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Chapter Seven

Hermione watched a wide smile spread over Bellatrix's features, and then went forward and gave her a warm hug. Since Bella had been removed from Voldermort's presence and from her husband she had regained some of her sanity, and she had stopped being so murderously angry all of the time. She was hardly ever angry around 'her Mimi' as she called Hermione.

"Mimi, I was beginning to thing you'd forgotten your mother!" Bella exclaimed as she pulled back from the hug and examined Hermione. Hermione gave an apologetic smile and shrugged.

"A lot of stuff has happened since you got caught again mum. I would have visited sooner but you know how it is, trouble starts and I get pulled in."

"Well you don't get that from my side of the family," joked Bella, before turning into serious mother mode, "Mimi darling, you're pale and thin, have you been eating properly?"

Hermione sighed inwardly. The Granger's were her adoptive parents, though Hermione had only found that out when they had been murdered, and after some detective work she had traced herself back to Bellatrix and a foreign man named Donatien. Hermione was the love child of an affair that Bellatrix had had before marrying her now ex-husband. After a stage of depressed denial, Hermione decided that the best course of action was to track Bellatrix and confront her.

When Hermione had confronted Bella, she had been attacked rather violently, as Bella was distraught that her daughter was 'the god damn goody Gryffindor Mudblood' and was on the opposite side of the war. Hermione remembered the fight well; it had been at the ruins of Hogwarts on a lovely summer's day.

"No! It isn't true, my daughter wouldn't be some god damn goody Gryffindor Mudblood!" scream Bella, shooting off a random hex in Hermione's direction, forcing Hermione to duck and roll.

"I'm not! I'm a god damn goody Gryffindor Pureblood!" Hermione yelled back, firing off a curse of her own that made Bellatrix leap to the side in order to dodge it. Bellatrix glared at Hermione murderously, eyes blazing with all of Bella's fury and insanity. Hermione just glared back just as harshly. The pair exchanged spells and curses in furious hate fuelled attacks.

"Liar!" roared Bella venomously.

"Adulterer!" shot back Hermione viciously.

On and on the fighting raged, it was almost a private prelude to the final battle, each woman using every hex in their vast minds to attempt to dilapidate and injure the other. Not to kill though, though they each had plenty of spells capable of it, neither attempted to murder. Dodging, leaping, rolling and ducking, both women managed to avoid the brunt of the other. By the end of the first hour, Hermione had had enough.

"For Merlin's sake mother, stop fighting me!" shouted Hermione, and Bellatrix froze.

"What did you just call me?" she asked in wonder, eyes dimmed of rage and full of surprise. Hermione looked confused for a moment, before realisation dawned on her.

"I called you what you are, my mother."

After that moment, both had stopped trying to hex each other into oblivion, and they had actually sat down to talk. At first the speaking had been jolty and uncomfortable, neither really knowing what to speak about. After a few minutes though, they managed to settle into a fairly easy conversation.

"So how did you find me?" asked Bella, "I was quite sure I was untraceable."

Hermione gave a very Slytherin smirk, "I'm not called the smartest witch in my year for nothing. I invented a spell for the job."

Bella raised an eyebrow in something close to disbelief, "You invented a spell? What was it?!"

Hermione frowned slightly, "I can't really tell you that can I? It wouldn't do to have the enemy knowing all my secrets."

Bellatrix looked wounded, "You think I'd use your own spell against you?"

"If you could abandon me as a baby, join Voldermort and kill Sirius then I think you're capable of using my own spell against me," replied Hermione truthfully. Bellatrix was thoughtful for a moment.

"Good point Mimi," she said, and Hermione looked confused.

"Who's Mimi?" she asked in puzzlement, and Bellatrix laughed out loud.

"You silly, my Mimi."

Hermione was quiet for a minute, thinking about something deeply. Just when Bella was about to ask if Hermione was okay, she spoke.

"You're a tricky person to work out, I can't decide of you're going to hex me or mother me. Tricky Trixy."

After that they had both laughed and continued talking for a while. They had agreed on meeting once a month in the cave, and they had both promised to try and convince the leaders to only capture and not kill when it came to the two of them. Hermione had left the meeting feeling a little better about life, and Bella left wondering what she was doing with hers.

Hermione was brought back from her memory by Bella's hand on her forehead.

"Hmm, you don't have a temperature. What's wrong Hermione honey?" asked Bella concernedly. Hermione sighed and swatted Trixy's hand away in frustration.

"I need your help mum. I've done something stupid and I need to correct it."

Bella looked shocked, "You haven't gotten yourself pregnant have you? Who's the father? Is it that Weasley boy, because if he won't help support you I'll hex him into oblivion!"

Hermione stared at Bella and then burst into a flood of giggles, earning a raised eyebrow and look of puzzlement.

"I'm…I'm not pregnant," Hermione choked out between giggles, "And I'm def…def…definitely not with the Weasley boy!"

"Oh…oh!" gasped Bella in shock, "You're a lesbian?"

Hermione struggled to calm herself down and keep a straight face, which was proving difficult as Bella's mouth was hanging open slightly and she looked gob smacked.

"A bisexual actually," stated Hermione, and then calmed down completely as she remembered why she was even visiting, "and it would appear I've managed to blast my girlfriend into a void of some sort."

If Bella wasn't completely gob smacked before, she was after that.

"What on earth did she do to deserve that? In fact forget the reason, what spell did you use?" demanded Bella. Hermione fidgeted on the spot, looking at the floor and doing her best to not make eye contact with her mother.

"Oh no, don't tell me you used one of you creations on her! I've warned you before how dangerous that is Hermione," admonished Bellatrix, making Hermione feel like a little child again.

"But I didn't mean to! It was in the middle of the battle and I…"

"And you thought you were hitting a Death Eater who deserved it, and it wasn't until afterward you realised it was your girlfriend."


"Well that'll teach you to be so irresponsible; you should watch who you're hexing before you fire."

"I know mum, but that's why I need you help! I used the spell 'Evanescence' to make the target fade away to a void, but I can't figure out a counter spell to get the target back! I need you to help me develop one," pleaded Hermione, giving Bella puppy dog eyes. Bella sighed, she loved her daughter dearly now she knew her, but she was irresponsible at times. Bella blamed the Weasley boy for his bad influence.

"I would Mimi, but it could take a while and there just isn't time in here."

At Bella's words Hermione's eyes light up with a mischievous twinkle. Hermione grinned widely and Bella took an instinctive step back. The glint was one that said 'damn to the rules I'm gonna do what I want', and it looked out of place on Hermione's face. Hermione rubbed her hands together in a plotting manner and smirked in a Malfoyish fashion.

"There's time out of here though," commented Hermione with a grin. Bellatrix observed Hermione very careful.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked and Hermione smiled.

"I'm gonna break you out."

Ginny watched in complete horror as her youngest brother broke down into quiet sobs, not even bothering to try and stop the flow of tears. He was leaning against a wall, his head in his hands, not caring that his mother, sister and best friend were watching. His heart was breaking in two, he had really liked Hermione, and according to Ginny she had lied to him. He couldn't understand why she hadn't just told him the truth. It would have hurt him at first, but he would have dealt with it. To find she had lied, it was like a dagger to his heart. He had to find out the truth.

"I'm going to find her!" he suddenly announced, and before anyone could stop him, Ron ran out of the door and Disapparated.