Shocked Into Silence

Prompt: #046 Silence

Notes: Written for 50episodes.

For the first time that General Hammond could recall, all of SG-1 were speechless.

Just minutes before, after they had taken their usual places around the briefing room table, they had started the briefing and everything had been running as smoothly as always.

Daniel had immediately started arguing about the cultural significance of the last mission, Jack began tapping his pen against the desk in boredom, Teal'c…just sat and Sam listened attentively, dropping in the occasional comment every so often.

It was normal. Mundane. How things always were during briefings with SG-1.

He had added in a casual remark and everything changed. He was now in territory he had never been in, and he didn't like it.

SG-1 were completely silent.

The four of them wore identical expressions of shock, mouths gaping open ever so slightly, eyes wide and hands frozen midair or wherever they had been when he had made the announcement. Teal'c's eyebrow had risen higher than he had ever seen before and as shock turned to understanding, he noticed the bubbling anger rise in Sam's eyes and the concern in Daniel's and Jack's.

Deciding to step in before his favourite team found their voices (and sharp, pointy things to attack him with), he offered a weak smile. "I'll get onto the cooks again right away and make sure they don't forget the blue jello again."

Gulping nervously, he concluded the debrief session with a hoarse 'dismissed' and made his escape.