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Pairing;; HieixTouya

Bold - POV
Italic - Present time
Normal - Past

Tonight : A HieixTouya fanfic
By: Rakki-Gesakusha

Hiei's POV

I am not sure how I should begin, much where exactly. Even now I don't know how any of this came to pass.I only know that what happened... I just know that it was worth all of the risk. All of our sneaking... But I am getting ahead of myself... let me start at the beginning. I suppose the best place to start would be when we met. The first time was at the first Dark Tournament...

I suppose you could say I was interested in him from the start. He was much more reserved then the rest of his team, particularly that annoying wind master he was always around, and I guess I was kind of curious about him. After all he was a full ice demon and, although he was more accepted in the Koorime culture then myself he was also an outsider. He was a male, his mother would have had to produce sexually. The only difference was that she had reproduced with a man that was an ice demon where my mother had chosen a fire demon. In a way I've always felt anger at her for that, she was the reason my life had turned out this way, but I also believed it was useless to feel anger when I had no reason anymore to. She was gone, and she wouldn't be coming back. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I felt a connection to this ice demon, Touya was his name, even before I realy knew him. It was unusual, of course, for me to be so...taken by someone I had barely even talked to, just a curt exchange every once in a while. I can't how or why, but I think even back then that things were going to be different between us. Different then everyone else I had known.

Things never really came to much until a few days after the Tournament began. We had been exchanging "looks" for the last few days. Hesitant at first, and openly showing our curiosity with one another. For the first time...I wasn't afraid of him. It was a strange change from the normal. We always kept our looks secret from the rest of our team members, they were meant for each other only. I sort of liked this, liked having something to keep from the rest of my friends, even Kurama. Besides these glances though, we never spoke to one another. Atleast...not right away. It was after my fight with Zeru. My right arm had been badly burnt by the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. I had found out that, on KoEnmas orders, if I could not defeat Kuwabara with my left hand I was out of the tournament. I was furious, my hand couldn't be moved without causing pain to shoot up my arm. But...I understood the thought behind it, and I was determined to get back to the tournament as soon as possible.

I had been skipping out on the fights of the tournament to train, trying to hold my sword in my left hand and it just...didn't feel right, so I was trying to use my right one, which hurt. I had found a nice little place away from the tournament that I had thought no one would find, imagine my surprise when I heard someone coming through the underbrush. I instantly straightened, holding my right arm close to my stomach to protect it as I got into a defensive position. It hurt to move the arm, but I had to be prepared.

It didn't work out that great though because I was even more stunned to see who it was that had interrupted my training. Touya stood before me, standing slightly in the shadows of the trees obviously not sure if he was welcome here. I straightened when I realized who it was, not that I wasn't in danger Touya is a strong demon I just figured he wouldn't have come out here just to attack me. His icy blue eyes met mine and for a long time we just watched each other. I began to feel rather uncomfortable in the silence, it seemed like he was waiting for me to say something first...but he had been the one to interrupt me. Eventually however it got to me and I growled out "What do you want? I don't have time for you." He turned my head away, feigning annoyance. Only that was the only way I knew how to act.

Even though he kept his face neutral I could see amusement in his eyes when I glanced at him as he replied. He never did answer my question though. "Training, Hiei? Wouldn't you be better suited to be with your friends at the tournament."

I realized instantly that he wanted, really, to know why I wasn't there with my team. Holding up my hand I allowed him to see my burned arm. He frowned breifly before he asked quietly, "Then you are done?"

I snorted at that. "No." I said simply and I could tell by his face that he didn't exactly understand. "If I can defeat one of the humans from my team I will be put back into the tournament." I explained more thoroughly.

He now nodded his head lightly, falling silent as he stepped from the shadows and approached me. "Can I see, I might have something to help the burn." He murmured quietly.

I was hesitant but before I could stop myself I had lifted my right arm, clenching my teeth against the pain and trying not to let him know that it was hurting that badly. It only made sense, I supposed, that Touya would have a cure for burns. They would prove even more fatal to him then ice does to me. I can deal with it, I just hate it and it does make me extremely uncomfortable when things aren't a certain temperature.

Touya was very gentle, surprising me, as he reached out to touch my arm lightly, looking it over. "I don't know if my salve will work on you, but I can give you some anyway." He finally said after a few moments. "Sit down." He ordered, pointing to the ground. I frowned for a moment before I took a seat and he sat in front of me, taking a gentle hold on my arm "It'll sting you, but it works." Throughout all of this he remained neutral, sounding almost bored, but I couldn't help but to know that he took great care not to hurt me. He spread the salve quickly, but gently, over my arm and it did sting. Quite badly. It was for ice demons though, and it had a sort of icy feel to it which made my arm feel like ice. The only good thing? It numbed soon enough and I found I could bend it quite easily at the elbow.

