This is something that came to me one day and well, the idea just settled with me. I'm planning to write 100 drabbles (if I manage…) of Nige/Syd (and maybe some other characters too). There will be some short, mostly light and humorous, stories, usually toying with Syd/Nige relationship. They won't be connected with each other, but I plan to fit them with the show timeline, so in earliest ones there will be Claudia but later Karen will appear. I plan on posting them on daily basis but we'll see.

The themes I'm using are borrowed form Usagi/Mamoru LJ A love like no other. They DO NOT belong to me. I'm just using them for a different couple.

Drabble is supposed to be 100 words, but mines won't be probably that short. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Disclaimer: I don't own neither Relic Hunters nor The 100 drabbles themes. Just using them for fun.

Here is a first drabble. I'm dedicating it to Tanya Reed and katia1. Thank you for your reviews!

I also want to thank other people that had reviewed: CarolinaH.Manning, kiwi6226, and all others that enjoy my stories.

Have a nice read!


Theme #1:Chocolate

Words count: 153


Sydney's eyebrow rose at the grumbling noise coming from her assistant's stomach. Again. She shot him a quite irritated glance then returned to the riddle they were suppose to resolve.

"What?" Nigel asked defensively "I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry, Nigel"

"That's not true! And we've been here for some time. I can't even remember what I had on lunch."

Sydney smiled at his whining, knowing he wasn't able to see her face. Then she replied matter-of-factly.

"You should be always prepared, Nigel" she produced a chocolate bar from her pocket and handed it to him. "You'll never know what's gonna happen on the hunt."

Nigel took the chocolate bar then gazed hard at her turned back as she bent over the tablet with some ancient signs. But you do know, Syd. And I'll remember this lesson. He broke the bar in half and pocked Sydney on the shoulder.

"We share" he demanded handing her half of the sweet.


More to come…