My King

Prompt: #000 You were always gonna be my king // silk

Notes: Written for heimedall on livejournal.

"No, John," Elizabeth said firmly. "I can't." She shook her head frantically and kept on walking towards her quarters, intent on escaping to them before John could convince her to change her mind.

"But the kids!" John argued skilfully. "They're expecting this to go ahead and you don't want to disappoint them, do you?"

She paused.

John smirked.

"C'mon, Elizabeth!" he urged her on. "Please?"



"Fine!" Elizabeth agreed, reluctantly. "When do I have to be there?"

John shrugged. "I'll drop by in an hour and we can run things through before we head down." He bowed to her teasingly when they reached her door and offered a smug grin. "See you in awhile, my queen!"

He was about to go when he remembered the sheets of paper in his hand. "Oh. And read this over," he said, handing her the paper.

Elizabeth accepted the papers with a sigh and watched as he left. He was sooo going to pay for this!

Just under an hour later, Elizabeth heard someone knocking at her door. She walked over slowly and opened it, glaring at John as he shot her yet another grin. Lucky for him, his smile was so adorable!

No! She did NOT just think that!

Elizabeth waved John in with a grimace and closed the door behind him. She silently pushed away the sliver of silk he offered her – a costume or prop, she assumed – and walked over to pick up the pages he had given her earlier.

Raising an eyebrow at him, she read from the script.

"You were always gonna be my king!?" she said, disbelievingly. "And this!" She pointed at the second sheet, somewhere in the middle. "The queen and king kiss!?"

John shrugged.

"Where did you get this!?"

Shrugging again, he ducked his head and averted his eyes. "I...uh…I may have written it myself," he admitted, sheepishly.