This is an experimental darkfic I wanted to try, just so I could see if I can write darkfics or not.

There is going to be some major OOC-ness in this fic, so be warned. Also, if you cannot digest the idea of an evil Kenshin, please don't read this. The focus in this story is going to be on how relationships can hurt and how power is used within them and things are going to get ugly. Please don't complain later about it.

This may or may not continue into a fullfledged story, that depends on how I figure out the next part.

Summary: Darkfic. Kaoru feels an inexplicable dread and nervousness whenever she meets her best friend's fiancée. She warns Tomoe about him only to get caught in his sinister game of lust and desire. The stage is set and the game begins. BK.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin.

Rating: M. Rated for adult situations

Warning: MATURE. This fic is a MATURE fic,, it has adult themes. If this is something your parents do not approve of, don't read it.

A Game of Chess






Her fingers were shaking. She gripped the steering wheel tightly, watching her knuckles turn white even as she tried to calm down. She swore. Carefully, as if not to disturb the quaking of her other hand, Kaoru removed her right hand from the steering wheel and thrust it into the glove compartment. After a few moments of rummaging about in the cramped space, she pulled her fingers out. She grasped the box lightly in her fingers. Pushing the golden foil out of the way, she took a cigarette out and held it to her lips, letting the box drop. There were a series of unsuccessful clicks before a small burst of flame illuminated her taut cheekbones and the acrid smell of burnt paper and tobacco wafted into her nose.

She breathed deeply, and let her head fall back on the seat. The smoke curved through her pink lips and floated upward, filling the car with its pungent odor. Kaoru closed her eyes.



- Earlier -

A bunch of children ran past the car, shouting as they fought over possession of a ball.

She opened her eyes and sat up once more. Grabbing her scarf from the passenger seat, she opened the door and stepped out of the car. She took a deep breath of smoke to steady her nerves. As she crossed the street, a group of teenaged boys standing at the other end of the street looked at her interestedly. Their eyes swept over her frame hungrily. The skirt she wore barely covered her rear and a ladder ran up her stocking. Their smirks grew wider. Kaoru ignored them. He heels clicked on the wet asphalt. She wrapped her arms around her body and ran up the stairs to Tomoe's apartment. She thrust the cigarette into her mouth once more. As the nicotine floated inside, she sighed softly and leaned against the wall.

She could do this. She was strong enough for this.

Kaoru dropped the cigarette and stubbed it out. She fumbled in her pocket for a mint. Tomoe thought that she had quit smoking and she wanted to keep it that way. She turned and started to walk to Tomoe's door. A door on the left suddenly opened. A large woman carrying a number of bags stepped out. She paused when her eyes fell on the girl standing in the hallway. She turned to take a better look.


Kaoru stopped. She turned warily. "Mrs. Hongo. How are you?"

The woman smiled back widely. "I'm fine dearie. How are you?"

Kaoru swallowed and turned the corners of her mouth up. "I'm just fine."

"You're here to see Tomoe?"

"Yes." Kaoru looked away.

The woman bent over to pick up a gray tabby that had appeared in the door. Hugging the cat fondly to her chest, she turned and waved her hand as she walked down the hall and out of the door. Kaoru sighed in relief as she watched her leave the building. She turned once more and began to walk. When she reached the door, she looked up and down the hall, almost expecting to be interrupted again. Nothing.

She raised her hand to knock…..but it was unnecessary. Like everything else she tried to do.

He held the door open, looking as though he was expecting her. His lips curved into a smirk as she stepped back. He leaned against the doorframe, waiting. Kaoru swallowed once more. Her mouth was completely dry. She pulled her lower lip under her teeth and cast her eyes down.

"Long time no see kitten. I missed you. Where've you been?" He spoke softly. Kaoru felt her insides begin to churn. She bit her lip and tried to frown. Finally she turned her face away.

"Where's Tomoe?" She demanded.

He smirked. "I see. So we're playing that game again." He leaned closer. "That's interesting." He reached out to touch her face.

Kaoru stepped back immediately. He laughed. Shaking his head, he turned and went inside. Kaoru hovered at the door uncertainly. He reappeared and beckoned her to come in. She looked up and down the hallway once more and then hesitantly took a step forward. Shutting the door behind her, she waited.

Kenshin returned a moment later. He was dressed in black, as always.

"Where's Tomoe?" She repeated, ignoring the intense looks leveled at her by her best friend's fiancée. Kenshin made no bones about the fact that he found her attractive. His relationship with Tomoe had nothing to do with the lust he felt for Kaoru. According to him, they were two completely different things.

"At the hospital."

"But, today is her day off! She told me that last week."

"We switched shifts."


"She didn't tell you?" He raised an eyebrow, his eyes glued to her face.

She shook her head slowly. "No. I didn't know."

"Is that so?" Kenshin watched her quietly. He stood and walked over to her. Kaoru stiffened. She backed away but not fast enough to dodge him. Her breathing skid and skipped as his lips raked across her neck. He bunched a fist into her hair and pulled her head down. Jerking her hair back, he held her poised over the arm of the couch. His mouth descended on the hollow of her throat, lazily tracing circles with his tongue, grazing his lips over her skin to tease her. She gripped his shoulders and tried to push him away.

"Stop it! Kenshin, damn you, stop it!" He shifted slightly. Catching the opportunity she rammed her knee into his stomach and scrambled away as he buckled over. Not for long. Her wrist clicked loudly as he pulled her back viciously. Twisting her arm over her head, he pinned her to the wall. Kaoru stared back at him with hatred blazing in her eyes.

"You fucking bastard!" She joined her fingers together in a fist and swung with all her might. Wincing in pain as her knuckles connected with solid flesh, she looked up to find amusement simmering in his eyes.

"Was that intended to hurt?"

"Shut up."

He loosed his hold on her. She pushed him away and made for the door.


She stopped. Even while she hated herself for doing it, she stopped.

"If you want, I can make it easy for you. I can let you pretend you know don't want this." She shuddered.

"Kenshin, you bastard…."

"Would you like that?" He spoke nonchalantly, completely unaffected by the death glares she was sending in his direction.

"I would like for you to leave me alone."

He smiled. "Whatever lets you sleep at night darling."

The door slammed shut after her. She ran, not stopping even once.