Cold Case: Blue-Eyes

By Ash Kaiba

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From the Desk of Ash Kaiba:

Ah ha! Chapter 8! This chapter contains references to a story I've had on my mind for a while now, but haven't outlined or written scenes for yet. But, this chapter does reveal why Yami and Yugi possess separate bodies (at least for the purposes of this story). I don't know when I'll get around to posting it, but it will happen.

As for Cold Case and Snowball Effect, I'm aiming to do a monthly update until completion. If I finish one before the other, I guess I should try to finish the other neglected stories I have (like Murderous Perfection, Return to Monster World, and Save Me) and see if I can finish them before posting another. (Like the prelude to Cold Case. ^^;)

Chapter 8: Seeds of Confusion

"Wait, are you sure…"

"Yes, Pegasus," said Yami, struggling to contain his irritation. "Kaiba had a nightmare. And when he woke up, his eyes were brighter than when we brought him here."

Pegasus closed his only eye, apparently entering a deep thought process. Yugi rejoined the two, setting a tray of cups onto the table's surface. Then, he added, "Or it could have been that a new fear he developed. We don't know what scared him. When Yami did manage to calm him, Kaiba still refused to let go."

The silver haired man nodded as he picked up a cup and sipped. "In the years I've know Kaiba-boy, I never interacted with his more human side."

"Which is understandable," Yugi sighed. "We faced the same side as you."

"Even after the battle with Zorc," the American questioned.

Yami scowled at the reminder. Memories of his failure with his past surfaced. Then, the gods judgment to send him to the modern world to defeat the "god" of chaos and destruction. Yami remembered the times where he soloed against the god's pawn, the Spirit of the Ring, before reuniting with Yugi and his friends. And slowly losing them and other innocent people so their kas, spirit beasts, could be used for Zorc's darker purpose.

"Yami… Atem?"

Yami looked at Yugi as the unpleasant memories ended. His lighter half smiled and lowered his hand. Yami attempted to return the gesture, but his smile turned sour. The King of Games groaned and turned away from his partner and guest.

"Atem, Zorc is gone and has been for more than five years."

"I know…"


A shuffle echoed in the hall. They all fell silent and turned. Seto Kaiba stood, bracing himself against the wall. His body trembled. But, Yami remained stationary under the intense gaze. All the hatred zoned in and Yami felt he was the target. Until a voice he heard five years ago left his witness' mouth. "What are you doing here, Pegasus?"

"I'm visiting a couple of friends, Kaiba-boy." Pegasus calmly answered as he took another sip. "And I dare say you better sit down before you kill yourself."

The blazed blue eyes narrowed. His thin lips curled, bearing his teeth. He pushed his frail form off his support. The proud brunette wobbled and nearly fell out of exhaustion…if Yugi hadn't immediately moved nearby. Kaiba latched onto the smaller male's shoulder, almost using the shorter duelist as a crutch. His head now hung low, brown bangs shadowing his eyes. Short, quick breathes racked his boney frame. Yugi gestured and Pegasus responded. He rose to his feet and assisted the brunette down to a cushion, with Kaiba snarling at him all the way.

"How rude of you, Kaiba-boy… I keep you from falling to your death and you thank you by acting like an animal." The adult reprimanded. "Especially since I'm here visiting with two of your classmates, whom also happen to be your hosts."

Kaiba stopped and stared at the man like he grew a second head. Under his long bangs, thin eyebrows furrowed as a strange glow filled his eyes. In a move foreign to them, Seto Kaiba, the ruthless and almost robotic man in Domino City, tilted his head to the side. Even more so, the words out of his mouth rang warning bells. "What do you mean?"

"Kaiba, it's us… Yami and Yugi. We graduated together five years ago."

"How? Graduation hasn't happened yet…"

Yami stared. What do you mean, he thought.

Few Hours Later…

Yami looked back at his rival. Just a few hours ago, they were given a glimpse of the brunette's mental state. However, the silent question loomed over the trio: Is the time gap caused by the stress of losing Mokuba? Or did Kaiba willingly repress his memories? Now as they ponder, the one key to Mokuba's murder slept on the couch. His location left the others to huddle around the Mutou's table. Yet, the brunette appeared to be calmer than the night before.

