Bella POV

I felt something cold and hard press against my back, Edward. I tried to feign sleep, if he knew I was conscious he would rush me to get dressed and ready for school. I peeked through my lashes sensing the brightness of the early morning seeping in though my window. It looked to be a sunny day.

"Bella, I know that you are awake, it is time to get up," Edward whispered.

I sighed, "mmm, Edward," he smelled so delicious so early in the morning.

I rolled over and wrapped my arms around his cool waist, looking into his darkening topaz eyes and tried to dazzle him into my submission.

"Let stay in bed today," I smirked up at him, trying to give him a sexy come-hither look, hoping that this one time he would actually agree.

"You know that I would love to do just that; but you have school," he said calmly into my ear.

"So, do you," I responded hopeful.

"Sorry love, but today is definitely going to be bright and shiny, and I need to hunt," he saw my expression quickly fade into a frown, a whole day without Edward, I would rather not, he tried to brighten me back up, "I will be back at sundown, we only have a week left before our graduation, then we have all summer to lounge around," he mused.

"And all of eternity," I hoped out loud.

"Well," he paused "you haven't answered my proposal, yet," he teased.

Oh, the proposal, of course I wanted to say yes, just the thought of being Mrs. Edward Cullen brought a smile to my lips, but Renee and Charlie would have a different response. It is impossible for me to count the times that Renee gave me "the talk" and not the classic sex talk but the "waiting until I was at least thirty before marriage" talk. I understand her reasons. She got married too young, she still regrets their haste to vow themselves together. Believing that if they waited longer things would have turned out differently. In my heart I knew that Edward and I were different then Charlie and Renee, but how do you explain to your parents that your boyfriend is a vampire, and you want to be one too? This was the only reason I had for not agreeing to Edward this second and allowing him to whisk me off and declare myself to him for eternity.

I knew he really wanted an answer, but I needed to decide how I am going to tell Charlie and Renee first. I decided to change to subject.

"Edward," I hesitated.

"Yes, Bella," he purred.

"I love you, you know," I whispered so quietly, but I knew he could hear.

"Yes, I know, I love you too," he whispered it into my ear and the feeling of his cool breath on my hot skin caused me to melt further into his arms.

I bushed my fingers through his copper colored hair and clasped them around his neck pulling myself up to his inviting lips. We kissed, first cautiously and slow, I felt his hands move up my back and caress my soft skin. I moaned at his touch and kissed him harder, deeper and more passionately then ever before. He rolled on top of me pinning me beneath him. I gasped at his strength. And kissed him down his neck, he growled in pleasure. He placed a cool finger under my chin and brought my face to his. I looked into his normally ocher eyes and realized they had changed. They were a vibrant green, a color I had never seen before. I kissed him again, letting my passion show. I nibbled on his bottom lip and felt him tremble in pleasure. I felt his cool hand on my stomach as they slowly began to move upward towards my chest, the pleasure sent shock ways though my abdomen. He reached the bottom of my breast feeling the delicate curve of my femininity. His cool fingers made my nipples stand at attention, enjoying this new pleasure for the first time. I quivered under his touch and a smirk reached his lips as I continued to kiss him.

Just then I heard a creak in the floorboards outside my door in the hallway. Charlie! The next thing I knew Edward was out my window and gone. I heard a knock and my door slowly opened, Charlie peeked his head around the corner.

"Morning Bells, I'm off to work, don't be late," he said. He didn't realize what he nearly walked in on. I let out a sigh.

"Okay dad, I'll see you tonight," I said in relief.

He closed the door and trudged down the stairs, the front door closed and locked, and he got in the cruiser and drove away.

I took a second to compose myself. Edward and I had never even gotten close to going that far before. His eyes turned green! What does that mean?

I rushed to my window hoping to see him, but the yard was empty and he was nowhere in sight. I looked to the sky the thin layer of cloud coverage was burning off fast, he probably just need to make sure he was out of the sunlight.

I decided to get ready for this awful day ahead, no Edward and no Alice to keep me company, and after this morning, sundown couldn't come quick enough.

I grabbed my toiletries and headed to take a shower, I needed to cool down.

As I reached the bathroom I looked in the mirror. My face was blushed and my lips swollen from the heavy kissing.

I quickly undressed and stepped into the waiting shower. It felt good to calm down, but I really waned to heat things back up with Edward. He never let me cross his boundaries before, and I had assumed that he would stop me. If Charlie hadn't interrupted we may have given in to our physical wants and needs.

I sighed again, as I rinsed out my strawberry shampoo, I hoped that this morning wasn't the last of that; it was much too good to let go of. I smiled to myself as I stepped out and toweled myself off. I walked back into my room with a towel wrapped around my body with my hair still wet and dripping down my back.

I went to my closet and found a bag of clothes that Alice had bought me, I tried to refuse her gifts, but she always insisted that she loved to dress me up. I found a pretty bra and underwear set, something that I would actually buy if I had that kind of money. It was simple, light yellow cotton with pretty pink lace around the edges.

After a morning like that it was nice to put something sexy on, I knew if Edward ever saw me in it he would love it.