He has made it his mission in life to romance, charm, and physically woo as many people as possible.

I suppose – as far as I may venture into unfamiliar waters – that anything other than whatever this is would seem tired and overdone.

So, when I finish the numbers and he finishes artistically assaulting my spare notebook…

It seems natural for me to be against a wall with a warm and solid knee forcing mine apart and a tie being loosened by teeth (I can't tell whose anything is being loosen by whose assorted – very warm, yes, thank you, Tamaki – body parts) and we're drowning and none of it is anything like what he has with them.

And the only thing that I can think about is that, even though I don't get to have the commercialized Tamaki, at least I have this person.

And laughing over our smiles making our teeth click together makes it all worth the love that we can't show otherwise.