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Chapter 33: Buried Dead

Edward POV

"Bella… I really do love you the way that you are." I smiled in satisfaction; I had finally made a complete sentence.

Bella straddled me sexily slowly morphing herself into different versions of her already perfect self. Her hair would shrink and straighten then rapidly lengthen and curl flickering different shades of the rainbow in a strobe of crayola colors.

I was absolutely hypnotized by her. I lazily watched her as she watched my reactions to each change.

"Which is your favorite?" She asked as she leaned down and kissed my jaw.

"You already know the answer to that," I replied hooking the top of her pants with my thumbs pulling her forward.

"Do I?" she asked as she made her way to my earlobe taking it gently in her mouth and sucking slowly.

"Yes, you're driving me crazy," I murmured as I ran my hands up her back.

"That's the point," she teased as she nibbled on my ear with her razor sharp teeth.

It sent a pleasurable chill running down my spine, "Bella."

Her face suddenly looked panic stricken.

"What is it?" I asked terrified that something was finally going wrong with her transformation.

"Edward…" she paused as she gripped her throat dramatically. "I think I am thirsty!"

"Oh!" I relaxed against the bed relieved of my worries. I could handle a thirst for blood.

"Oh?" she questioned raising her eyebrows. "Oh? I am thirsting after blood and all you can say is oh?"

"I thought it was something worse? Remember this is to be expected." I said trying to reason with her.

"Well can we go hunting then? I've always wanted to watch you hunt," she whispered running her pale finger up my chest.

"Well, Emmett and Rosalie canned some animal blood for you so that we wouldn't have to go hunting right away," as I said this she pouted.

"But Edward! I want to hunt, I want to hunt with you!" Her lip stuck out too sexy to resist. I took her mouth with mine.

After a few seconds she pushed me back down on the bed.

"Is that a yes?" she asked as she bounced up and down on me already knowing that I would give her anything that she asked for.

"Of course, let's go." I grabbed her hand and ran with her down the stairs.

Bella started laughing as we made it down the last step. I looked at her curiously.

"I didn't trip!" she explained, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her with me outside. She was just too much.

We ran through the forest until I caught the scent of a herd of deer nearby.

"Can you smell it?" I asked. She nodded slightly taking in the smell.

"It smells similar to human blood but maybe not as rusty," she explained.

"Just let your instincts take over, I'll be right here."

Bella nodded, gave me a quick kiss then took off running to the unsuspecting herd of deer. She caught a medium sized one pretty quickly and dragged it to the ground snapping its neck effortlessly and draining it of its vital fluids.

She sprung up when she was finished and danced her way to me.

"That was good!" she exclaimed. I pulled her to me and kissed her lips tasting the sweet blood that remained faintly there.

"I didn't think I would like it but I do!" she exclaimed.

"Your turn!" She announced. But as she looked around she realized all the deer were gone. She frowned slightly as she searched fruitlessly for the deer that had run off in the commotion.

"I can smell a mountain lion not far from her, care to join me?" I asked. She slipped her hand in mine as an answer and we took off running together hand in hand after my prey.

I slowed down as we reached the small meadow that the mountain lion was in. I pointed it out and put my finger to my lips indicating for her to be completely silent. She nodded smiling as I stalked forward.

The mountain lion noticed me at the last second and turned to fight. I took its jaws in my grasp and flipped its body to the earth in one effortless motion. I quickly sunk my teeth into it draining it swiftly.

I heard Bella's feet slowly walk across the field as she made her way to me.

I finished the mountain lion as Bella reached my side.

"Hunting is definitely interesting…" Bella said as I quickly buried the carcass of the mountain lion.

"Yes, it definitely is and it's much better with you here with me." Bella smiled and I grabbed her hand and led her back home. We took our time casually strolling through the woods. As we reached the house I was caught off guard by thoughts of other vampires.

Demetri and Felix were here.

I stopped on the spot and Bella froze next to me glancing around for what had startled me.

Ugh! I hate this town! And I can't eat while I'm here! Stupid vegetarians!

That was definitely Felix; his thoughts were always dull and completely selfish.

Come on Carlisle! Just tell us were the girl is so we can leave! That was Demetri more business like, to the point. The girl was most likely Bella.

"The Volturi sent Demetri and Felix," I explained.

"What?!?" she shouted out of shock.

"Shhh! They could hear you!" Bella immediately snapped her mouth shut.

Edward! Where are you two! You weren't supposed to leave! Stay wherever you are, I'll handle this. Carlisle's thoughts shouted to me.

"Carlisle wants us to stay away from the house," I explained to Bella.

"But what do they want?" she whispered so that I could barely here her.

I smiled at her effort to stay silent.

"They seem to be checking up on you," I explained. I squeezed her hand trying to reassure her as her jaw dropped.

"You said that they wouldn't come until I was thirty!!!" she cried. She clamped her hand over her mouth realizing that we still needed to be quiet.

"I guess they are a little more eager to see how you turned out…" I speculated trying to explain my miscalculation. Usually the Volturi took years to make good on their "promises".

"This is not good," Bella mumbled against her hands.

"The Volturi are never good Bella," I joked.

"That's not funny Edward!" Bella said as she smacked my arm.

"Ow! That actually hurt!" I cried as I rubbed my arm up and down.

