Warning: ZADR goodness, plus it would be nice if you read the prequel 'I know your plan'

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot if I did trust me it wouldn't be fit for children. cough ZADR cough.

1 month anniversary

Zim slowly opened his eyes only to shut them once again as the light from his window blinded him. Once his violet eyes adjusted to the light is when he noticed the unfamiliar presence in his bed next to him. As if on instinct his body stiffened but the feeling quickly passed as the memories of the past month ran through his mind. A small smile grew on his face as he turned himself over to see that the angel that had changed his life was still asleep.

Dib was curled up against him in a very cute way. He only had on his spare pair of black jeans while the rest of his clothes were discarded in the laundry basket Zim had just recently required. As he looked upon the angel next to him his smile grew. He loved the way that Dib's innocence sprung out when he was asleep. Zim carefully moved his clawed hand to Dib's scythe of a hair piece and began stroking it with soft movements.

After about 8 minutes of adoring the beauty beside him the beauty itself began to wake up. Dib's eyes fluttered opened to be greeted by the same alien he had been dreaming about. "How long have you been awake?" Dib asked groggily.

Zim glanced at the clock that showed 6:32am. "About ten Earth minutes" he replied.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" questioned Dib while sitting up and rubbing the sleepy out of his eyes.

"I was too busy watching my beautiful angel sleep" said Zim as he placed a soft kiss on his forehead. Dib blushed cutely as he returned the favor by wrapping his arms around the waist of the other. He made himself comfortable by sitting in his lap and raised his head to meet light green lips with his own. Zim smiled into the kiss as he traced his serpent like tongue over the others bottom lip practically begging for entrance and almost immediately it was granted.

Dib moaned into the heated kiss as Zim explored every inch of his mouth and it probably would've gone farther if not a loud knock sounded on the door separating them from the rest of the house. Right after the knock a loud screechy voice yelled "MASTER, DIBBY ARE YOU AWAKE YET?"

Zim growled as they separated and Dib laughed nervously as he yelled "We'll be there in a second GIR." It was then they both heard a "Okie dokie" and heard a big crash Assuming that the SIR unit was gone Dib glanced at the clock a final time and told Zim "We've still got about an hour and a half till school starts so I'm gonna take a shower."

Zim nodded while watching Dib gather his clothes and glasses together and strode over to the bathroom. But not before he ran back and gave Zim a quick peck on the lips. Zim smiled again but it didn't last last long since he hear another crash coming from above him. He sighed and finally got off the bed and stood feeling the cold floor beneath his feet. For the moment the only thing he had on was a pair of black pants so he quickly put on a black t-shirt with a blood red heart gram on it with the band name HIM written in red as well and walked over to the elevator and got in.

"Where to?" asked the computer. "Top floor" he stated with a somewhat annoyed expression.

"Yes sir" replied the computer.Zim soon felt the elevator get in motion and found himself leaning against the back wall thinking of the past month with a smile. Memories of he and Dib(is that correct grammar?) confessing their love for each other filled his mind. Their love for each other had grown considerably and by now they hardly wanted to be apart. That's how Dib's habit of sleeping over became existent .

But lately Dib had become more...I guess you can say he wasn't exactly acting like himself at times. Zim had caught Dib saying something about an 'anniversary' and a couple of other strange words but nothing more than that. Another sigh escaped his lips as the elvator finally stopped and revealed to Zim a kitchen that looked like it had suddenly imploded. "GGGGGIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR!!!"

Dibs POV

I got done with my shower within about 5 minutes and stepped out onto the freezing white tiled floor. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and slowly walked back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. I had heard Zim go upstairs to make sure GIR didn't break anything important and I was almost kinda glad he was gone.

He and I have been together for an entire month now and let me tell you it was probably the best month of my life. We've already been out on a date 25 times. The kids at our school have noticed a change in our behavior since were even nicer to each other now. Gaz has been asking some strange questions but I think she already knows. How? I have no idea.

I grab my trench coat and pull out the the folded piece of paper from my left pocket. I'm actually quite surprised that Zim hadn't found this last night but anyway. I unfold it and sigh. I know it sounds cliched but I've been wanting to give Zim a gift to show how much he meant to me and what better way to do it...then a 1 month anniversary. duh duh duh.

What will happen next? You'll have to wait. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...bye