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Chapter One-The first dream

Hermione was running down a corridor, running as fast as she could. Never fast enough though, only ever glimpsing a flash of golden hair as it disappeared around the next corner. But who did the hair belong to, who was it Hermione was chasing? She did not know, she only knew that it was important she found out.

"Wait!" she yelled, hoping the mysterious person would heed her plea, "Please stop!"

As she rounded the corner, she drew a sigh of relief; the person had stopped running, so Hermione was able to get a clear view of the person from behind. The blonde hair was long and straight, falling partway down a slender and undeniably feminine back. The figure seemed familiar to Hermione, but she couldn't quite place where she had seen it before.

"Who are you? Please answer me!" begged Hermione, she had to find out, she couldn't take not knowing.

"You were always zee inquisitive one 'ermione," came a distinctively french voice, one Hermione recognized immediately, one she would never be able to forget.

"Fleur?" asked Hermione in shock.

"Zat is right, are you surprised mon amour?"

Hermione froze, it was impossible, "How can you be here Fleur? You died with Bill at the final battle last night!"

"Tell me 'ermione, did zey find my body?"

"N…no, they found Bill's body and your necklace, the one I…"

Hermione couldn't finish her sentence, so Fleur did it for her.

"Zee one you gave me, zee one I never took off. Zee one zat no-one knew you gave me, but everyone knew I 'ad and always wore."

"Yes," whispered Hermione, her voice shaking. Fleur drew close, so close Hermione could feel Fleur's hot breath on her ear.

"What if I 'ad lost zee necklace while fighting, what if I 'ad zen become captured? What if my keepers 'ad fled and I was left trapped?"

"I…I don't know Fleur."

"If everyone zinks I am dead, no-one will look for me, will zey mon chérie?"

"No Fleur…"

"I will tell you a secret 'ermione, I am not dead."

"Where are you?" Hermione asked.

"I am…"

Hermione never heard the rest of Fleur's sentence, for at that moment she woke up. Bitter disappointment swept through her, missing the sensation of Fleur's breath on her ear, the feeling of completeness and contentment that appeared whenever Fleur was around. The way Hermione would forget all her troubles and problems just by seeing Fleur's dazzling smile.

But Fleur wasn't there to smile anymore, and all of Hermione's sorrows took the chance to pounce and devour all of Hermione's emotional resolve, leaving her a weeping mess on her bed.

Hermione knew that to anyone looking she would appear unjustified in her sobbing. All her official friends had made it through the war unscathed, the only loss they had had was Bill, and that was because he had been drawn to the dark side by Voldermort's promise to rid Bill of his wolfish traits.

The light army had managed to keep losses to a minimum; mainly due to some of the spells Hermione had invented herself in a bid to keep her loved ones safe. Now though, Hermione realised it hadn't been enough, Fleur was gone and so Hermione wept.

It wouldn't have so bad if Fleur had only stayed as Bill fiancée, if she had stayed as phlegm, but she hadn't. She hadn't married Bill; she had broken off the engagement to everyone's shock and dismay barring Hermione. Inside Hermione had silently cheered, her respect and love for the Weasleys being the only thing that stopped her cheering out loud.

Hermione had fancied Fleur since her forth year, but had hidden her attraction with a charade of loathing and severe dislike coupled with a mask of jealousy. Hermione denied liking girls, even to herself. She was studious Hermione Jane Granger, she got straight O's, when she put her mind to it she could appear beautiful, she was as close to perfect as she could humanly get. Hermione the perfectionist was defiantly straight, the fact that when Hermione was kissing Viktor she wished it were Fleur meant nothing. The fact Hermione wanted so badly to hold Fleur and kiss her, just to taste those lips that Hermione was certain were soft and delicious, did not make her a lesbian or even a bisexual. The desire Hermione had to see Fleur gaze at her lovingly and whisper sweet nothings in her ear was the result of too much stress. Hermione was certain she was straight.

In her fifth year, Hermione did her best to forget Fleur, to forget the desire that threatened to overwhelm all her logic and sense for a single kiss. Instead she threw herself into her OWL's revision and her work, she focused on helping Harry and Ron through the year. She ignored the yearning she had to owl Fleur and confess all her hidden feelings, because according to Hermione's nice sensible brain, her feelings couldn't exist. After all, Hermione was straight.

In her sixth year Hermione joined in when Ginny and Mrs Weasley insulted Fleur, even though it her hurt inside to do it. Almost as much as she hurt inside whenever she was reminded that Bill and Fleur were now engaged. She knew her heart was breaking, but she put it down to not having anyone of her own. She re-enforced that thought with her reaction to Ron and Lavender. Hermione most defiantly was not feeling her heart shatter because of Fleur Delacour.

The announcement of Fleur and Bill's break up was like a spark of light to guide Hermione out of the closet she had locked herself in. She realised that the reason for her elatedness at the announcement was that she was totally, one hundred percent in love with Fleur Delacour. The idea made her smile; she had time to say something to Fleur now, because the Weasleys had insisted that Fleur continue to stay at the Burrow on the grounds it was too dangerous to travel. Before long however her smile had disappeared and been replaced by a frown. Fleur was straight, she had been engaged to Bill for Merlin's sake, and Hermione was sure she didn't stand a chance.

