did do something about her crying.

"Is that all?" He asked rather innocently, though he probably should have known better.

"NO! This morning when I made his tea Masako was there and she made fun of my skirt. How was I supposed to know that she thought my skirts look childish… it's not like I have all the yens in the world so that I can look as nice as she does all the time. And then he made me remake the tea because it was only warm when I took it to him and not as hot as he liked…"

Mai was now into full rant mode and both boys were stunned. Doumeki thought that she almost lived up to Watanuki's rants except for the fact that she was most definitely not as loud. Watanuki thought it was amazing she had the energy to stay that mad at someone, not realizing just how much other people thought that whenever they watched him in his rants.


Reaching Mai's apartment had only taken about an hour, during which time everyone's age was known as well as school and work, though exactly who Watanuki worked for and what he did was not discussed but rather skirted around thanks to Doumeki. By the time they were at the front steps of Mai's apartment building Doumeki had realized a few things. First, it seemed as though everyone would want to protect this girl even if she did seem to have a knack for trouble. Secondly this knack for trouble reminded him a lot of the boy standing next to him leading him to believe that the girl needed as much help as she could get. Lastly (at least at that moment it was the last thing) it was it good thing people wanted to protect her all the time or she would most likely already be dead.

At the front steps Watanuki began to bid Mai farewell, which of course included quite a lot of flapping his arms around and trying to insult Doumeki. Mai laughed at the display, which made her feel slightly normal compared to the boy, and thanked them wholeheartedly.

"Do you have any wards set-up in your apartment?" Doumeki asked.

Mai thought the question was a little odd, but then again she thought everything about the boys screamed odd. So she listened for that little voice inside that always told her who she could trust, currently it was saying, "Nice guys, they feel like older brothers… It would be nice to see them again." Since this was the first time the voice had said something like that she decided that they always made things abnormal.

"I don't have any wards set-up right now… Do you really think I need them?"

"Well the way Watanuki described the way that thing went for you I think it would be better to be safe… I'll make some for you tomorrow and will bring them before the end of the week." Doumeki then turned as he waited for Watanuki to finish his flailing about and for Mai to enter her building, then the boys left.


The next day while Mai was at SPR working she was finding herself thinking about the two boys from the night before. She remembered the way they had fought and talked together, the way they had saved her (from which she now had several bandages on her back caused by the gravel meeting her back rather harshly). Above all she was wishing she had a friend like that, who she could trust and would take care of her the way Doumeki was with Watanuki.

This caused Mai to sigh right when Lin was walking behind her.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Oh! Oh, no, nothing is wrong…"

"OK then"

"Mai, tea"

For the rest of the day Mai tried to not allow herself to wander off into her dream world and to instead focus on her work.


"So how did last night go? I almost got worried when it took you so long." Yuuko asked Watanuki when he arrived at the shop.

"It went fine; we had to save a girl from the spirit. It actually preferred her to me which was strange, but we got it and we took the girl home so that we knew she was safe." Was the reply.

"Hm, this girl sounds interesting… what was her name?"

"Taniyama Mai, she's an orphan too and works for something that actually deals with spirits and… Yuuko-san no tasting the ingredients before I'm done cooking!" The last part was said rather loudly with Watanuki waving his arms around to get his point across.

"Oh it's not going to hurt anything, but back to this girl what else were you going to say?"

"It's probably nothing but I thought you'd want to know she said her boss destroyed a god."

This news caused Yuuko's eyebrows to go up in surprise, which in turn surprised Watanuki since he thought Yuuko knew just about everything. Apparently not.

"I think I want to meet this girl sometime." Yuuko said in her mysterious voice that she used when she did not want to tell Watanuki everything. This caused the boy to wonder about Mai and made him decide to try to not allow Yuuko to meet her.


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