This one is dedicated to katia1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Theme: #46 Time

Words count: 162


"I'm bored!"


"What? It's true! I'm bored and this is the most boring hunt ever."

"Then start doing something. Read, sleep, whatever."

"I read the books while we were in the train. How many times do you think I like reading them? And I'm not sleepy!"


"Sorry. It's just… I'm so bored."

There was a pause and finally, Sydney bent and whispered something into his ear.

"I'm supposed to do what?"

"You heard me. If you're as bored as you claim, you'll be happy to have anything to do."

"But-but. Syd! It's- it isn't proper. I-I just can't… do it!"

"Of course, you can. And no one will ever find out about it." There was a pause. "And you won't be bored anymore."

"Heh… Alright. Just don't overbear it!"

"Don't worry. You'll like the out come."

Nigel wasn't so sure about it, and the glint in her eyes made him even more skeptical. Why, oh why, did he agree to it? And for Heaven's sake, why painting his toenails to kill spare time?