"Unscheduled off world activation." Announced Sergeant Davis over the loud speaker.

"Who is it?"

"Sir, it's SG-1," he responded in a confused tone. Teal'c, Daniel, and Jack were standing right behind him with the same level of bewilderment. "Sir?" General Hammond didn't know what to do.

"Open the iris."

"Yes Sir." Out walked four members of SG-1 as if it was just a typical routine mission, that was until they saw their own counterparts.

"What the hell is going on here?" Said Jack, who just stepped through the gate.

"We could ask you guys the same damn thing." Responded Colonel O'Neill.

Inside the briefing room

"Well Sirs, the only possible explanation is that we've stepped through an alternate universe." Sam said.

"So Major Carter's theories are correct." Said Teal'c.

"Indeed, we have experienced such encounters before." He said, to himself. Everyone in the room stared blanky at one another.

"Call Martouf in here." The General ordered.

"Yes Sir," and the airman walked out.

"Martouf? He's Alive?" Sam's face went blank, the thought of seeing him again both lifted her heart and made it feel like it was full of a thousand thorns. She'd never truly gotten over the guilt and regret of his death, the pain from knowing it was her that killed him, the remorse of knowing that if she had just told him how she felt, perhaps, things would be different. She missed him.

"Yeah, he works here now." Answered Daniel Jackson. Feeling exceedingly uncomfortable she decided to change the subject.

"If you don't mind me asking, where am I, in this world I mean."

"At home, in maternity leave." Martouf answered as he walked into the debriefing room. She froze as the three men on her team stood to say hello to him. After he shook hands with them, he finally made his way to her. He smiled that same smile he always did when he greeted her, it made her melt. "Hello Samantha." Sam smiled back, fighting the tears she felt were soon to come. Once he released her hands he pulled the seat back for her to sit, before seating himself across from her. She couldn't take her gaze off him. Daniel had seen the paled look on his friend's face and immediately knew. He wished he could take her into a huge bear hug and comfort her. It was as obvious then as it was now, she loved them, both Martouf and Lantash. She was trying hard to keep her focus.

"So, we don't know how it was exactly that we ended up in your dimension. Our original encounter with parallel universes came when we found a quantum mirror on P3R233 and it linked us to other alternate universes. But in this case everything seemed pretty routine, no mirror or anything. We just dialed home and ended up here."

"Well, we'll do our best to help you get back. Until then make yourselves comfortable."

"Thank you General; but to be honest Sir, the sooner we get back the better. There are some side effects to being in alternate realities."

"Temporal distortion." Answered Martouf.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"You spoke to me of your many theories, alternate realities being one of them." She smiled back at him, though sadness lingered in her eyes.

The team made their way to the infirmary as Martouf escorted them there. Once they were close they could hear an argument going on. Janet was demanding something from someone, and was pretty adamant about it too.

"Sam, you're supposed to be in bed rest. I want you home now!"

"Relax Janet I'll go home. Besides, I have every right to see my husband."

"And you couldn't wait three hours for that?"

"Do you honestly think I have that much patience right now?" She joked. The team walked in to a very pregnant Samantha Carter bantering with Janet. Samantha turned her head, and froze as she saw herself.

"My love, you are supposed to be at home and resting." Martouf ran over to his wife and kissed her.

"Mmm, I know, but I wanted to stop by and visit you." Still holding on to her husband, she turned her head towards the four people staring at her in shock. "What's going on?"

"I believe its an opportunity for you to say 'I told you so.' They are from an alternate reality."

Sam didn't know what to make of the situation. There she was, staring at herself and Martouf together, just like she dreamed, only this time she was pregnant. The pain hit her again like a brick wall. Everyone was greeting one another, Teal'c and Jack each giving Janet a hug, Daniel commenting on the size of Samantha's belly. For that brief second, it was a perfect world, and there she was standing behind, only able to bear witness rather than partake in it. Perhaps it was punishment for killing that man she loved. She snapped out of it when she realized Martouf was walking towards her.

"Is everything alright? He asked, with a tone of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, its just uhm, it's different you know. In my world you're dead. And now, here you are, happy as can be, with me, well not me me, of course not, I mean the me in this world and…" she paused and stared directly into his eyes, one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. …"and I miss you." Martouf took her into his arms and soothingly rubbed her back.

"I am sorry things in your life are not as you wish them to be. But I pray you find happiness elsewhere Samantha. And I pray that it is as fulfilling as ours in this reality." He softly whispered before releasing her.

"Hey, just 'cause I look like a whale doesn't grant you permission to flirt with the hotter, thinner version of me mister!" Samantha jokingly chided from across the room. She came up behind her husband and placed her arm around his. "Man I miss having that body." She said as she stared at Sam. "I feel like I'm consuming this entire room, I haven't even seen my feet in the longest time." The couple laughed lightly.

"She does not see that she is still as radiant as ever." It was Lantash that spoke this time. Sam again felt the loss of him.

"Listen, when you guys are done here Sam, mind if we talk over lunch?" Samantha didn't want to miss the opportunity to discuss each other's theories, especially when proof it was staring her right in the eye. Sam on the other hand wanted to talk about other matters, those regarding Martouf and Lantash.

"So you have absolutely no idea how you got here?" Samantha asked, grabbing some orange jello. She also grabbed the blue and placed it on Sam's tray. "I've been craving the orange ever since I got pregnant." as if to answer Sam's questions.

"No, p until now I thought the only way to get to an AU was through the mirror."

"I'll be happy to help in anyway."

"Thank-you, but are you sure that's alright, you working and all?"

Samantha chuckled. "Even if it wasn't I'd do it anyway. It feels like I've been on bed rest for forever. Janet calls every few hours making sure I'm still home, at least one of the guys ends up visiting me everyday, and don't even get me started on Martouf and Lantash. They mean well and everything, but seriously, it's overkill. And I'm just so bored now. I can't wait to push these kids out of me."


"Yeah, just found out we're having twins."

"You must be so happy together."

"Yeah, we are." Samantha smiled. "I know it's a little cheesy but everyday I spend time with them feels so amazing. There's something about the idea that we were galaxies apart and somehow managed to find out way into each other's arms that just beats the hell out of all those romance movies put together." She noticed that Sam was looking down and playing with her food. "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?"

"No, no you didn't."

"I heard that in your world, well, I can't even imagine. I'm sorry."

"Firing the energy blast in 10…9…8…" as the sergeant counted down Samantha turned to her counterpart. Sam and Samantha were able to trace an energy signal that occurred several seconds before the team ended up where they were, and realized it was a supernova from a distant galaxy that some how was able to provide enough energy to cause them to be diverted onto a different reality. All they needed to do was to mimic a small fraction of that energy to get the team back to the right galaxy.

"Sam, you're a genius."

"No you're a genius." They both joked. "Take care of yourself alright… Mom, heh."

"You too." Samantha responded, giving Sam a hug. Martouf stepped forward. Taking her hands in his he gently leaned over and kissed her on the cheak.

"As I Said, I pray you find happiness, even if it is with someone else. I wish you the best Samantha."