Cold Case: Blue-Eyes

By Ash Kaiba

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Chapter 1: Boredom

"Good morning and welcome to the nine o'clock news. Another killer was caught…"

People kept watching the plasma screen. One short man, however, continued about his business. His spiky red hair hardly called for attention, at least not as much as his lightning blonde bangs. His deep red irises observed the world around him. Maybe we're too dependant. He concluded as his fair tone hands snared a cart. He ignored the large crowd.

A black sleeveless covered his chest. Royal blue pants provided a reminder of the old days… five years ago. Back when all his friends were near by, including his greatest rival. The boy looked to the north, where the magnificent skyscraper once stood. Now, the ground gave support to another business. The adult shook his head and sighed. Then, continued about his business. Fluorescent lights beamed down on him. Sparkling tiles attempted to blind him. The narrow eyes kept focused on the shelves next to him.

"If I get a dime for every time you say 'destiny', I'd be even richer."

He released another sigh as his fingers brushed a golden pyramid. He picked up the artifact and stared at the eye that he once lived. Then, listened to the chain links that fell back into position. A pulsing feeling from his pocket called him. The thin cell lit up when it was open.


"Yami, are you there yet?"

"Of course, I am, Yugi. Just thinking."

"Let me guess. Life before graduation." The voice guessed.

"Yeah… I'll finish as soon as I can."

"What about our next case?"

"I don't know, Yugi."

Yugi Mutou hung up on the other end. Yami Mutou tucked the phone back in his pocket. I hope everyone is okay. He prayed as he pulled out a piece of paper. On it, he read the items he and his partner wrote down. And it is his turn to do the shopping. While he's gone, Yugi was supposed to be trying to fix their computer room. But, after Yami fried something, the room wasn't going to improve. The two weren't computer geeks like someone else they knew…and haven't heard from.

Duel Monsters were now a thing of the past. Tournaments were rare now and days. Virtual and video games took the lead big time over traditional gaming concepts. But, he and Yugi dropped out a long time ago and went to college together, using their winnings to pay for it. They graduated again and started a job. Now, what they get it low paying, which won't help them fix the computer.

Yami tossed a case of ramen noodles into the cart, suddenly thinking about his rival. Running into the now twenty-three year old would spark into conversations, like "how are you" or "how's your job." Of course, he realized his rival must be doing very well. When Yami first met him, he ran a business and attended high school at the same time; even though he had the knowledge to go on straight to college. One time, he spotted his adversary sitting under a tree branch, eating a thing of ramen. The memory made the adult chuckle.

With a small smile playing on his lips, Yami continued shopping. As he picked up the items, he crossed them off the list with a mechanical pencil. The cart was only half full when he pulled up to the check out. The cashier twittered as he unloaded the cart.


Yami looked up and chuckled to himself. "That was nothing."

"So, what are you and Yugi do now?"

"I don't know."

"You sound bored, Yami."

"You can stop now, Rebecca," the adult hissed as the college student covered her laughter now.

"Come on. I know you guys." Rebecca Hawkins cooed. "Unless, you're waiting for a challenge."

"Rebecca, just because you're Yugi's girlfriend doesn't mean you can pry into our job." Yami snapped.

"I might as well. Three of us are the only that have been keeping in touch."

Yami sighed again as he paid her. Rebecca yanked the receipt off. Her blonde hair still retained that light color. Glasses still rested on her nose. "Thanks. Please come again."

Yami strolled out the automatic door. He carried the plastic bags out to the parking lot. His old blue Focus waited for him. Her body fell a bit when he loaded the groceries in the back seat. Yami slid into the driver's and closed the door. The seat belt jumped over his chest and into the other half. With the turn of a key, the engine sprang to life. The occupied man reversed out of the slot and onto the road.

What can Yugi and I do? He wondered as he fished out his cell phone again. Yami hooked it up with his hands free thingy.

"Access internet." He ordered.

Internet accessed. Please state search.

"Phone number and address of Seto Kaiba."

Searching… No result.

"Article on Seto Kaiba."

Searching… One result.

"Read file."

Missing: Seto Kaiba.

Yami gasped as a horn honked. His foot went down on the gas.

"Name source of file."

Domino Police Headquarters.

"End task."

Kaiba…missing. No, that can't be. Why?

"Dial home phone."

The ring tone echoed in his ear. "Mutous. Any case we can solve."

"Yugi, it's me."

"Darn. I thought it was a client."

"Yugi, I'm going to swing by the department."

"Huh? For what?"

"Any thing that deals with Kaiba." Yami answered as he hung up.

"Shut up! I'm sick and tired of you talking about the 'Heart of the Cards'!"

Pole: What house do Yami and Yugi live in?

a. on landowner's

b. apartment

c. an old jail house

d. a decent size house (with three bedrooms and a basement)

I didn't think that far ahead. What do you guys think?