Man, I hate camping

A black 1970's Chevy Impala roared along U.S. Route 71on a crisp, cool winter morning that saw the Winchester brothers on their way to Redwood Falls, Minnesota where several people in the former Lower Sioux Indian reservation had mysteriously disappeared. This was another wendigo hunt and Sam was anxious given their last confrontation with such a creature and Dean's current erratic behaviour.

It had been only a few days since the vampire hunt in Red Lodge and the atmosphere in the Impala had been tense for the whole drive; Sam brooding about his brother's actions on their last gig, Dean steadfastly ignoring the purple bruise on Sam's jaw.

The younger Winchester breathed out a heavy sigh, steaming up the passenger window, and turned to Dean and began awkwardly;

"If you need to talk about something…"

Dean turned up the volume on Zepplin's When the Levee Breaks, effectively shutting out any discussion as he growled "I'm fine Sam!"

Sam gave a half snort of annoyed disbelief, turned to the window and sank down lower in his chair with his long arms folded across his chest, looking every inch a moody teenager.

Dean's eyes flashed and he clenched his jaw as he glared at his brother…Why couldn't he just leave it alone?!

No further words were spoken between the two as they booked into a cheep motel; Dean paying with their latest credit card while Sam carried in their duffle bags, weapons and his laptop. When Dean entered their small twin room moments later he was still grouchy and antsy. Sam looked up from his laptop expectantly.

"Not really in the sharing, caring mood Sammy" Dean said sarcastically, noting his brother's stare.

"Dammit Dean!" Sam exclaimed as he rose from his chair to stand at his full height. "Why won't you talk to me man? What the hell's wrong with you?"

"Don't push it Sam…" Dean warned in a low, dangerous voice, his hazel eyes alight.

"No, you know what? I think I will!" came the petulant reply.

Sam knew he shouldn't be angry at Dean, knew it just wasn't in his nature to talk about stuff -as it was in his own -but he had to get Dean to open up before he went into full blown self destruct. He eyed Dean briefly as his brother took a step towards him quivering with barely suppressed rage. His fists were clenched.

"Go ahead man, take another swing …but you can't shut me out forever-I'm your brother. I'm not going anywhere." Sam said softly, his gentle eyes unable to mask the sadness within.

Dean's puffed up anger seemed to deflate like a balloon at Sam's statement, the readiness evaporating, but he still knew that he needed to cool off so turned on his heel saying tersely, "No, but I am".

The door shut behind Dean and Sam ran a hand through his floppy hair before deciding he needed to shower.