Finally, the end is here. It's longer than your average epilogue, but oh well. Hope you like it.

"Well," said Dumbledore looking at teenage James, Sirius and Remus "I think before we take this case to the Ministry we ought to send you three home-after all accidental time travel is not often believed."

Young Sirius crossed his arms "Just as long as my name's cleared, I mean how could they not even give me a trial?" he looked at adult Sirius "you ought to sue whoever decided I didn't deserve a trial."

"Believe me" said adult Sirius "I'm considering it."

"Now" Dumbledore stood up "Harry would you like a few more minutes with your father before he goes home?"

Harry grinned, "Yes, sir I would"

James clapped Harry on the shoulder "Well, I won't remember this, son but at least you will. Remember that I am very proud of you and not just because you play Quidditch and are in Gryffindor. I'm just proud of you…I don't suppose a father needs a reason" his eyes were a little misty and everyone who knew him knew that it was even rarer for James Potter to cry than it was for Sirius. James pulled Harry into a hug (Harry's eyes were just as misty) "I'm sure your mother would be proud of you too."

Both young and adult Remus wiped their eyes in unison with their sleeves. Young and adult Sirius both wrapped their arms around their proper werewolf.

"Thanks Dad" Harry's voice cracked just a little.

James stepped back from Harry but still kept both hands on his shoulders "You do look a lot like me, though I bet people tell you that all the time." James gave a wet chuckle "I'd be sick of hearing it if I were you, your eyes are perfect though. I honestly wasn't sure if those eyes would ever look at me with something other than annoyance." James then looked at adult Remus and Sirius "you mutts make sure to tell him all about how his mother and I got together and of course tell him whatever stories he wants too."

"Naturally" said Remus, his voice more hoarse than usual

"You got it, Prongs" Sirius managed to choke out.

"Right" James looked back at Harry "you look after those mutts; I don't trust them to look after themselves. See, Harry they're my dogs and therefore they are now yours so you take good care of them."

Harry smiled and laughed a little "Okay, I will"

"And I'm sure" said young Remus to the older 'mutts' "that James means for you two to look after Harry as well."

"That was implied" said James "those two know their jobs as godparents, I'm sure. Now, Harry, I want you to know that even though we didn't have very long together that" tears were escaping his eyes now "that I love you and I'm sure your mother loves you too and that we're up there somewhere watching over you. I mean we have to be-think that's obvious from your patronus."

Harry's cheeks were just as wet and for once he didn't care who saw "I love you too, Dad."

James took his glasses off, wiped them on his shirt and drew an arm across his eyes. He nodded "Well, I guess we should be going before I get even more girly" he looked at adult Sirius and Remus "all right you two, I know you want to hug me." He hugged them both "remember Pads, s'not your fault. I don't blame you, so you shouldn't blame you. Got that?"

"Whatever you say, Prongsie"

"Keep an eye on him Moony, don't lose him again"

"I don't intend to"

James hugged Harry one more time but this time obviously he was so overcome he couldn't speak. Neither could Harry.

"All right, Professor" said young Remus "we probably should go now. The sooner we go, the sooner Sirius…"

"Can get him self cleaned up and walk about freely" said young Sirius though everyone was certain that wasn't exactly what young Remus was going to say.

"Very well" said Dumbledore "come along boys"

The most interesting thing that happened to James, Sirius and Remus that night was when they were hiding in a cupboard from Filch. There was a bright flash but nothing else. They made it back to Gryffindor tower without incident.

"Well" said Remus once they were in his office after their teenage selves had gone home and Harry had gone back to Gryffindor tower "I think you have some serious apologising to do to the Fat Lady"

"And I will after my name's cleared and we won't go to the Ministry till day light now will we?"

"Yes, yes but first I think you could use a serious bath"

"Well, I'd much rather have a Remus bath"

Remus led him to the bathroom "if you insist"

After several testimonies and copious amounts of Truth Potion even the Ministry was forced to believe Sirius's story.