"Oh! Edward! I'm so sorry! I forgot that I have a bit more strength now!" Her fingertips reached out and replaced my own gently rubbing up and down my arm.

"It didn't hurt that bad." I amended.

"Sure…" Bella teased rolling her eyes.

"It really didn't!" I argued back trying to uphold my masculinity.

"Okay…" She replied shrugging her shoulders while trying to hide her smirk.

I just shook my head ignoring her ribbing and returned to listening to the activity within the house. But it was difficult to understand exactly what was going on with out actually hearing the conversation.

"Come on let's get closer," I grabbed Bella's hand but her feet remained firmly planted.

"Don't make me carry you," I threatened.

"But we are supposed to stay here, I don't want them to see me," she explained.

"Well, then turn into someone else just incase," I suggested.

"Okay, who?"

"What do you mean who?"

"Whom do you want me to turn into?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does, they will know I am not a human, so I have to look like a vampire, but the only female vampires that I know of are in the Volturi guard or are already in the house. So it does matter," she reasoned.

"Bella! The Volturi doesn't know of every vampire "alive" just look like whatever you want to look like."

"Fine," she huffed in frustration. Her hair shortened to her shoulders, was stick straight and turned a vibrant red that matched her irises. She grew a few inches and changed her body measurements slightly. Her facial features changed. She looked completely different but still completely gorgeous.

"Ready now?" I teased grabbing her hand.

"Yes!" she stuck her tongue out playfully.

We slowly made our way to the house, carefully watching each step for twigs and other sound inducing obstacles. We stopped short when we heard their voices wafting from an open window.

"Demetri," Carlisle calm voice rung out, "Bella Swan is dead."

He said it so simply it was almost believable. I glanced at Bella next to me; she smiled up at me reassuringly.

"I don't believe you," Demetri argued. "I need proof."

"Her funeral is tomorrow, go and see for yourself," Carlisle offered.

Bella's jaw dropped when she heard this. Maybe she had completely forgotten but life moves on, her parents were burying her tomorrow.

"Where's Edward? If Bella is dead why isn't he moping around begging me to kill him?" Demetri sneered.

"Yeah, last time he was a big baby over his precious human, what's changed?" asked Felix. I wrapped my arm around Bella's shoulder taking in deep breaths of her unique scent. If she really were dead I would be begging for death. I knew that as well as they did.

"I am not sure of where Edward is, he left a while ago and I am not sure when he will be back," Carlisle explained.

"Will he be attending this so called funeral?" Demetri asked.

"I would assume so, but you never know how the bereaved will handle their grief, he may be gone for a long time."

"Well, Aro will not be pleased. He has been eagerly awaiting this humans change, he may come to Forks himself," Demetri warned.

"We will be here, I would love to see my old friend," said Carlisle still entirely relaxed.

Nothing more was said but we heard the front door slam shut moments later.

Edward! Get here now!

I squeezed Bella's hand gaining her attention; she seemed to slip off into the deep recesses of her mind.

"You can change back, Carlisle wants to see us," I told her.

I watched Bella closely as she changed back into herself. It was still something that I couldn't get over.

"Ready?" Bella asked as she entwined her fingers with mine. She seemed to instantly snap out of whatever had her attention before.

"Yes…" I replied absentmindedly while I allowed her to lead me into the house.

"What were you thinking?" Carlisle reprimanded as we stepped foot inside the back entrance of the house. Bella shuffled herself behind me blocking her petite form from view.

"She was thirsty?" I shrugged. I couldn't think of a better excuse. I was a teenager at heart; I couldn't deny the most difficult wish that escaped Bella's lips.

"This is bad Edward, I told them that she is dead. They will not be pleased when they find out the truth."

"They won't," Bella offered from behind me.

"Yes, Bella, they will," Carlisle argued as politely as possible.

"They are the Volturi. If they want to know the truth they will find it, no matter what," Carlisle added seriously.

"Well, we can leave, without proof there is nothing that they can do," I offered. Running was always an option. But the Volturi had a million lifetimes to keep looking and an infallible memory. They were unlikely to become uninterested or just forget.

"You want to spend forever running? You know as well as I that they won't rest until we give them her body," Carlisle argued.

"So? What is your point? We hand her over. Give the love of my life to the scum of this Earth?" I asked frantically. He wasn't seriously considering offering Aro what he had desired for the past year or so.

"No, definitely not. But we need to show him her body," Carlisle explained.

"And how exactly are we going to do that?" Bella asked.

"Well, you are still immune to Edward's power, are you not?" Carlisle asked.

I concentrated for a second, I could "hear" all of my family members thoughts but Bella was still a blank canvas.

"She is as silent as ever," I offered regretfully. Bella smiled satisfactorily.

"Good," she whispered under her breath. I nudged her with my hip bumping her a few inches. She nudged me back giggling at my reaction.

"I am assuming that your thoughts will still be immune to Aro's power as well," Carlisle mused.

"Why does that matter?" Bella asked.

"It matters because when he sees your body he is probably going to try to touch you."

"What?!" I asked shocked. "You can't be serious? Just let Aro grope her?"

"Edward!" Bella smacked my arm again, "Aro will definitely NOT be groping me!"

"No, no of course not. But I am assuming that he will find a way to get into your coffin tomorrow and you'll need to be in it."

My eyes locked with Bella's. Carlisle could not be serious.

We were going to bury Bella alive.