I was surprised and I stood up quickly, bending my arm quickly. I hadn't been able to move it that much, hell I hadn't been able to bend it at all really. After a few testing bends of the elbow I turned to Touya and frowned when I saw how amused he looked. This time it wasn't just in his eyes, his entire face looked amused. "What?" I demanded rather irritable.

He shook his head shortly, "Nothing." He murmured pushing himself up to his feet. "I have some extra of that salve, if you want it." I nodded my head shortly and he watched as I looked the stuff over on my arm. It looked disgusting but...well it worked.

Looking to my sword, which had been discarded to the side of the small clearing because I couldn't hold it, I moved over and picked it up with my left hand. I waited for a moment, testingly checking its weight and trying to decide if I could hold it, before I moved it to my right hand. I closed my fingers around it, but my arm was so weak that, once I released it completely with my left hand it dropped to the floor. Cursing I tried again, and again to hold the damn sword. Everytime I became angrier. I hated feeling worthless and at the moment I couldn't even hold my sword.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand land on my shoulder and I spun to face Touya who had remained silent and just watched me. I thought he had left actually. I had to look up because, even though he is the shortest of his team, he's still taller then me. I opened my mouth to demand what the hell he wanted, but he cut me off. "Let me help you."

I didn't want him to, I could do it myself, but before I knew it was he turning me again until my back was to him and he pulled my sword from my hands. "Take hold of it." He said lightly, and I did with him placing his hands over mine. I remember thinking that his skin felt so cold. I felt goosebumps appearing on my skin at the contact. "Alright, ready?" I gave a nod, and he released the sword. It fell instantly from my hands and I gave an annoyed growl but Touya just bent down and snatched my sword up. We did this time after time, the sun slowly sinking towards the horizon as we worked to get my arm to hold the damn sword. And, somehow, by the end up the training session, if you could really call it that, I was able to hold my sword by myself. Though it was stiff and I couldn't really move it, I could still hold it which was better.

I began to gather my things together, putting my sword into my sheath and attaching it to my waist before pulling my tanktop and cloak on. When I turned I was stunned to find Touya waiting patiently for me, once again he had been so silent I had assumed he had left. I felt I owed him a thanks, but I hated saying such words, but I think he understood that I WAS thankful for his help.

We began the walk back slowly, remaining silent for a long time before he finally spoke up. " what they say true?"

"Hn?" I didn't know what he was talking about.

"That you're the half breed, the forbidden child?" He questioned.

I turned to him anger in my gaze. "Don't call me that." I ground out. That was a horrible term, I hated it. For years I'd been "half breed" or "Forbidden child." I had been sure that the bandits I used to live with didn't even know my real name.

Touya rose one brow slightly, surprised by my reaction and for some reason I felt a bit angry with myself for reacting in such a way. He had just been asking me. He didn't repeat the question, apparently my response had been a good enough answer. Silence reigned between us for a moment, we didn't start moving we just watched each other. "You are accepted among...your kind?" I questioned eventually, just naturally curious. I couldn't refer to THEM as my kind they weren't. I had the genes or whatever, but I was not them.

"Mm? My kind?" I nodded shortly in response, and gave him a look that basically told him not to try and change this. He seemed to understand this and shrugged slightly. "They do, though grudgingly. They would get rid of me as soon as they could if I wasn't an ice master." Where there would have been a bragging tone in any other demons voice there was none in Touyas he was speaking the truth, a fact. I don't understand how or why but...I liked that part of him.

I nodded my head lightly, I had assumed as much. We remained in silence for a moment before he glanced over to me. "How do you plan on getting back into the tournament, if you're going to train at the pace we did everyday you'll never be ready. The tournament will be over."

As much as I hated to admit it...he was right. I gave a slow shrug before he said, "I'll figure something out." I responded lightly.

Touya remained silent for a moment before he said quietly. "I'll help you."

I stopped once again and turned to face him. I HAD to have looked like I had been slapped. "Why?" I asked quietly. What was in it for him?

He glanced to me before he shrugged. "Am I wrong to want to help you?"

I nodded my head bitterly. "What do you get out of it?" I demanded.

"Nothing, Hiei. It would just be a shame if you couldn't compete because of that arm." He explained.

I was silent for a long time before I looked to him and slowly nodded. "Fine, you can help." I muttered, crossly. And yet...deep down I felt a bit of excitement. He was going to help me to get better, and I would be spending time with him. A lot of time. I didn't know back then why I had felt the excitement, but now I do.

That was the beginning of our relationship. I know it was. Before that nothing had happened and after that...everything had happened. I didn't know what was going on then, and I still don't know if I understand it all. But...I just know that was when things really began to happen...And I think, from that point on, things would have turned out to be the same way whether we wanted them to or not. was two in the morning, and I've never really played anything as Touya before so...I hope he wasn't too OOC.

I know this was short, but I will put my chapters if people like it. I hope you guys do, I presonally think this is a very cute pairing. Let me know what you think of the fic!

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