Sirius Black Declared Innocent/ Search Now on for Peter Pettigrew

On the first of November nearly thirteen years ago Sirius Black was accused of killing thirteen people-twelve muggles and one wizard by the name of Peter Pettigrew. Black was also thought to be the Secret Keeper of James and Lily Potter and believed to have betrayed them to You-Know-Who. New evidence has surfaced to prove this to be false.

Just yesterday Black turned himself in to Albus Dumbledore and told him his side of the story. Dumbledore believed him and took him straight to the Ministry where before Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge could summon the Dementors Black was given Truth Potion and the true story was known.

It seems that it was really Pettigrew who was the Potters' Secret Keeper; apparently they thought it would be the perfect ruse. How wrong they were as it seems that Pettigrew was actually the spy for You-Know-Who and betrayed his old school friends. On Halloween, 1981 Black going to check on Pettigrew found that he was not there and there were no signs of a struggle. Black immediately rushed to warn the Potters but it was too late. Black, the only one left (except for Pettigrew of course) who knew the truth went after the traitor right away (continued on page six)

Sirius was on his knees before the portrait that the Fat Lady was hiding in "I'm so sorry, Fat Lady, I didn't mean to slash you- I swear I didn't. You know what I'm like when I lose my temper, I just wanted that rat. You know I would never hurt you on purpose; you are after all one of the only two women who I could ever love. Please return to Gryffindor tower, they need you. I mean they're using that loony, Cadogan, you know he's no good."

The Fat Lady huffed "I see Azkaban hasn't stripped you of your charm. Very well, I accept your apology."

Not knowing what they could do, Julius and Orion decided that the only thing they could was wait and see if either Julius managed to remember what those wizards said or they came across other wizards-whichever came first. So, they went on with their lives though occasionally Julius could be found obsessing over that note Sirius Azkaban not caught Hogwarts wondering just what it could mean.

"I have a thought" Orion said after the umpteenth time he had caught Julius looking at the note "I figure we can work it like a riddle and I can only surmise that it means that Sirius has escaped Azkaban and hasn't been caught and the last place he was seen was at or near Hogwarts."

Julius looked at him with raised eyebrows "You so should have been in Ravenclaw. But if that's true what was Sirius doing in Azkaban in the first place?"

"Now that is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. However as there's nothing we can do about it we ought to just relax. Look last day of school is today, after that I have two weeks before summer school starts so I suggest we celebrate by going out tonight since you have tomorrow off."

"Why do you teach summer school again?"

"So I don't die of boredom while you're out chasing drug dealers all day-risking your life I might add. Why couldn't you have picked a safer area like homicide?"

Julius shrugged "Homicide isn't that much safer besides Narcotics is so much more fun. It gets the adrenaline pumping-reminds me of my old auror days, you know until I was sacked for being turned into a…"

Orion held up his hand "Yes, yes, I know, I've heard the story numerous times, besides was it not your own fault the werewolf got the better of you? You were drunk were you not?"

"I was tipsy, there's a difference, and by the way I have an AA meeting tomorrow."

"Right then, no drinking for you tonight- Now, don't you have to get to work?"

"Don't you?"

It was now the end of term and Remus wouldn't be returning to Hogwarts to teach the next year and it wasn't because anyone had told his secret.

"Moony," Sirius said as he watched Remus pack away his books "Why are you quitting? This is a great job"

"I know that but if you'll remember the position is jinxed, if I didn't resign something would have happened I'm sure of it. Besides, I want to spend more time with you."

"Ah, you spoil me, Moonpie. All right, I'll let you quit…on one condition though."

Remus cocked an eyebrow "And what's that?"

"That you let me spoil you; it's been so long since I've bought you anything pretty."

Remus's lips curved upwards a trifle "Well, if you're sure you didn't empty your vault by buying that Firebolt"

Sirius kissed his cheek "Nah, I can afford ten of those things and believe me they're bloody expensive. Why do you think I told Harry to consider it thirteen years worth of birthday presents? That reminds me though-I can't believe I haven't asked before. Do you know what happened to my motorbike?"