"It's a shame he didn't eat anything," Yugi sighed.

"Ah, but it is Kaiba-boy. Never have I seen him eat publicly, unless it's a business party. Oh wait, my bad, he didn't touch the buffet table there either," Pegasus groaned. "The child needs to eat sometime. Hopefully, after I leave for the day."

"What are you up to?"

"Oh, just trying to expand I2. Finding a suitable site is a challenge. And before you ask, yes I already do have an Asian office, but I think a sub office for that branch will help." The adult answered, holding his hands up in the air. The three fell silent, having run out of things to talk about.

Yami got up, leaving the two at the table. He took the few steps into the living room. His ruby eyes scanned the brunette's prone form. Chestnut strands fluttered as he exhaled. Pale skin strongly contrasted the Mutou's dark couch. Loose fabric pooled around the frail frame. Yami pulled the fleece throw off the back and opened it up. He covered his rival with the fabric. Then, he sat down next to the couch and studied the sleeping form.

The King of Games couldn't remember a time where the dragon duelist slept so soundly. He recalled times of pain attached to the CEO's face. Now, his rival rested without tossing and turning or his face twitching. More like Mokuba, Yami grinned as Kaiba burrowed deeper into the padding. Not once have I thought that I would see you sleep like a kid. But, his grin dropped, how can I get your testimony if you don't even remember? Out of the two of us, you were the one that thought ahead… He sighed as his fingers pushed the long brown bangs out of Kaiba's face. Yami pondered as his fingers continued the simple action. Yet, the pieces remained scattered while some lacked the image.

Yami paused and turned his head towards the table. He listened to Yugi's and Pegasus' conversation, wondering what caught his attention.

"Mo…kie…" A soft voice said.

The detective returned his attention back to the couch. The dragon duelist shifted as tired sapphire eyes scanned his environment. Forgive me…

The former pharaoh answered, "He's still at school, Kaiba."

Yami prayed that, for now, his rival would buy the lie. The brunette settled down, accepting the statement. Yami smiled in relief and decided to test something. "Kaiba, do have any upcoming meetings?"

The half asleep CEO nodded. Yami waited to see if he would answer. "One… In two days, I think…"

"For what?"

Yami watched sleep reclaim his rival. Then, he rejoined Yugi at the table as Pegasus donned his shoes. The American left without a word. Yugi glanced up at Yami and asked, "Yes?"

"Do you remember Kaiba's secretary?"

The shorter partner cocked his head. Curiosity glowed in his amethyst eyes. Yugi's lips shifted to his right side as his mind's gears turned. Yugi rose to his feet and headed into the kitchen. He opened the cabinet doors, pulling a pack of tea bags out of one and two mugs out of another. He pulled a pot out of the cabinet next to the stove and filled it with water. Yugi turned the knob and waited.

"Her name escapes me. I think she's the one that he's had after he took over the company," Yugi answered. "I know we've spoken to her once…twice…"

"I know."

"Why do you ask?"

Yami joined Yugi in the kitchen. Then, he replied, "I want to see the meetings he had scheduled before Mokuba's murder."

"To see if one of them sparked motive?"

Yami nodded, "Possibly."

"I'll have to see if I could find Roland. There's a good possibility that he knows or remembers in this case," Yugi mumbled. "Probably also bring him here to see if he sparks something in Kaiba's memories…that doesn't revolve biting our heads off."

Yami smiled and nodded. "Sounds good, Yugi. Maybe Rebecca can help too."

"I'll get started, if that is all right with you."

"Yugi, it's not a problem."

"Even with being the one dealing with Kaiba?"

"I'll manage."

Yugi pushed his concern aside as he turned the burner off. He poured the water into the mugs and deposited a tea bag in each one. He passed a mug to his taller partner. The two allowed the tea to brew, pondering the challenges each one had. And how they were going to approach them.