A Late Night Conversation

Prompt: #001 Fate

Notes: Written for sga 15 fics.

"Do you believe in fate?" John whispered to Elizabeth one night, as he absently drew circles on her stomach with the fingers of one hand. He paused to look into her eyes and offered her a cocky grin; one among hundreds that he'd given her so far.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at the unexpectedness of the question, then finally smiled back and shrugged. "I guess so," she replied after a moment, reaching up to tuck a strand of tousled hair behind her ear. She studied him thoughtfully before asking, "Do you?"

Considering his answer carefully for a moment, John sighed happily. His eyes began to roam over her body at their own accord and he got caught up in the moment when the sheet covering his companion slipped down a bit.

Elizabeth smirked and pulled the sheet back up. "So?" she prompted him.

She was rewarded with a blank stare, before John came back to the present and smiled sheepishly. "Oh yeah. Yeah, I think I do," he finally said, nodding in confirmation. His eyes found hers again and locked into place. "I think I do," he repeated, meaningfully.