"I imagine Hagrid must still have it as I wouldn't take it back"

Sirius clapped a hand over his heart "You wouldn't take her back? But Remus Shelia's my baby, how could you not take her back?"

"Because that thing hates me as you well know"

"Shelia doesn't hate you, she's just jealous"

"Oh" Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius "well, you can tell Shelia that I saw you first" he would have kissed Sirius then but he saw Harry walk through the open door. He released Sirius "Hello, Harry"

Sirius turned around; a touch of red in his cheeks "Harry, hello there. What's up?"

"I just heard." He was looking at Remus "Are you really leaving, Professor Lupin?"

Sirius rolled his eyes "Call him Remus, will you and yes he is leaving, against my wishes I might add."

"Don't be such a drama queen Sirius. And yes, Harry I am resigning, I'm afraid this just isn't my proper calling."

"But you're the best teacher we've had" Harry said

Remus felt his cheeks flush "Thank-you but someone has to look after Sirius while you're in school don't they?"

Sirius put an arm around Remus's waist "Anyway Harry, Remus has always preferred history. Don't know why though when it's the most boring subject"

Remus resisted the urge to jab him in the ribs. Though it had been a few months of proper feeding, Sirius was still too thin as his ribs could still be seen. "By the way, Harry we've spoken to Professor Dumbledore about where you'll be staying this summer."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed "Why does it matter what he says?"

Remus and Sirius looked at each other "Harry" said Sirius "he thinks you're safer with your aunt and uncle, though I can't imagine why. But, we might be able to get you sometime this summer."

"Besides Harry, my house is really more of a shack and there aren't any spare rooms-not exactly fit…"

"Anything's better than the Dursleys" Harry protested.

"Yes, Harry, I would imagine" said Sirius "but I haven't looked for a bigger place yet but don't worry, you'll only have to stay there a month at the most and then someone will come and whisk you away. Besides, Remus and I have a mission we would like to complete."

"We do?" said Remus, not having any idea what Sirius was going on about.

"Yes, Moonpie we do. We are going to visit your father."

"We are? But I don't know where he is or if he's even still alive"

"There are ways to find out" Sirius looked back at Harry "so no worries, Harry. We will write to you as often as possible and we will send you treats. Is that all right?"

Harry seemed to consider this for a moment but then said "yeah, all right, d'you know when you'll be back?"

"In time for your birthday, I promise and Sirius Black never breaks his promises."

Sirius and Remus had arrived in San Diego the day before and were now enjoying a leisurely walk on the beach underneath the crescent moon.

"Are you sure my dad's in this city, Sirius?"

Sirius squeezed Remus's hand "The locater spell's never failed me before. Don't worry, Remus he's here somewhere and we'll find him."

"Is there a reason that your spell couldn't give us his address?"

"That is something I've always wondered myself. Ah well, we're in an exotic locale we may as well enjoy it."

Remus raised an eyebrow "San Diego's exotic?"

"Yeah, especially compared to Scotland, don't you think? And look at all the palm trees." Sirius stopped walking and gazed up at what was apparently a rollercoaster "Hey, Moony can we go on that?"

Remus gulped "Absolutely bloody not, you know I hate roller coasters."

"But Moonlove, it looks like fun" Sirius was doing his puppy dog eyes "and it looks like there are other rides too"

I hate amusement parks, I hate amusement parks But the mantra wasn't working, he caved "All right, we can go"

Sirius grinned "Yea!"

"But tomorrow when it's day light"

"Fair enough" Sirius kissed his cheek.

Remus couldn't help but smile as he ruffled Sirius's hair "Are you ever going to act your age?"

"Certainly" Sirius said solemnly-a little too solemnly "when my brain catches up to my body."

