The moment their eyes locked, it seemed like the whole world shifted. Nothing was every right again. Only when they were together, would the world be right again. But life isn't that easy… right?


Summary: The moment their eyes locked, it seemed like the whole world shifted. Nothing was every right again. Serena goes to Earth and is in love with it. But maybe she will love someone else on Earth except the Earth it self...


Look of an Angel


Serena brushed her hair. The more she brushed, the more she seemed to disappear in her own world; far away from the moon, but on earth. The beautiful planet earth.

Once she laid eyes on the serene green and blue planet, she fell in love instantly. She watched it day and night, over and over again until her maid would come and take her away.

But today was a special day, she could feel it. Whenever she thought of the earth, a sense of excitement filled her.

A short knock echoed throughout the room. "Come in." Serena's soft voice answered.

The door opened. Serena's maid and dear friend, Luna, walked into the room and placed a tray of a hot meal down on the bed.

"Your breakfast, Serenity." Luna bowed.

Serena smiled. "Thank you. But there's no one around, Luna. Why are you calling Serenity?"

Luna glanced around and smiled. "There's a surprise for you Serena. You know how you absolutely love the planet earth and want to visit there?" Luna asked almost giddily.

Serena nodded yes. "What… Luna does that mean-"

Luna cut in, "You're going to Earth!"

The same feeling of excitement flowed inside of Serena. She knew something good was going to happen! She knew it!

"Oh Luna! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!" Serena cried as she jumped up from her seat. Her hair flowed down to the ground.

Luna began to take out clothes. "Princess, would you like to take your ball gown?" Luna asked as she went fishing for it.

Serena turned around and her dress flowed, making her look exactly like an angel.


Darien or Prince Endymion paced back and forth. His face was pale and he looked like a disaster. He was not a happy camper. After he learned that his parents invited the Royal people of the Moon to come visit, he's refused to do anything.

You see, once he and his parents went to go visit the people of the moon. But it didn't end very well. The Queen of the Moon was anything but nice. But it was the daughter that was a different story. She was what his friends called stuck like glue females. Because once he meet the young Princess, she was always trying to play, eat, sleep you name it with him.

His parents blamed it on the 'no having siblings' thing. But Darien believed she was a horrible menace. The more he spent time with her, the more he wanted to kill her.

His whole being was ready to strike but they left the next day. And the memory that stayed fresh in his mind was the face of the Princess.

The tears that slid down her face, and brimmed her ocean blue eyes had burned into his mind forever.

He also remembers the last words she said to him.

"I won't remember you, will I?" Darien whispered to himself. He sighed as he leaned against the fire place.

Part of him DIDN'T want to see her… but another part of him did…

The door opened and his faithful friend, Motoki walked in. "Darien, you know they have already left the moon and they are on their way, right?" In response Darien rolled his eyes.

"Come on old friend! I bet she's on clingy anymore." Motoki said with a laugh. Darien chuckled but said nothing.

"What I get the cold shoulder too? I see how you are." Motoki began to walk away but Darien stopped him.

"Come on, Motoki. I'm sorry." Darien's voice sounded hoarse. Motoki laid a hand on Darien's shoulder.

"Hey if she become's too unbearable, you know I will head lock her for you." Darien smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem. Just to say, they'll be here in two hours. So you have two hours or really an hour and thirty minutes, to get ready and make yourself presentable." Motoki said with a smirk on his face.

"You know you look horrible right?" Darien rolled his eyes.

"Oh shut up!"


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