The Note


blah-the note

blah-the poem

Warning: You should know by now this is a ZADR fic so there really is no warning. Disclaimer: I do not own the poem further on down the page the poem is by Scotty Wright NOT ME so...yeah on with the fluffy story!

Zim sat in his seat just before the final bell sounded with a sigh. His teacher, Miss Sinister, walked into the classroom with a dark vibe so powerful that it made everyone shut up and sit down as well. Zim had always had a respect for her when he was trying to destroy the world but now that he wasn't she was more like that evil teacher that everyone was afraid of. He still had a sort of respect for her but that was only because she was one of the few teachers who actually knew about him and Dib's relationship and was reasonable about it. The other teachers just kinda freaked out but that's not part of the story so we'll go on.

She shot the class a look that...well if looks could kill they would've been dead months ago. Zim watched her as she sat down in her big black chair and surveyed the class. "Mmm..." she mumbled to herself "2 are missing so that leaves me 16 victims...yay." She stood up with a smirk that made all the students shiver in fear and moved to a spot before the blackboard.

She began writing on it showing everyone what they were supposed to do before they got their freedom from her. Zim watched her write: '5 page essay on the chapters 23-26 in your Reading textbook, it WILL be turned in by the bell'. He heard alot of moans and sighs but one look from Miss Sinister made them all shut up. She quietly walked over to her desk and sat down. She drummed her fingers on the hard surface while looking at the clock. When the clock said exactly 8:05am she announced "You will start NOW" and with that everyone hastily pulled out there textbooks and flipped them open.

Zim heard the scratching sound of lead on paper and opened his own textbook while taking out his own paper and pencil. For the first five minutes of class it was dead silent except for the sounds of writing and erasing. Everyone was either reading or writing trying to avoid the teachers hawk-like gaze over the class, everyone that is...except Zim.

He had started on his essay and had done some reading but his mind was elsewhere and when I say elsewhere I mean his left pocket. He kept trying to imagine what the note, he had received from Dib, said. Because of his overactive imagination he was stuck with the vision of this was the way of breaking up with him but he shoved that idea down the drain as much as he could and tried harder to concentrate on the essay.

But he wanted to read it so badly. His left hand went into his pocket and grasped it lightly almost as if he think it would disappear. As if fate suddenly loved him Miss Sinister received a call from the principle ordering her to come to his office immediately. She growled slightly and ordered the class to be silent and hard working while she was gone...but of course the moment the door closed behind her the students abandoned their work and started whispering among themselves.

With the click of the door closing Zim had too abandoned his work but not for talking but the instant that Miss Sinister was out his hand quickly took out the note and began unfolding it. When he finally got it all the way he straightened it on his desk then took it back into his hands and began reading:

Dear Zim,

I know this seems completely random but I think you've overheard me talking about something called a anniversary right? Well in the dictionary you'll find that it says: Anniversary: the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event. I don't know about Irk but here on Earth when people get together(like we are) we like to celebrate certain times of the year in remembrance of them(or us) getting together. Example:You and I got together exactly one month ago and even though most people wait till it's been a year some like to do a one month anniversary...and I guess I'm one of those people. For anniversary's the couples usually give each other a gift or two something to show them how much they mean to that person...well the present I'm going to give you isn't ready yet but I found out that one of the most romantic things a person can do for another is write a poem...and I've done just that. I hope you like it because really my love for you can't be expressed in words but I tried so here:

Sometimes at night when I look to the sky

I start thinking of you and then ask myself why?

Why do I love you? I think and I smile

Because I know the list could run on for miles

The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch

So many little things that make me love you so much

The way you support me and help me with my emotions

The way that you care and so such devotion

The way that your kiss fills me with desire

And how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire

The way your eyes shine when they look at me

Lost with you forever is where I want to be

The way that I feel your by my side

A sense of completion and overflowing pride

The dreams that I dream, that all involve you

The possibilities I see and the things we can do

How you finish the puzzle that lies within my heart

How that deep in my soul, your the most important part

I could go on for days, telling of what I feel,

But all you really must know is my love for you is for real.

Lots of Love,

Dib Membrane

Zim read it 3 more times to make sure he was reading what he thought he was reading and when he finally confirmed it the biggest smile appeared on his face. Still smiling he folded the note back up again, put it in his pocket and began working on his essay once more.

When Miss Sinister arrived 6 minutes later everyone immediately ceased talking and began on their essays. She walked over to her desk while quickly examining the faces of her students and couldn't help but notice Zim looked like he had just won the lottery or had just destroyed the earth or something close, with that big smile on his green face. She raised an eyebrow toward him but since he was so caught up in his work he didn't notice. She thought about it for a moment and finally came up with a suitable conclusion and took her eyes off of him and starting surveying the other freaks.

About 15 minutes later Zim stood up from his desk holding 5 pages of paper in his hand and walked over to Miss Sinisters desk with that smile still on his face. "Do you need something Zim?" she questioned. He placed the 5 pages onto her desk and just said "I'm done." Alot of the students eyes widened since it had only been about 20 minutes and usually it took even the smartest kid in the class the whole period(which was about an hour long).

Miss Sinister was surprised as well but didn't show it at all as she nodded and gathered his papers together and put them on the 'Grading' stack on her desk. She lowered her gaze onto the vampire story she was reading as she thought she heard Zim go back to his desk but when she looked up again there he was. "Can I help you with something else?" she said in a bored voice.

Zim took a quick look around before whispering "Can I ask you a favor?"

She merely blinked at this statement and seeing as he was whispering he apparently didn't want the other students to know so she whispered back "Well I do owe you one...what's this favor?"

"I need to borrow a book. A...a poetry book" he said with a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

"What do you want horrid poems, scary poems, dark poems? I got plenty from Edgar Allen Poe" she replied.

Zim's blush grew as he said "No I...I need a book poems." Well that stunned her to no end as she looked at him with a very confused look but none the less she opened one of her drawers and started rummaging through the files. About 20 seconds later she found what she was looking for and placed it on her desk.

Zim looked at it and saw that it was an old, thin book that looked like it originated in the 80's. He picked it up and immediately noticed the velvety covering and saw the title 'Greatest Love Poems of the Century'. He looked up from the book and said "Thank you I'll give it back after class." He was about to walk away when she coughed signaling his attention and when he looked back at her he swear he felt shivers go down his spine "You will tell no one about me having this book, do you understand?" she threatened. He nodded while gulping as she looked away from him and down onto her book.

Zim walked back to his desk and started flipping through the pages trying to find the right one to express his love for his angel since apparently he couldn't write one even if he wanted to. And about 20 minutes later he had found the perfect one and began copying it onto another piece of paper with an even bigger smile(if that was possible)

The second the bell rang every student ran out the door leaving their papers on Miss Sinisters desk but Zim stayed behind the crowd and when it was clear he walked over to her and placed the book onto her desk and thanked her once again and headed out the door. When the door shut leaving her in silence she couldn't help but smirk 'I wonder what Dib wrote in that little note of his that made Zim so happy' she thought. "Heh...he didn't even think that I might've noticed...sheesh Zim I thought you knew me better than that" she said to herself. 'I notice things other teachers don't' she thought while she put the book back in her drawer, closed it and went back to her book 'Chapter 18, The smell of blood floated through the air as if it were a part of it and I couldn't help but wonder...'

Next Chapter coming soon!