"Oh yes" Remus said just as solemnly "I had forgotten, you still have the mind of a twenty-one year old"

Sirius nodded enthusiastically "Yup" he then saw something laying in the sand "hey what's this?" he picked it up, it was a piece of paper with hasty scribbles on it, Sirius recognised the writing nonetheless "Remus, this is your dad's writing"

"Really?" Remus looked at the paper "What on earth?" both men were confused because the note said

In case they catch you and Obliviate you

Sirius Azkaban not caught Hogwarts

"What in the hell is that supposed to mean?" Remus wondered aloud "I mean why would Dad be Obliviated? He's a wizard, why wouldn't other wizards want him to know what's going on?"

"I don't know but he must have been carrying this around for a while"


"Well, Moony there's only one way to find out; we've got to find your dad."

"I can't believe I lost it!" Julius shouted for the something like billionth time since he and Orion got home from the beach.

"All for the best I think" said Orion calmly from the sofa.

Julius ceased his pacing and glared at him "What is that supposed to mean?"

Orion locked his eyes with him "You were obsessing over it-I'm glad it's gone."

"Don't you care what's going on with your son?"

"Of course I care, but there's nothing we can do anyway as I'm supposed to be fifteen years in the grave."

"But it sounds like Sirius is in serious trouble and if he's in trouble Remus could be in trouble too. We have to find some way to help them."

Orion rubbed his temples "Sometimes I think you should have been in Gryffindor"

"Now is not the time to insult me!" If Julius was going to say more he never got the chance as they were interrupted by a knock on the apartment door. Julius growled (a left over habit from his werewolf days) "I'll get it-for their sake they better not be proselytisers. I am not in the mood."

"Yes" agreed Orion "One good thing about being a wizard was lack of proselytisers."

Julius looked at him with one hand on the door knob "What wizarding community were you living in? They're everywhere."

"I know but the wards I put on the Manor kept them away" Orion said as if he was talking about the benefits of mouse traps.

"And this is why" said Julius as he unbolted the door "the hat agreed to put you in Slytherin." Julius opened the door and came face to face with at first glance appeared to be a mirror but with deliberate mistakes. The reflection was thinner, had streaks of silver in his hair and had eyes the colour of liquid amber. The eyes though were looking at him with just as much surprise. Then Julius noticed another man staring at him-this man spoke

"Wow, Mr. Lupin you're looking good, did you have magic surgery or something?"

It was then that Julius fainted.

Orion got up from the sofa when he heard what sounded like sort of like Sirius's voice and when Julius fell to the floor, thoughts of keeping out of sight till things were explained left him. Orion looked at the two boys-no, men standing in the doorway. He knew who they were at once though they both looked very different "I think I can explain and yes, it's me"

Sirius's eyes went wide, said "Father?" and then fainted himself. Remus managed to catch him.

Remus looked from Sirius to his father and then to Orion "I'm usually the one that faints."

"Well, bring him inside and we can all explain once these two wake up" Orion dragged Julius to his recliner.

"Abso-bloody-lutely, amazing" Sirius said later when the four of them were gathered around the tiny dinning table "that's just fantastic. Isn't that fantastic, Moony?"

Remus took a sip of his wine "It certainly is miraculous"

Julius took a rather large gulp of his club soda "I think your story's more miraculous"

Sirius gave a bark of laughter "Come off it, nothing's more miraculous than coming back from the dead and getting a second chance at youth"

Orion smiled "That would be true if we got to keep our magic. No, Julius is right-there is nothing more miraculous than getting the Ministry to believe the truth of anything."

"All right," Sirius relented "you have a point. So, do you think I should sue them?"

Orion laughed "Do you really want to sink to our family's level? No, buck up and move on. Bring true honour to the House of Black"

Sirius grinned and raised his glass "The Noble and Most Ancient"

"Here, here" Orion clinked his glass with Sirius's. A timer went off and Orion stood "Ah, dinner should be ready" he looked at Sirius and Remus "you two are entirely too thin. When was the last time you had a proper meal?"

