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This takes place in season five, somewhere between My Buddy's Booty and when Kim shows up.

His Bed

He had never bothered to analyze the reason he'd asked the janitor to make a copy of Newbie's apartment keys. At the time it was probably so he could play more jokes on the kid, or make sure there was a place to invade next time Jordan decided to kick him out of his (their?) flat. It certainly wasn't because he wanted to make sure he had access to Newbie at all times.

Now, though, as he stared at his sleeping protégé and sipped booze, Perry Cox found himself wondering if that last reason was it. It might explain why he had come here instead of his own home at two o' clock in the morning after getting slowly but steadily hammered at his favorite bar. Then he realized what he'd just thought and mentally slapped himself for even considering that he regarded Newbie as anything more than an annoying man-child, albeit one with a lot of promise.

Perry mulled over his situation. He didn't feel like walking back to his apartment, not at this time of night or condition. He hadn't bought enough money for a taxi. Barbie's room, while empty - she was on a thirty-six hour shift - was even more girly than Newbie's (how was that possible?), and their couch was too short to sleep on comfortably. So that left the bed in front of him. The fact that it was occupied was irrelevant - it would fit both of them. He took one last, emptying swig of his beer before shrugging off his jacket and taking off his belt (he was fine with sleeping in jeans, but having a piece of metal digging into his stomach all night would not be relaxing).

Newbie mumbled and shifted slightly as Perry crawled onto the bed, not being especially careful to not wake the kid up - it would be better for the kid to open his eyes now and know he had company than wake up face-to-face with another man. He gave the bed an especially had shake as his upper body collapsed on to a leftover pillow. Newbie gave a surprised jerk, snorted loudly and woke up. For a moment it seemed that he was going to fall back asleep, as he gave Perry a tired and somewhat confused look; then his eyes snapped wide open and he asked in a breathy voice, "Dr... Dr. Cox?"

"Yes, Cindy." Perry turned so he was facing Newbie, while remaining at a comfortable distance. "It's me. Here's the deal: I don't feel like walking back to my place, I'm too tired to call a cab, and your bed is the only place I'm willing to sleep in this girly little sorority house of yours. You're going to stay on that side, I'll stay on mine, and we will never speak of this again. Is that clear, or do you need me to beat it into you?" He flopped over to face the other way again as Newbie squeaked out a "Yes, sir."

There was an awkward, ten-minute period that the two of them spent trying not to move too much, each acutely aware of the other's presence, before J.D.'s breathing evened out again, his light snores telling Perry he'd gone off to dreamland again.

What the hell was he doing? He peeked over at Newbie, who was clutching his pillow in his sleep, and decided that he was doing a pretty crappy job of fooling himself. He'd never even done anything like this with Ben, let alone any other male friends. The last bed he'd crashed in drunk had been Jordan's, while they were dating. The kid meant more to him than a nuisance of a student, or a friend - Perry frowned to himself as he realized that Newbie was his best friend, after Ben's death - and he wanted more. He glanced at the clock, which told him that it was 2:17 in neon red numbers. This subject would be better pondered in the morning after coffee and something for a headache. Perry grimaced. Until he sorted these - these feelings out, he wouldn't make any moves on Newbie or initiate any awkward conversations with Jordan.

He didn't, however, push J.D. away when the kid rolled over in his sleep to snuggle into Perry's back and tangle their feet together. That was fine by him.

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