She had spent her time leading up to the Horocrux hunt locked inside the room she shared with Ginny, refusing to talk to anyone with the excuse she was researching for the trip. She skipped meals, only eating when one of her concerned friend brought up something and she cried herself to sleep at night, ignoring Ginny's pleas for her to say what was wrong.

Hermione was crying when Fleur came to see what was wrong. She had been the only one who hadn't tried to speak to Hermione, because as she saw it Hermione hated her and therefore there was no point, especially if Hermione wouldn't speak to the Weasleys. When all the Weasleys had failed to help though, and Hermione's condition worsened, Fleur didn't need asking twice to go and see if she could do something. She had hesitantly entered the room, and had been astounded to see the strong willed, brave, intelligent, beautiful Hermione sobbing bitterly into a pillow.

"Oh mon dieu!" she exclaimed, rushing over to Hermione. She sat down on the edge of the bed and gently put a hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"What is wrong 'emione, why are you crying?" asked Fleur concernedly. Hermione raised her head and looked up a Fleur for moment, then threw herself back into her pillow sobbing harder than before. Fleur was astonished and confused; all she had done was ask what was wrong.

"Stop crying s'il vous plait 'emione, the tears will stain your beautiful face," pleaded Fleur, and to her amazement she heard Hermione's sobs begin to slow. Hermione sat up and turned to face Fleur, a pained look contorting her features.

"What did you say?" she asked quietly, almost hesitantly. Fleur was puzzled slightly.

"I asked you to stop crying," she said in her French drawl, and the pain on Hermione's face grew.

"No, the bit after that," murmured Hermione, turning away. Realisation hit Fleur like a lighting bolt. Gently taking hold of Hermione's chin, she made Hermione look into her eyes.

"I said zat ze tears will stain your beautiful face mon chérie. Your will get all red, and zen I won't be able to see your lovely eyes because zey will be all puffy. I don't zink I could 'andle that, I love your eyes 'emione mon amour," purred Fleur softly, but Hermione still wasn't sure.

"Just my eyes?" questioned Hermione tentatively, leaving her head rested on Fleur's palm.

"Non mon amour, not just your eyes, I love everyzing about you. You are a wonderful person 'ermione, I love you," replied Fleur softly, leaning forward and kissing Hermione gently. The hand that had been supporting Hermione's head moved up and into Hermione's hair, the other hand being used to wipe away any remaining tears. Hermione relaxed instantly into the kiss, opening her mouth a little to let Fleur's tongue in. The kiss was so sweet and familiar, an undercurrent of passion lacing the lip movements.

They remained lip locked for what seemed an eternity of bliss, but was in reality only a minute or so, before Fleur slowly pulled back, her hands leaving Hermione's hair and face. Hermione moaned slightly, raising a shaking hand to her lips, her eyes closed.

"Can I assume you love me too 'ermione?" asked Fleur, her voice sounding a lot calmer than she felt. Hermione nodded.

"I love you so much Fleur, I think I have since my fourth year, when we had the TriWizard tournament."

Fleur looked a little stunned, "I zought you 'ated me zen?"

"I could never hate you, Merlin knows I tried," admitted Hermione, opening her eyes to look at Fleur, "I love you too much."

They sat in a comfortable quiet, neither speaking as they relaxed in each others presence, gazing at each other. Hermione's hand found Fleur's and held it affectionately, Hermione still amazed that the beautiful creature beside her could feel the same as she did.

"Why were you so upset earlier 'ermione?" asked Fleur suddenly, causing Hermione to smile ruefully.

"I thought you were straight and I didn't stand a chance. I mean, you're a wonderful and beautiful woman who could have any guy she wants, and I'm just plain old Hermione."

Fleur examined Hermione before replying, "I see nozing plain about you mon chérie; I see soft chestnut waves I long to run my 'ands through, I see deep chocolate eyes I could 'appily drown in, I see soft red lips zat taste divinely, and zats just your face. You are beautiful, intelligent, witty, determined and brave, je t'aime 'emione, vous êtes mon tout."

Hermione gave Fleur a confused look at the last part, so Fleur translated.

"I love you 'ermione, you are my everyzing."

"I love you too Fleur, more than anything else in this world," murmured Hermione happily leaning in for another kiss.

After that day Hermione started acting normally, albeit she spent more time around Fleur that she had before. She and Fleur had agreed not to tell anyone about them being a couple for the time being, instead they pretended to be just friends, saying that they had bonded when Fleur had gone up to speak to Hermione. Everyone believed them, because even if the Weasleys didn't trust Fleur completely they did trust Hermione.

During the final day leading up to the Horocrux hunt, Hermione and Fleur spent more time together than anywhere else, stealing kisses whenever they could. They agreed that after the final battle they would tell everyone about their love, neither of them doubting for a second that they would both make it through the war.

But now the war was over, Fleur was missing, and Hermione's heart was breaking. Since the discovery of the necklace, which she had taken possession of, Hermione hadn't left her room. She was how she had been before she knew Fleur loved her.

The dream had given her new hope though, and Hermione vowed to herself as she got out of bed, she would find Fleur no matter what.