"Lunch" they both chimed

"Well," said Julius "Sirius has an excuse, it takes a long time to fully recover from Azkaban, but you Remus, you should know better. You as a werewolf need more protein than most people"

Remus sighed and wore the expression of a teenager being scolded for taking the car without permission "Yes, Dad, you don't need to lecture me" he looked at Orion "are you going to get supper from the oven or are you going to let it burn?"

Orion swatted him with a napkin and then rushed to the kitchen

Julius called after him "Hey, he's my son; I'm the only one who can swat him. Swat your own son."

Sirius leaned back in chair "Wouldn't do any good, he hits like a girl"

"I heard that" Orion called from the kitchen "though it's only fair I suppose as your mother hit like a troll"

"Don't I know it" Sirius shuddered

"Now" Orion called again "if any you of you lazy poufs want to help me I would most appreciate it."

Remus stood "I'll help" and he went into the kitchen.

Sirius inclined his head towards the smell of beef and potatoes "Nancy boys, both of them. Must be why they get along so well."

Julius laughed "Good one"

"We heard that" Remus and Orion emerged carrying various dishes.

Once everyone was seated once more and had food on their plates Orion raised his glass "A toast I think" the others raised their glasses as well "to miracles"

"Miracles" the others echoed and clinked their glasses.

"To love" said Remus. The four glasses clinked again.

"To" said Sirius "the last two members of our two insane nutter families"

"Here, here" said Julius as the glasses again clinked. He looked from Remus to Sirius and said "To the fact that sometimes I think you two were born to the wrong fathers."

Remus and Sirius smiled, squeezed each other hands and said together as if they rehearsed it "We've heard that before" they both were remembering happier times when they had first heard that and who had told them. They were remembering the days when the only thing about tomorrow they'd have to worry about was whether or not there'd be a pop quiz or what prank to pull next- The days when the future despite all the darkness still looked bright. But now, the future looked bright again and they weren't either one of them going to let the lights go out.

The End?

Well, yes for the moment anyway.

Here then, the real epilogue

They had not long after Sirius was cleared found Peter Pettigrew cowering in a milk jug in Hagrid's hut. After a douse of Truth Potion he confirmed officially Sirius's story. Unfortunately, he managed to escape before he could be taken to Azkaban. Fudge had wanted the Kiss preformed on him but Sirius and Remus, respecting the wishes of young James wouldn't allow it. Young James had told them on their way to see Dumbledore "I know you're both furious at Peter, so am I but don't kill him and don't let his soul get sucked out either-no one deserves that. Who knows, there might still a bit of the Peter we know in him. Maybe Azkaban can awaken that."

After they heard Peter had escaped, Sirius looked up at the sky and said "We could have killed him you know" he would say this again the next year, when they heard what Peter had done to return Voldemort to his body.

However though many horrible things still occurred, Sirius and Remus both lived to see the end of the war. Remus was offered the History of Magic position at the California Academy of Magic. He took it and not only because Sirius said that he should. In America werewolves were treated like people not monsters. Remus and Sirius spent holidays travelling the world and/or visiting Harry. They were able to see their fathers often as it was a short weekend commute.

Did they find women willing to have their children or did they adopt? Who knows? I don't…but we'll see. Either case, Remus and Sirius lived out their lives as peacefully as possible (Sirius had taken a job with American Magical Law Enforcement), there were some arguments, near misses, quite a few tears but love is what sustained them. They outlived their fathers, of course as Julius and Orion were muggles but as Julius said when it was nearly his end "Kids should outlive their parents, anyway"

When Remus and Sirius finally passed on (within seconds of each other) well over one hundred years old, they were found curled up in each other's arms by the fire. In the Afterlife they were greeted by a man with messy black hair and hazel eyes behind shining glasses who said with obvious phoney irritation "Well, you two took your jolly time."

And that my friends is that.

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